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[Contest] [Entries] Osatopia – Draw your Megamodster! (TRADITIONAL)

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 26, 2022, 16:00:00
Here is where you should post your traditional entries for the Draw your Megamodster contest!

You have until 11:59 p.m. (CEST) on Monday, August 15 to submit your entry… and not a minute longer!


  • The theme of your drawing must relate to Osatopia and megalteration.
  • It must be a unique creation.
  • You must provide a name (strict requirement).
  • Please mention the name of the existing monster from which you took your inspiration.
  • Only one entry per account and per player will be accepted.
  • You are allowed to edit your participation post in the appropriate forum topic until the contest's deadline (11:59 p.m. (CEST) on Monday, August 15)
  • Last but not least, your drawing must respect all of our Terms of Use.

 Also note that all DOFUS players are free to enter: this contest is not restricted to Osatopia players only!

Let your imagination run wild! We can't wait to see what sorts of creatures you're about to bring into the world…
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My take on megalteration Leafuzzy ^^

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Score : 2593

Is it a bird?
Does it come from the Astral Plane?

It is the megalteration of the Purple Piwi (and I included a little story on how it came to be down below for the heck of it).

The Purple Piwi... Wise, quick thinking, and powerful... The other piwis follow their lead. Yet every adventurer who dares challenge this foe turns the poor creature into an omelette. One time when an Iop more bird-brained than themself was about to make the killing blow, the Purple Piwi closed their eyes... When they opened them, they were no longer in Astrub. "PIWIPIWIPIPIWI???" they asked to nobody in particular. A deep voice bellowed seemingly from everywhere at once: "No, you are just dreaming, young piwi". As the Purple Piwi looked around trying to find the origin of the voice, they started to absorb their surroundings. They appeared to be in an empty plane, yet somehow it looked like all of existence was phasing in and out around them - as if the beginning and end of time converged as one: as if everything that ever was and ever could be could materialise at any moment. The Purple Piwi knew what they wanted to do, for indeed they were dreaming, and they were determined to turn that dream into a reality. They sat on the ground forming a prayer pose and began to meditate. In deep concentration, the Purple Piwi did not notice the plane below them begin to disintegrate and form into a multitude of symbols never spoken by mortals - let alone a creature with seeds for brains. The symbols started orbiting the now floating piwi, with their speed ever increasing and glowing brighter and brighter. As they did so, an audible hum could be heard increasing in pitch and tempo - almost an 'OM' sound to those with trained ears, and to those who lack: the sound of an intense migraine. The symbols became but a streak of white bright light with tones of blues and purples sparkling and flickering away. The Purple Piwi, still in a deep trance, became enveloped in this light to the point that they became nothing but energy itself... The light then began to dim, with a form unlike what was previously there materialising. It was done: the megalteration was complete - and the once Purple Piwi now donned the colours of all their brothers and sisters, all elements combined: omnipotent. The piwi had become a God... A God that could still be killed in a single hit, but a God nonetheless. The Omniwi had awoken - a dream no more.

And with that finally done I think I'll go to sleep. laugh
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Good luck everyone!
*notices the name at the bottom isn't centered* Well that's going to irritate me for an eternity.

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Hello everyone,
I present my megalteration Royal Gobbmacaque!

I took inspiration from the Magmacaque and the glorious Royal Gobball.

Magmacaque woke up one day with its memories lost to find itself in the body of a Royal Gobball.

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Score : 72

Hello fellow adventurers! 

I made the megalteration of the Crustankcean and it is called: Steam emocean 
The Steam emocean has four faces, which show four emotions it can spin through during a fight: 

  1. Eniripsa happy face: shows when being healed.huh
  2. Foggernaut neutral face: shows when nothing happens.pensive
  3. Eliotrope sad face: shows when getting hit.sad
  4. Pandawa angry face: shows when hitting their opponent. angry

The steam ocean

(emocean as in emotion in the ocean wink)
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Score : 658

He goes by the name Brolific Tofu, most commonly known as Big pp bird. He's from the tofu
family, but only takes inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zyzz, brah

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Score : 22

Assuming you are on the wrong side of the field, this is the last thing the unfortunate enough creatures standing before the Crorialousse would see...

Inspiration taken from the Gharialousy!

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Score : 1618

is this ai generated

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Score : 144

Hello. this is my drawing with cheap crayons bought today on a promotion for 3 pounds. The idea itself came to my head recently. As I like mythologies, it is a combination of the hydra and our little Quetsnakiatl from the  Minotoror Island. it's called Quenit

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Pity this was outside the contest end date because its awesome!

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