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[Contest] [Entries] Osatopia – Draw your Megamodster! (DIGITAL)

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 26, 2022, 16:00:00
Here is where you should post your digital entries for the Draw your Megamodster contest!

You have until 11:59 p.m. (CEST) on Monday, August 15 to submit your entry… and not a minute longer!


  • The theme of your drawing must relate to Osatopia and megalteration.
  • It must be a unique creation.
  • You must provide a name (strict requirement).
  • Please mention the name of the existing monster from which you took your inspiration.
  • Only one entry per account and per player will be accepted.
  • You are allowed to edit your participation post in the appropriate forum topic until the contest's deadline (11:59 p.m. (CEST) on Monday, August 15)
  • Last but not least, your drawing must respect all of our Terms of Use.

 Also note that all DOFUS players are free to enter: this contest is not restricted to Osatopia players only!

Let your imagination run wild! We can't wait to see what sorts of creatures you're about to bring into the world…
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Hey, here is my entry.
After collecting all six Dofus, the Tofu underwent megalteration and evolved into the allmighty Dofu.

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Hello everyone, 

My entry is based on my favourite modster on Osatopia - Flexibent. Here is his megalteration, an origami dragon Flexigon!

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I would like to present to you my entry, a Megalteration for the Modster "Meltidiot"... After being bullied because of their name, Meltidiot decided to go and study, whatever could make them seem more intelligent, and so, they decided to go to Frigost's Tower of Archive, after years of hard work to get where they wanted, Meltidiot learned magic! And they also changed their name to "Eirwin" (it also means white as snow!). They also now use intelligence spells instead of chance.

This is how they look like!

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Score : 547

Hello everyone, hereto I will submit my entry to the contest! Best of luck to everyone who’s participating!

When Mutabbit was created it captured the attention of all the Scientific Population of the World of Twelve. As one of the greatest scientists alive, Brumen Tinctorias could not let such a perfect experiment go away without its magic touch, so much that he hired a party of the most brutal Iop’s and Ouginak’s in the whole country just to capture the rare beast. Once captured and subjected to many experiments Tinctorias found out that when exposed to Scurvion Blood, Mutabbit ended up evolving to a finer and smarter version of it the FRANKABBIT.

Frankabbit throws cawwot-shaped vials to poison its enemies. Its highly muscled legs let him jump to upper parts of the LaboRATory where Tinctorias hides all the fancy components for his experiments. The huge vial on his back is said to carry a deadly liquid which some say its able to make all the world vanish just with the gas that it produces. Others say it is just  still water that Frankabbit uses on its yearly shower.

For the evolution animation (which I can't seem to make work here)
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Masq got Flexibent very early on in his adventure. This was the toughest modster he ever had! With masqlike shield strong creature got them out many rough fights, so the two quickly bonded and became friends.

Weeks went by, Masq successfully leveled and found himself in a guild. People he pushed thought an onslaught of bosses with. People who discovered stronger modsters out there... 

"-Dude you can't keep summoning Flexibent, he doesn't deal enough damage! We wont fight with you until get a stronger modster!"

Classic iops! Only caring about DPS. 
What should he do? Beastology! ...was not an answer. Its hard to master and no beastologuist managed to megalterate any flexibent yet. He could not abandon his pal.

That day Masq took his modster and disappeared. 
Nobody knows what happened but when Masq came back he already had Megaimorok.
Wearing his mourning mask to the surprise of iops he says he is the first person to megalterate a Flexibent and for this he had a heavy toll to pay. No one dared ask questions. 

This "Mega-Imorok" looked mostly like a regular Flexibent apart from some ink patterns. Come to think of it he had the same skills and stats too. But guildies were in awe of fighting alongside the first and only Flexibent megalteratation, Megaimorok.

Classic iops!

My masq and his pal Megaimorok biggrin

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Name: Zuggrel
Original monster: Demongrel

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