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Quests that require more than one person

By Mrstyler#3814 - SUBSCRIBER - July 31, 2022, 20:36:39

Hello guys,

my friend and I recently started playing on a mono server (Jahash). Currently we are on a Bonta quest where you need 4 more people. We haven't found a single person from about 18:00 until now (20:30). Of course we could do other quests at the moment but that doesn't guarantee that if we search at another time, people will come and help. I would like to know what people in a situation like ours should do? We are new and don't know many people and can't get any further.

In general, I don't understand why quests have to be so dependent on other people. Whether quests are fun or not is another matter, but not being able to continue because you have to search for people for hours and then can't even find them is surely not the point of this game. 

I think it's a real shame that we can't play any more because nobody wants to help us. Please don't make such quests dependent on other people.

With kind regards

update: We are at Bontaquest 54, where you need 4 people standing on a field and then a path opens. After we go further we have to run to the Skeunk area, click on things and then drop 5 items from monsters and THEN go back to the cave where you need 4 people. That's really too much to ask ....

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I think joining a guild/alliance that's the most active around your timezone would be your best option. The guildfinder feature makes this a lot easier these days. I never had short supply of guildies keen to help when I was part of active guilds. If nobody in the guild is keen to help, maybe find a different guild until you find one that's more tight-knit. smile

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Join a guild, they will help you with such quests smile

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