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Is it even worth playing again?

By Atheniel#1682 - SUBSCRIBER - July 29, 2022, 21:13:24


Last time I played was around 4 years ago and now the nostalgia has kicked in. But let's face the truth here. I left for a reason (or many reasons) and by the look of the forums and subreddit, nothing has really changed. Four years ago there were botting problems, client glitches, the international community was left in the dust (been since I played the french beta), forums were dead and the population on the servers were crumbling. 

Look, half the general discussion is flooded by news posts that no one really cares about and the other half is filled by bug reports and bots. Subreddit is completely dead. Where is everyone? What is the state of the game? Is it even worth playing again?

Saw this reddit thread and that concluded my search for an answer. If nothing has changed for the past 5 years, I doubt it ever will. Good riddance!

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Yeah, 5 years ago I stopped playing and stopped making thread in the suggestion section due to reasons that I cannot post in this forum. I keep on following this forum, waiting for the time when Dofus will be worth playing again.

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I think it's worth. If you want a really good experience (no lag/glitches), I'd wait for the unity release sometime within the next year. There are lag issues currently and botting will always be a problem, so. The lag only happened due to temporis, but hopefully the server meging solves this.

I've been playing for 5 months and I enjoy the game. I'm getting to decently end-game stuff now and usually just play 1-2 hours a day if that.

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Bugfus is still a great game, but yeah, Echo has taken a massive hit. We don't have active moderators on Echo anymore, Ankama, from what it seems, don't want to put too much resources on Echo either because we are such a small portion compared to the French playerbase. There's an insane bot issue on Echo that takes wayy too long to solve. There's a massive thread about it in the forums, maybe you read about it already. Been up for like, 10 weeks?!?, and a month since ankama confirmed that they had read it, still nothing, not even a reply. Nugget and Roses of Sands prices have gone down to 25-30% of original price.
But in general, if you plan to come back to Dofus, now the server is relatively empty because they have something called "Temporis" where a big chunk of players go, which in return kill all other servers. Would recommend waiting a month or so before returning if you want people to play with and a more active economy smile 

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Ankama had a job opening a couple days ago for an EN community manager. I don't know what game that's for, but maybe that's part of the reason for a delayed response. tongue

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hell nah
I recently started playing again. Bugs, international server but it is only written in French. No one likes to help with quests or anything else. Every week a new class changes. Better leave it.


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I personally don't think someone can find the worth of something without experiencing it themselves - especially when it comes to nostalgia. So my advice is to take the plunge and see for yourself - though I'll say that everything you mentioned is still in the game. But I'd like to leave you with this;

  • Every popular/mainstream MMO that has free trading has a bot problem.
  • Every MMO begins to have a declining playerbase over time, but the average age/maturity of the playerbase tends to rise.
  • Every MMO has their own share of bug/glitches of varying degrees.

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Roumo#4013|2022-08-01 02:05:10
  • Every MMO begins to have a declining playerbase over time, but the average age/maturity of the playerbase tends to rise.


I've stepped away from the game for a few months because the chat is so toxic, immature and sometimes downright scarily explicit it just wasnt pleasant, and the people saying those things certainly were grown brass men with dirty mouths and minds! Ignoring in-game does very little when these people incite others to join in on their talks of illicit obscenities.  I'm no prude but some things have been enough to make me want to vomit!
Yet another thing that Ankama dont really seem to have any inclination to monitor or rectify.
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I can't remember the terminology, but it's something along the lines of negative things leaving a greater impact on someone than the positives. In relation to MMOs, it means that the few bad eggs tend to draw a lot of attention compared to the good folk - even when the utmost majority of the player-base online at any given are good folk.

My personal panacea for poisonous pottymouths is to just turn off global chats completely. tongue

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Overall Dofus is in a pretty bad state.
The only reason it didn't completely collapsed was because it was saved by the pandemic in 2020, but sadly, the hype has died now.
The update to dofus unity is what will make or break the future of this game to be honest...

If you notice, Ankama does this Temporis stuff to mask the lack of actual game content.

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The game have a lot of content..... Just not enough new content. 

I'm also waiting for unity to see if Ankama can deliver more new contents.

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I returned to a fresh start and brought some friends over and what I can say is they're shocked and scared of the hordes of bots we've found on the first week. I doubt they'll keep playing. I doubt I will.

What's the point of farming? What's the point of even posting here since the thread calling attention to the botting problem on the server we picked wasn't even answered after almost 2 months?

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It seems like you already made up your mind so what's the point of making this thread? My friends and I consider it worthy of playing but if you don't feel free to do something else

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