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Server Merger: The First Merger is Almost Here!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - October 06, 2022, 17:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

As we mentioned last week, the DOFUS server merger is fast approaching. The first merger will be on Tuesday, October 11, and will affect international community servers.

Atcham and Rubilax (ES), Crocabulia (PTBR) and Echo (INT) will get the server merger ball rolling on Tuesday, October 11, during the weekly maintenance, and all players from these servers will afterwards be together on… the TalKasha server! Many of you found the little word puzzle we hid on the forum last Friday, which helped you guess the name of the first merged server:

And find the solution here !

Servers to be merged

Server after merge






To prepare for the merger, if you have any concerns, remember that:

  • All perceptors will be deleted during the merger, and the contents of their inventories will be transferred to their owner's bank.
  • All alliance prisms will also be deleted as well as the nuggets they have. So, consider collecting them before Tuesday.
  • Rune drop rates during item breakage will be pooled between the different servers being merged to generate a new drop rate when the server opens.
  • All area bonuses will be reset after the merger.
  • All offers on the Kama Exchange of players affected by the merger will be canceled and reimbursed when the merger starts. To complete this, the KE will be put into maintenance and therefore inaccessible for about two hours for all players.

Also note that the servers unaffected by the merger can reopen as soon as their regular maintenance has finished. As the merger process is complex, the merged server will take longer to open, and we will provide you with regular updates on Twitter and on our forum.

If you have other questions about the merger, please refer to:

FAQ    Devblog

We know a server merger is a big event in the life of our DOFUS communities. To celebrate the event together and give you a chance to immortalize the moment with a memory of the time you spent on the old server, we're inviting you to take part in an event organized specially for the occasion.

Doing this is easy: Before maintenance starts, simply go to [6,-19] near to Father Merrger, collect your little gift and take a little picture of yourself with your friends, your guild, your alliance, your pet and/or the people who have been part of your adventure on this server. Then share your screenshot on the forum thread indicated below.

Important: You must post in the forum with the account that receives the reward.

All Talkasha participants will receive this fantastic Horneteddy* once the merger is complete!

By following this link, you will find a guide for taking an in-game screenshot and posting it on the forum.

* The Horneteddy is a chameleon ceremonial pet (and super cute) linked to the account permanently. And it really is the cutest little thing.

First Ankama intervention
Hey everyone, 

The team is aware of the issue, and we are updating this forum topic on the situation. 
See message in context
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Score : -1278
Damn my girl Tal'Kasha is making it big!
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Score : 3254
I hoped Ankama would let the players choose a name out of a few options, but I guess that was not the case. I don't dislike the name, though.
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Score : 894
Cya on the dark side.
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Score : 56
is this normal?
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Score : 405
I'm experiencing the exact same issue. Cannot log any of my characters.
4 0
Score : 130
same thing on 4 out of 5 account, many characters dofuses all gone?! ps i come from echo.
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Hey everyone, 

The team is aware of the issue, and we are updating this forum topic on the situation. 
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I have the same problem.
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Score : 49
I Have the same problém :/
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Score : 304
All of my characters have been deleted WTF
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Characters have not been deleted. 

After a merging process, the account is not "fully migrated" yet and, right now, the connection server does not know how many characters you have on the game server on your account.

We are working on patching the issue. Things are taking a little longer than expected, but we are on it.
Score : 68
wow i got a bit scared seeing 0 characters on the official page and thought all my characters were gone. is there any update? because i cant get access to any of my official characters.
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Score : 113
[Ankama]DOFUS - Admin - Today - 00:25:52Although the issue was resolved for some players, alas - despite our best efforts -, the fix and the additional analysis performed tonight did not yield the results we expected. It has been a long day and we need to look at the situation with fresh eyes and minds.

A TalKasha server maintenance will need to take place tomorrow to deploy the patch. We will get back to you with the time of the maintenance as soon as it has been determined by the DOFUS team.

With regard to compensations, they will be discussed and granted once all issues related to the TalKasha server merge have been addressed and corrected, not before. 

We want to thank you all for your patience and understanding today.  

Saw that coming, see yall in a few days
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yeah indeed and well the compensations ..... im still waiting for them for the last failleur (maybe they do it all at once )
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They did award from the last issue, so you may wanna put in a ticket for that. 
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Heck, I don't even get a server selection dialog. All I get is the background image and Options. I dread reinstalling because I believe I will have to set everything up all over again.

Oh well, I guess the mounts won't starve.
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Score : 118
i do get that screen on 1 of my 4 accounts 
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Only background image is also what I get...
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Score : 118
still the same thing whats happening !?!?
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it seems that Ankama did not transfer my character it doesn't show any character for me in Talkasha
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where are my characters? formerly Server Echo. All accounts are empty.
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