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Should PvE turn timer be increased?

By MidnightSparkle#3453 - SUBSCRIBER - September 26, 2022, 23:19:30

NOT PvP. That is an entirely different discussion and I do not pvp myself.

In PvE (or pvm, whatever), the turn timer is only 30 seconds, and you can add time if you end your turn fast. However, some turns are a bit more intense than others, especially for those doing content such as bosses for the 1st few times. This problem get's worse if a server back-up happens in the middle of your turn, or server lag.

So my suggestion is simply to bump up the turn time in PvE only. This would make people able to think a bit more during their turns and as things are happening. Yes, it is important to think of your turn before it's actually your turn, but not everyone is a PHD in math for that.

Wondering everyone's thoughts on such a thing. I personally think it would be really nice.

EDIT: I also do think summoner timers should go up by 15 seconds as well. 

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I'm all for this.

I would absolutely love a bit more time. I always wanted my Xelor to pair with an Elio, but sadly my thinking is too slow for those kinds of moves.

It could be implemented in a way, so when making the group you click on a timer. Be it the current standard, or a bit longer.
The people then joining will be notified what setup the group is running.

Another way, would be to set it, individually from character to character.

​​​​​​Forexamble i would set my Xelor to a minute, while my Iop or sacrier got more than enough time with the current timer.

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I was going to add the suggestion of potentially adding a toggle timer like you said, so you can make the fight have higher turn timers as long as others agree to it. But from a developers stand point and clarity, it just creates clutter. The easiest solution is to just adjust it and make it the same for everyone, instead of having people argue or get confused over features.

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Fight time is already long that I fall asleep waiting for my turn. I get it that it is optional but I think this is one of those ideas when the quote "Be careful what you wish for" might apply.

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If the people you are playing with take too long, just say F1 or look for better and faster thinking players.

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I think its a bit of both. I´ve made a post myself out turn timers on those hard puzzle quest fights, in which I believe they should be way longer and or non existent. In general fights though Gunner might be right and it could go either way. Especially when you are one of 8 and get lost on youtube/making tea, having and raising a kid, before its your turn again.

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You can say "F1" if someone is taking too long, or perhaps find people who play better/faster. 

I feel like there is an easy solution with PvE, which is simply talking to who you are playing with if they are taking too long (or find new people). If this happened in PvP, with 45 second turns, it would be bad because it would slow the combat down too much. This is exactly why I said PvP shouldn't get this, and PvE is fine.

And no, I saw the future and this would be a great change. So don't worry, I know what I am wishing for.

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I am all for this, especially for end-game content 

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