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Lack of content (Dofus Retro)

By Sneaki24#1028 - SUBSCRIBER - October 12, 2022, 09:46:19
I have been disappointed with the updates since the announcement of Dofus Retro. They said they would have a full team working on Retro and there has been no major additions since the release of Retro. I mean they are sitting on a literal gold mine and they are unwilling to release anything to us for us to grind for... Like bring back Frigost Island and add the dungeons and gear that would be awesome. I don't understand why they are so unwilling to add big content expansions into the game this can easily be one of the most successful MMORPG's on the planet.. it is literally the ONLY open world turn-based combat MMO. Can we please get some Dofus Retro content??!!!
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They always said retro would remain what it was. Making new content for retro would basicly mean they would be developing 2 games side by side.
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They did add 2 bosses, ily and qu'tan(?). So this isn't 100% accurate of a statement. 
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Hi there,

Hoffientjuh is correct. Dofus Retro was never intended to get brand new content to the level of Dofus 2 does, and Retro was launched with this as a key aspect of the project. Development has focused largely on quality of life issues with the old game, such as improving the UI, updating inventory graphics, and other untangling of the spaghetti code.
They've also been able to implement a new cosmetics system to give people new looks.

Recently, two "new" dungeons were released to Retro because the developers were able to salvage and make use of unused assets. These were huge exceptions to the no new content stance, and only done because the assets were already there. Backporting areas from modern Dofus, such as Frigost and anything introduced after, is not on the table.

Overall, Dofus Retro is meant to capture as much of the classic experience as possible, with a few small things here and there to keep things interesting. But the primary draw of Retro is the, well, retro nature of that game that Dofus 2 has long since departed from. If the devs started developing it like a regular MMO, it would lose the point, and the game would be more like "Dofus Retro but more 2012-2016 Retro less 2005-2011 Retro."
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I guess we can agree to disagree. The point should not to be to recreate the original experience as much as possible with small UI changes. The point should be to right the wrongs they committed when they changed it from what is considered Dofus Retro to what is now Dofus 2.. Look at how Old School Runescape is wayyyy bigger that RS2 because they added lore-expanding content into the game while still maintaining the original base-game mechanics. I mean Dofus Retro could legitimately be one of the biggest MMO's in the world it just has 0 support when it comes to content. There just isn't enough to do in Retro to warrant a "grind". Everyone is spamming BR souls for XP and running mining bots to get diamonds so they can AP mage everything end game... We don't need intense UI updates the nostalgic look and sound is what was awesome about the game... Expanding the world, lore, and items inside of Dofus Retro could make this legitimately a top 5 MMO... We are the ONLY turn-based MMORPG. Ankama t has the market cornered on an entire genre of video games and aren't willing to support it in any way.. I just don't think Ankama realizes what is actually is that they have. A few tweaks and a little advertising and this game could be huge.
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Frigost should definitely be in the game.. it adds so much better gear and leveling location for mid-end game.
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This is so true. Myself and around nine of my friends have been eagerly anticipating something like this. Retro  really needs new content. If Frigost is added, nothing else will be needed because, back in the day, with Frigost in the picture, Dofus was at its peak
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