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Near unwinnable quest fights

By hoffientjuh#9426 - SUBSCRIBER - September 26, 2022, 19:05:02

I have once again managed to near rage quit over a quest fight. I´m sure everyone knows the type. The puzzle fights with so many different mechanics going on at once that it takes 50 tries just to understand whats going on and another 100-9000 to win. The most infamous ones off course being the last fights on the road to the dofusses.Its got me thinking about why this has to be this way. A dofus should be hard to get, high stakes with a high reward.

But why does it have to be so incredibly not fun? Not only does the RNG involved get highly frustrating but the barrier to get back to these fights after loosing feels like insult to injury. The arachnee escape on Lengs plateau for example has several starting positions for the mob, but only 1 of 8 allows any real chance to  make the escape. a 7/8 chance to get a highly unfavorable setup one will likely die on and or has to quit out of isnt making it harder, its making it more tedious. Add to this one has to walk back to the fight every time, and need to have a stockpile of potions to start it is frustrating beyond believe.

Another fine example is the amber vow, a fight that has multiple mechanics going on at once, and a normal fight turn timer. Bonus points for dying instantly at turn 31 if you take to long. Where most of these fight types allow you either unlimited turns or no turn timer, this fight goes for a double whammy.

It gets to the point that when one does win these fights one doesnt feel like a winner accomplishing a great task, one feels relieve that the frustration and tedium are finally done. You got the egg, are once again fully geared out and get back to being somewhat endgame competitive. Or you vow to never quest again and just hand over millions for someone else to suffer.

My suggestions for keeping these fights hard but actually fun would be first, allowing you to retry without being punished having to do so. Make these fight so that once one reaches the stage in the questline they are on, one can easily access them. For example a quest item that will teleport one back to the arena to try again. The way it is now one still has to run a transport location or make consumables to teleport close to a location, before one has to walk the rest.

Secondly make puzzle fights either completely untimed or have limitless turns so people can actually think about a plan.I feel it would be preferable to spend an hour or so on a puzzle fight and having the time to think over having to retry the same fight 50 times for 1 minute tries each. Each failure being another frustration and potential quit point, why not try limit those.

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+1 for having more time in quest fights ^^

and yeah, ressurecting closer to the quest location (like when we die in dungeon)
would be a nice addition too.

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The amber fight is actually extremely easy. I thought the minions moved every turn, but they don't. You need to have line of sight of them, so be sure to move to a different square to get a different angel if they are behind specific walls.

Once I learned that, that fight was a cake walk. 

I feel like this discussion regarding turn time should be a thing. 45+ seconds would be nice.

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I'm not that far in my quests, but i definitely feel your frustrations.

A Lot of the time it feels like there are two camps in Dofus.

The Sweatlords: huurrrr duuurrrrr its all too easy. Watch me wearing my super exo-maged 3peen belt, while zaap-sitting and spewing bile.

And the camp of regular people that want to take it slow, and just enjoy the game, and don't enjoy excessive fights where mobs has a million hp just for the tedium of it.

Maybe adding a "Easy" mode. (For Lack of a better name.) Where Everyone can progress their storyline. Easy vs Hardmode. Hard obviously giving some sort of titles and whatnot. For those who enjoy that aspect.

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Yes, having a easy mode for casual players to enjoy the game's storyline would go a long way to satisfy the casual players. 

Variable Difficulty Option
1. Open the option menu.
2. Go to "Game Difficulty"
3. Select from option (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, Hell)

Easy Mode
Monsters have 50% less stats, less spell option, less fight mechanics/condition making them easier to defeat.
Easier monster fight means that casual players will have an easier time to progress and finish every storyline.
50% less reward (Kamas, exp., resources drops).
Quest progress and achievements are not rewarded so you cannot gain special rewards like dofuses or special pets/titles.

Hell Mode
200% more reward (Kamas, exp., resources drops).
Higher rewards means that you can gain more by fighting low to medium contents, making those contents more enticing and challenging tor hardcore players. Just imagine a Royal Gobbal that can instakill a level 200 player in this mode. Old content, new challenge.
New rewards could be added for higher difficulty achievements. You want the title of "Gobbal Monarch", defeat every gobbal monsters on Hell difficulty. This title will allow osa's to disregard summon limit when summoning gobbals.
Monsters have 5-10X% more stats, additional spell option, additional fight mechanics/condition making them harder to defeat. Only use this mode when you want to push your limit.

You can toggle this option anywhere, anytime, outside combat.
Fight initiator determine the level of difficulty so if you join a fight initiated by a "Hell mode" player, the fight will be exponentially harder.


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I stopped running quests and dungeons a long time ago as it's just no fun trying to do high end ones as a solo player.

Nor am I about to try to level a full team and sub them just to try and progress further, now my time is mostly spent gathering resources to sell on the markets.

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I agree. There's a lot to add to this criticism, though; namely, the character-locked quest fights in which certain classes breeze through with several map-manipulation spells whereas the rest (sadida being the prime example) remain locked at that step of the quest.

The way how Dofuses are earned in this game makes sense, but it doesn't offer any practicality whatsoever. Racking your brains on an RNG-heavy quest fight, dying, running back to the fight location and forcing thousands of articles of bread (HP and energy points) down your throat ad infinitum is the antithesis of fun, and it is a poor business model overall.

If certain parts of the game's content are tucked away for the tryhards strong willed, what is the point of even playing the game? PvP, while a good escape, only entertains for so long.

@Fuzzyjockey's idea of breaking down quest fights according to their difficulty is a very valid option, although I guess that it would be a large-scale project that requires many hours. Nevertheless, it is needed.

For the time being, even as much as respawning at the fight location would help greatly. Whether your HP and energy points should suffer just because of a quest fight is another debate altogether.

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idk in my oppinion quests are medium in difficulty at the end game content and i would preffer a hard mode,as for the tactical fights come on dude you can watch a 10min guide and do it in 15 more min, the dofus tactical fighs aren't hard ,are not class specific, are not a gear check its a simple IQ check.
The last tactical fight for nightmare is a gear check tho and that one might be a bit questionable but for the rest its a fun puzzle not a rocketsience exam.As for the "my class sucks at that quest" people -learn your class, i doubted osa and sadi for solo questfights but i got guys, both a osa and a sadi in my guild with 20k+ achievs.As for mr i have to able to solo all or else no fun guy - go play singleplayer games or find some actual friends in dofus and do the content with people you meet as designed for the mmorpg genre

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