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Devblog 2.65 - Expeditions: Setting Off on Adventure Again

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 06, 2022, 16:00:00
Inspired by Temporis and the Tempokens timeline, we wanted to add a similar mechanic to the game. Although incredibly popular, the Temporis editions don't necessarily include all players.
In addition, you play in Temporis with characters progress differently and have different equipment than on the classic servers. What we are proposing here is a progression system with objectives over a set period that can be completed with your classic characters.

It's Expedition Time!

Set off on adventure and (re)discover the World of Twelve with Expeditions. Figure out how to defeat the new dungeon mechanics to reach the end of your epic journey. But hurry, this event is seasonal. You have only about 2 months to successfully complete all the challenges that will stand in your way as an apprentice Expeditioner…

For these expeditions, we aim to come up with a strong theme for each new season. And what better than Mercenaries for this first Expedition! Strong, brave and adventurous, can you bring all these qualities together to successfully complete the experience?

The first edition of Expeditions is a chance for us to test a new format on the classic servers. We can't wait to hear your feedback on this new system and then think about potential new expeditions for future editions.

Fighting Intelligently

To start this odyssey, you can visit the NPC Homer Cenary at the Astrub zaap, who will ask you to complete a series of challenges and give you two idols – a Daring idol and a Bravery idol. You will then battle various dungeon keepers in their dungeons while equipping one of these idols: 

  • The Bravery idol enables "Hard" mode for the dungeon keeper.
  • The Daring idol enables "Fun" mode for the dungeon keeper, altering the boss's mechanic.
  • These 2 idols are incompatible with classic idols.

At first, you'll only have 5 dungeon bosses to fight. Then, at regular intervals, a new boss will be added, eventually reaching a total of 20 bosses of level 180 or higher toward the end of the season, which you can fight in Bravery or Daring mode. It's up to you to discover the dungeon keepers' new mechanics and devise new strategies to defeat them. 

Each of your achievements will earn you a certain number of Expedokens. 

Why only level-180+ dungeon keepers?

We want to offer a new activity for players who have already completed a large part of the game and to allow them to experience the game's dungeons in a new way and with new objectives to complete. We think that, at level 50, there's enough content to keep you busy outside Expeditions.

Mercenaries Only Work for Rewards

Yes, you earn rewards with Expeditions. And what rewards they are!  Like the Tempoken timeline in Temporis, you will gradually unlock higher reward tiers based on the number of Expedokens collected. You will unlock rewards related to the game (XP candies, for example) along with seven cosmetic rewards* created specifically for the occasion. To reach the maximum number of rewards in the timeline, you'll need to collect approximately 80% of the available Expedokens.

Work in Progress: final version not shown.

For (even) more rewards, you can also buy (with OGR or €) a Mercenary medal from the shop, which will allow you to earn an additional 23 unique cosmetic rewards* on top of the original seven. This medal, which is obviously not required, has been designed to be generous and give you access to more ceremonial items than the usual shops offerings. Each medal will only be valid for the current Expedition.

* Depending on the reward, rewards will be linked to the account or the character, either permanently or for 6 months.


In the future, based on your feedback, Expeditions will return on a regular basis but they won't become a constant recurring event in which the seasons follow each other immediately. Future seasons will be based on other themes and will present different objectives and new challenges for you to complete.

To avoid spoiling the surprise of the dungeon keepers' new mechanics, we have decided not to include them in September's Beta. The content will be 100% new when the first Expedition starts. 

Now that all the terms of your mercenary contract have been explained, are you ready to rise to the challenge and set out on adventure (again)?

First Ankama intervention

Replying to aolanix

To avoid spoiling the surprise of the dungeon keepers' new mechanics, we have decided not to include them in September's Beta.
See message in context
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Ankama: We are stopping Veteran Rewards because we want to stop making exclusive cosmetic items

Also Ankama: We are making an all new type of classic server event theme "Expeditions" where "You will unlock rewards related to the game (XP candies, for example) along with seven cosmetic rewards* created specifically for the occasion."
But wait there's more! Buy the "Mercenary medal" to boost your rewards where you can gain "23 unique cosmetic rewards*   * Depending on the reward, rewards will be linked to the account or the character, either permanently or for 6 months."  
(if you don't do the expeditions and collect Expedokens you don't get the items so inherently making these items partially exclusive especially if an item it linked permanently to the character)
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I mean, there's a pretty noticeable difference between a battle pass, which will have its rewards available to the whole community, and spending resources on designers to make cosmetics that only a really really small part of the community will be able to get.

In other words, the battle pass will generate revenue, the twenty-ish (?) players that have 16 years of cumulated p2p (and probably even more given how much time they've been subscribed) don't, so from a business point of view, it's not worth keeping investing on them.
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You could have directly written "we will introduce the battle pass."
Short and concise.
Meanwhile, the dofus ocre on ilyazelle still costs 80m kamas. 
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Ochre is cheaper to get if you buy the arches yourself when they are cheaper and not bought out and manipulated. Prob around 40-60mil.

Even though they made arches spawn much more frequent and divine tingies, along with a questline that gives 30 divine tingies, the price can take time to influence the market. Honestly though, the market has been impacted and a lot of arches are cheaper generally unless bought out, in which the price goes back to normal after a few days or a week.

It can also be more players are joining the game, thus perhaps more demand is being created for the ochre. Again, maybe we should speak more with a bit more time and when dofuses are in the marketplace.
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Sounds awesome, except the mercenary medal...
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love this, but the Mercenary Medal is a bad idea
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Considering how much I like temporis, I'm pretty sure I'm going to like this too. I can't wait to try it. biggrin
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Seraine Kerm has an actual use now! I remember when that was just a thing that was unique to just a single server.
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This does sound like a fun idea and i would totally love to play it.

Battle pass part though... If its over 3x times more rewarding than the actual gameplay it feels like a milk some cash move. My hopes are that there will be a fair balance.

Either make rewards around 50/50 split or make battle pass veeeeeery affordable.
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"To start this odyssey, you can visit the NPC Homer Cenary at the Astrub zaap"

where is he? at Astrub zaap he surely is not 
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To avoid spoiling the surprise of the dungeon keepers' new mechanics, we have decided not to include them in September's Beta.
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How to say you are continuing veterans rewards without saying you are continuing veterans rewards.

Battle pass too. Well to each their own. If have enough in life I need to grind for.
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I have a suggestion to add veteran system with expedition, but other players would probably attack me and get me removed so I'd rather not post a full suggestion.
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This is nonsense. Completely useless . As if there aren't enough cosmetic items . First You make changes to the wrong classes and than you completely ignore the ones that should be changed . For example there's a class that immediately from turn two can decide the outcome of almost any 3 v 3 solo kolo and team kolo fight and you know what class that is. They're one of the handfull of classes that are getting 400+ kolo tokens every fight while being The only one that can teleport across the entire map and swap right back . It's no wonder this game is dying.
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I have to agree with that, sadlysad
Well, not all the changes are bad because pandas should have been nerfed years ago but I still agree... Plus why nerf pandas now after so many years of allowing what were allowed...
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That's me out then, I don't have a team to beat level 180 dungeons anymore ( I'm retired now and can't afford multiple subs )
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I loved the general idea but the blattle pass is simply méh..

Ankama should use this system precisely to attract new players, encourage the return of former players and increase the paying/subscribed population of the servers. More players = more revenue from selling cosmetics, subscriptions and services. Charging for this in a game that is already subscription based is totally nonsense; not everyone can afford it! Subscription is already a barrier for new and former players, especially those who don't have access to ways to farm kamas, don't have access to level 200 content, stopped playing a long time ago or simply don't have the financial means to pay (cash) and buy ogrines; I understand that, as a company, Ankama needs to have multiple ways to generate revenue, but I think they are doing it wrong; this will only generate bad feelings for most players and will not have such beneficial impact than it would have if conducted in a different way.

So this system ends up only benefiting a part of the community, which already has a privileged position and can easily pay for the content (either with ogrines/kamas or with money). Doesn't seem very fair or attractive to me. 

I've been playing dofus since 2010, and currently I could pay whithout any problem. However, I play on a dying server, which Ankama doesn't have the necessary means to merge with other servers (Crocabulia), and my biggest concern is not with me but with the future of the server and new/old players.

And I sincerely hope they adjust as best they can!
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I totally agree with you. I play on Echo, not dead but slowly dying server. I also think Dofus should turn into totally free to play game with cosmetics items that can be purchased and perhaps some other services/items. F2P games always attract players no matter what so most of the times this would be more revenue. Subscription games always make me never try the games to be honest. Exception being Dofus... Probably because it's such a nostalgic game for me (I used to play it as a kid in 2003). If not that I wouldn't go into subscription game at all, for real. I dislike that model. When I try new game and I figure out it's a sub based game I always quit, I believe there are many more players like me.
Myself I wouldn't be able to afford subscriptions if I couldn't buy them for kamas (thank you Ankama for that feature!) and would most likely quit Dofus for good sad
And this comes from someone who have more than enough kamas to cover subs for 8 accounts.
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interesting battle pass
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I think that the 180+ thing is a little steep for a time limited feature (which I assume changes rewards/objectives each time it returns). I think what'd be really cool is if these special idols made it so that your gear/level/stats no longer matter. You're given new spells and the fights become skill/strategy based - similar to the mechanics of the Pet Sanctuary. This makes it inclusive to lower levels, and makes it easier to match people for teaming up too.

Actually this would make an awesome foundation for some type of progression feature, where you start as a low level and slowly work through objectives, getting rewarded as you improve your character and complete certain tasks. I know that's technically what achievements are for, but with achievements there's not really any set path - and some people like that bit of guidance in their gameplay.
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With the issues experienced following the deployment of update 2.65, we have decided to delay the release of the Expeditions to the Tuesday, October 4th maintenance.

The expeditions on the Missiz Freezz and Shadow bosses will be activated during this maintenance, the rest of the calendar remains unchanged. You will also be able to face the bosses scheduled for September 27 at that moment. You can check out the full calendar here.

We thank you for your understanding.
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I've just completed the Kanigrula dungeon with the daring idol and did not receive the reward (Expedoken)!
1 -1
The team is currently aware of this issue and is investigating.
We apologize for the inconvenience. You can see more info here.
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Ok, not gonna lie, the only interesting reward is the color change potion. The battle pass is expensive and the rewards are lame. :
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Battle pass system in a subscription based game? Why?
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