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Discover What's New in Vulkania…

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 27, 2022, 15:00:00
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This year, Vulkania has been updated with a few new additions to make the experience even better! Charlie's Agents have nobly sacrificed themselves to the cause (most of them in a metaphorical sense, fortunately) to give us an advance look at what's new in this iconic vacation spot that draws thousands of thrill-seeking tourists every year. Let's find out what they've got to report!

Quench Your Thirst for Adventure…

Succumb to the refreshing charms of 7 new Corktails with original, sometimes downright audacious flavors, served in the island's finest drinking establishments. These new recipes are said to have been developed by Tom Crust, an irresistibly charming Pandawa who can handle a shaker like nobody's business.

The Tehlaytubiez Corktail, the Tehlayskop Corktail, the Tehlayshop Corktail, and more… which one will you try first?

Indulge your curiosity, swallow your fears, and you may just be rewarded for your boldness!

A Land of Rich Harvests

Vulkania is a rich and fertile land. It offers all the resources you'll need to make progress in a variety of professions. Become an expert picker, a king among fishers, or a wood-cutting queen with one of 5 new daily quests linked to the harvesting professions!

Besides the humble pleasures of a job well done and the experience that comes with it, you'll also earn Vulkomaikens that will eventually convince even the most indecisive among you to take part in the competition between the Otomaisles and the Khorogs.

Unexpected Encounters…

Our Vulkanian adventure experts thought they'd seen everything… until now! A previously unknown creature has been spotted in the island's forests – an exceptionally savvy and stylish dragostess who wants nothing more than to get to know you (or maybe just swallow you whole, it's still too soon to be sure).

Either way, something tells us that her somewhat rough and cavalier manners are probably just her clumsy way of expressing an irrepressible need to make friends. If you find her to be too forward, don't hesitate to knock some sense into her. She'll do her best to make it up to you by offering up a few corktails and a chest with some pretty nice stuff inside…


On the island of Vulkania, taking risks is always rewarded. Two new achievements have been added to the existing 52, allowing you to earn a number of great rewards. Plus, take part in five new daily quests to you prove you're the best at what you do! And last but not least, this year's visit to Vulkania will introduce you to some new faces (though not necessarily friendly ones – don't forget where you are!)

Visit Vulkania Island from Tuesday, August 2 through Tuesday, September 27!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to CoolRay

Yes, this is intended! Vulkania is not accessible on the Temporis server. We apologize for the inconvenience.

See message in context
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Always excited for more Vulkania content but mixed feelings on bringing back exclusive rewards from the 08-09 era of the game. I feel like those things should remain exclusive but perhaps these versions have titles to separate them from the originals!

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I'm pretty excited for this!

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Is it intended that Vulkania is still disabled on Temporis?

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Yes, this is intended! Vulkania is not accessible on the Temporis server. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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