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Osatopia : A rollercoaster and a livestream!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 04, 2022, 21:30:00
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The most beastly adventure of the year has been in full swing for a few days now, but not without its fair share of challenges… While we wanted to catch up with you, hear your first impressions, and share ours on everything Osatopia, we first need to address the rollercoaster that this past week has been.

A "little" recap…

Even though we wrote you a little summary on Friday on last week's events, after this weekend, a bit more detail and an update are overdue. 

Before the 2.64 update, all DOFUS and DOFUS Retro servers were impacted by connectivity issues on Monday, June 27. As compensation, a subscription day will be credited to all DOFUS and DOFUS Retro accounts with an active subscription that were logged between 21 and 27 of June (included).

Tuesday, June 28

We saw a lengthy maintenance (which is to be expected when deploying a new update) and a 2.64 update release with some known and generic issues:


  • Deactivated Nagate dungeon - problem resolved and dungeon reopened on Friday, July 1.
  • Deactivated Veggie Boots - problem resolved on Friday, July 1.
  • The dimension portals do not appear correctly on the world maps. – will be fixed during tomorrow's weekly server maintenance.
  • Ownership name tags aren't working correctly in dungeons where summons are revived.  – will be fixed during tomorrow's weekly server maintenance. *

*A changelog for tomorrow's weekly maintenance, listing all deployed fixes, will be published this week.

Still pending :

  • It is impossible to place an item in a guild chest, but it is still possible to remove an item from it. 
  • The Rogue spell Weigh Down only works partially: the COmbo bonus works, but not the Fire damages. 
  • Dantinea – Colosshell "Soul Prison" spell is still applying a malus to all players in the group instead of to one player per Colosshell. 
  • Bethel's Monolith is invulnerable.

Wednesday, June 29

Osatopia opens its doors and with it all the clucking, croaking, braking, bleating, roaring we would expect. But unfortunately, the connectivity issues weren't on the cards, not to forget the Rallying Horn problem, for which we deployed a patch the next day, not without some embarrassment and sincere disappointment on our end. In this patch, we distributed a new unlimited rallying horn to everyone's gift interface, as the previous one would disappear once used. And once more on Friday, due to the rollbacks. 

Thursday, June 30

Following the 4-hour downtime of DOFUS and Temporis VII servers, and despite our best efforts, we had no choice but to rollback all Temporis VII servers to the June 30 @ 4 p.m. CEST backup to rectify a technical issue that impacted XP gains on certain characters.

As compensation, a subscription day will be credited tomorrow morning to all DOFUS accounts with an active subscription that were connected anytime between June 24 and June 30 (included).

Saturday, July 2

The Meriana server failed to perform its morning backup, and the server was not accessible for hours. During the night, Saturday to Sunday, a new incident occurred requiring a second restart of Meriana, following which some players reported the loss of items. Our teams are still studying the incident and gathering additional details.

Sunday, July 3

Due to a prospecting bug, all Temporis servers were put offline without notice to avoid exploiting the bug that would have led to a generic Temporis rollback.

The servers were back online at around 4 a.m. CEST after a bug fix deployment. However, later the same day, Nido and Tella encountered some connectivity issues. 
Aside from a Hito server restart at 4:30 p.m. CEST- as the prospecting patch didn't deploy well on that server and a handful of players were abusing the glitch (and were subsequently sanctioned for it) – Loumi suffered a lot of connectivity issues. Our teams attempted to restart the reserver on several occasions unsuccessfully in hopes of preserving the data, but alas, they were unable to do so. As such, a rollback to the last saved backup (July 3 @ 4 p.m. CEST) was deployed. In addition, the server was reopened with an XP bonus on fights and professions, which will be active until tomorrow's weekly server maintenance.

While no decision has yet been made as we write this news article, we aim to distribute a compensation for all impacted Loumi players at the end of the week. We're looking at two sets of compensations:

  1. For the rollback
  2. The loss of captured modsters

What does that have to do with the live streams?

Over the past few years, you have seen us come forward and work towards more transparency in our communications.

We have been extremely excited with the 2.64 update and the Osatopia release, and we feel these back-to-back issues disappointed you. We are sincerely sorry for the situation, and we are doing our utmost best to rectify as much as we can, as securely and stable as possible, to get everything back on track.

We had planned the live stream to discuss the adventure and share the excitement, but we couldn't in good conscience do it without addressing the elephant in the room. As such, tomorrow's AnkamaLive stream will be about Osatopia and the start of the adventure, but we will sit down and discuss these issues openly.

So see you tomorrow, Tuesday, July 5, at 11 a.m. CEST on our Twitch channel with Logan, Kewl, Yaula, and Djinn.
Djinn will gladly provide an English summary of the main points discussed.


See you then!

First Ankama intervention
Hello everyone, 

A summary in English of the live stream will be posted on the forum Friday afternoon. 
See message in context
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Thank you for your honesty *hugs*
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I've never played temporis before now and it's a lot more fun than I expected!  I am hoping for some changes to the new Beastology profession:

1.  Alteration equipment can't be sold in any market currently.  These should be sellable to make it easier for everyone trying to level.
2.  Consider changing the recipe for Mutagen.  Eternal ashes are a huge bottleneck currently as they only drop from incarnum mobs or random bags.  Bags from osatokens would be ok too I guess.
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What about those on retail server using exploit to gain massive amounts of xp, still on the leaderboard? Gonna ignore that as usually? 
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Will we get to keep all ceremonial items unlocked on Temporis? Such as the gifts from Twitch streams or those dropped from battle such as Hir Capes once the game items move to the original servers.
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Probably not.
In previous Temporis, we would only keep the ones we get from Tempokens and Osatokens.
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there is a post where they explain which changes they made on the modsters today? because i saw some differents in the game after maintance
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The changelog is being translated and we are working towards publishing the English version on Friday.
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Yes I’d like to see a list of changes made with this maintenance.
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Also where can I find the English summary prepared by Djinn
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Hello everyone, 

A summary in English of the live stream will be posted on the forum Friday afternoon. 
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Why can I not create a character on Temporis? Servers just don't respond
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Does it stall at 50% after creating the character?
I just tried myself and that is what I got. So I closed the client and once I reopened it, the newly-created character was in the character list and I was able to connect to the Temporis server.

If this is not what happened to you let me know. I will report the issue I encountered to the team in the meanwhile. 
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The xp candies work now but it counts down while you are offline. Is that intended?
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Thank you for the transperancy and I cannot wait for the transcript of the live stream!
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Pretty nice how you still haven't fixed the massive exploit on normal servers.
lazy asses
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