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About the dreams part in the Vulbis questline

By Dadiriz#3790 - SUBSCRIBER - August 19, 2022, 23:24:31
I know i need to drop 3 items on dreams and that i can use other people's dreams to drop it, but after that i need to speak with an NPC to start a fight, and from my last experience with my feca, i'm going too die at least 150 times with my ougi, since it will be much harder now.My question is, if i find the NPC on someone else's dream and he kicks me to invite someone else or i have to leave, when i join my dreams (in floor 200), will the npc be there? Or do i need to win the fight while in the dream's onwer?
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EDIT: I clearly misread the question, i assume you have to find the npc again in eighter your own or someone elses dream if the dream owner were to move to a different floor.

That is fine, whenever you die you will return to your save point / to a phoenix, from that point the dream owner can invite you back into the dream where you can talk to the npc again. So it can be done without being the owner of the dream.

I have not tried going to another floor but I assume that would mean you'd have to find the npc again
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