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Dathura and Leorictus Blind Box

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - August 04, 2022, 11:00:00
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On one side, a mad king; on the other, a beautiful doll. Two rooms, two very different vibes… and two fascinating characters who have each left their own unique mark on the World of Twelve. That calls for a Blind Box packed with awesome items, wouldn't you say?

The youngest of the divine dolls created by the god Sadida to win the hearts of the primordial dragons, Dathura seems to have been crafted with irresistible charm. After melting the heart of the water dragon Aguabrial, she also had a powerful effect on the walking calamity known as Ogrest

The reign of Leorictus, a former king of the city of Bonta, was far from a peaceful one. First, he had to fend off Djaul's assault on the White City and kill Djamal Brecht, the prince of Brakmar. Later, he was stricken by madness as he sat upon the throne. In the end, the people of Bonta rose up against him repeatedly, and the Protectors of the Months who supported the city chose to abandon ship! For all of these reasons and more, the Grimacing King ultimately threw himself from the top of his palace and ended it all.

From now through Wednesday, August 17 (11:59 p.m. CEST), a Blind Box with various items inspired by Dathura and Leorictus will be available in the shop. It's available for 1,000 ogrines, and contains:

Common items:

  • A Leafy Crown (Dathura Headgear)
  • A Leafy Veil (Dathura cape)
  • A Broken Heart (Dathura shield)
  • A Grimacing King's Crown (Leorictus headgear)
  • A Grimacing King's Cape (Leorictus cape)
  • Grimacing King's Shoulder Pads (Leorictus shoulder pads)

Rare items:

  • A Dathura Set
  • A Leorictus Set


  • The Dathura and Leorictus sets


Which of these important figures of the World of Twelve will you pay homage to? It's down to the luck of the draw!

Maximize your chances by picking up the batch of 5 Dathura and Leorictus Blind Boxes + a sixth for free, available in the shop for 5,000 ogrines.


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Probably not available on countries that consider lootbox as gambling and countries that requires transparency on RNG percentage.

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wdym the % is always displayed for those boxes.

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Why cant I buy them?

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