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Best class to hunter proffesion?

By insane-dodgie#9047 - SUBSCRIBER - August 21, 2022, 16:33:16

Like on title. What's best classes to grind hunter proffesion with? Tell me yours top 3, thx

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everything with AoE spells, single target spells are pretty useless if you want to hunt fast, Cra and Iop comes to mind for example but also depends on the lvl what spells you have available, i made my first hunter with Osamodas (crackler punch) back in 2008, and there was no Almanax bonus, if you plan it and run the good areas, its pretty easy this days with every class

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Best class is kamas, esp. for low lev meats, they got pretty cheap lately.
Depends on your budget tho.
Also, depends on your level, if you can kill stuff fast or it takes a bit.

See what's best: grind meats and lev by crafting the meats thinggies, or just buy meats and grind something else that might be even be worth more than meats themselves.
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For low level, my top pick would be Cha-Eca.
At lvl 25 you get All or Nothing. Good damage and huge AoE. Downside is, that it has a cooldown.
So you have to one-hit everything first round.
At 70 you get Playful Claw. Again, good damage and AoE (This time without cooldown). 
Thanks to the cha-skill, you also have better drop-chances.

For higher level, I like Cra and Iop since they have very high damaging AoE-spells.
Spells like Tumult, Pygmachia or Fulminating Arrow will do devastating damage under the right conditions. 


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Hupper can be good with all AoE spells tbh and perhaps class items as some modify the AoE spells.

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