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Devblog 2.65 - Expeditions: Setting Off on Adventure Again

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 06, 2022, 16:00:00
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Good morning,

A few questions, if I may:
  • - do unused tokens from an expedition count for another future expedition?
  • - could we pls see some img of the 2 haven bag (?) themes? and what's a Popocket anyway, is it a HB theme, or some new room/ space besides the 12 rooms max atm?
  • - would this sort of event return in a way that allows also new/ returning players, with characters low/ mid lev, to participate?
  • - do all rewards have to be collected in order, or could skip some, to save tokens for one/ some farther in the rewards list?

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Hi bohemia!

I will try to answer all of your questions in order.
  • Yes, you can keep your tokens this time and use them in future expeditions!
  • For the Haven Bag theme, this fansite has uploaded an image you can check out!:
  • This fansite also carries the description of the Popocket: In short, a Popocket contains a Haven bag theme and all its decorative elements! It will not add a room to your haven bag, though.
  • It is not in our plans at the moment as the Expeditions are for more seasoned players, but I will pass along this feedback to the team.
  • If the rewards are not to your tastes, you can keep your tokens! smile

I hope this answer all your questions!
Have a great day and happy gaming happy
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When its starts? its seems like it time to bring morcha back to the game :*
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The Expeditions started earlier this week, you can check out the entire calendar here:

Happy gaming!
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180... Well i can't beat that, i don't have a strong team.
I still pay the same subscription as everyone else.

0/10 not impressed Ankama!

How about you make it so level/gear etc don't matter, and hand us the spells to do the different dungeons. As somebody already mentioned. That's a great idea, that don't exclude anyone.
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Thank you for your feedback. We have all kinds of players playing Dofus, and we always aim to create activities and events to please everyone. This time, we decided to make this event for more seasoned players.

I will make sure to pass along your suggestion to the game team!

Have a great day happy
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I think that's great overall, one think i kinda don't agree is having a battle pass, i usually like battle pass, but most games that have this don't have subscriptions, paying a battle pass on top of a subscription seems weird

also only playing to check difficulty/reward but it`s great to see that Ankama still trying to make dofus better and not letting the game stagnate with all those temporis events
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I don't understand the complaints about a paid pass for cosmetic items. You can still earn free cosmetics by playing the event but if you are particularly interested in cosmetics you can opt to support ankama and buy the pass. What is the deal with this community and wanting handouts for everything. Dofus is not going to increase in popularity so in order for this game to keep going ankama needs to make money. Providing players a chance to purchase an OPTIONAL pass to get more cosmetics seems like a solid way to do it, while also still providing free players with something. If they just introduced a bunch of new cosmetics into the shop for purchase with ogrines people would love it so could someone elaborate on why this is any different? I'm not a huge ankama fanboy either I'm just so sick of the non-stop bitching about every single thing that ankama does. There is no way to satisfy this fanbase and I can't imagine how miserable it must be to work at ankama and deal with this shit nonshtop. Rant over.
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Dofus imo has been getting more popular. Saying it won't is just negative and can scare away players from trying out the game.

Think about it, would you join a game that you see community members say "this game isn't getting new players"  or a game where the community either says nothing or encourages new players (such as approving of low level gear additions, such as with the next update).

It's important to be optimistic about what you play/love.
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On future expeditions, will there be different rewards or will rewards be the same? If the rewards are different, will players still be able to exchange tokens for past rewards? If not, will those rewards be available in some other way?
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Same question as misai.

I can personally do a decent chunk of this content, but for the more difficult content I would need more time to practice. But because these dungeons will only be released further and further into this current Expedition, we end up with less and less time to practice and finish the later challenges. I expect the challenges to be more advanced for those dungeons as well, which would make the time limit an issue for a substantial group of people.

Meanwhile, for the easiest challenges we have weeks and weeks of unnecessary extra time. Good if you want to perfect your strategy in easy mode Bworker, but I don't think that's of interest to very many people.

I am hoping that the crunch is revisited. I assume the rewards for the next round will be different. If that's the case, please consider opening a NPC merchant with the current round's rewards available for purchase with an not-kama currency. That can wait until the release of the next round.
This is only in reference to the Mercenary gear which is linked to the account, not the battle pass sets that will become exchangeable in the future.

Or, delete the end date and let the expeditions continue up until the release of the next round with no hiatus. You went through a lot of trouble to make a new PvM mode here, so why put it on ice?
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Muito bom!
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Any chance this comes back any time soon? Im dying for that Tokagecko gear!
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