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Upcoming changes to servers’ community restrictions

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - October 14, 2022, 18:00:42
After a challenging week where we completed the first of many gigantic milestones in the history of DOFUS - the TalKasha server merge – reviewed this week’s course of events and the direction we want to take from here.

As we explained countless times before, it is not for nothing that we have been working on this initiative for a few years; it is part of a more global plan to improve to improve DOFUS and its many technical restrictions, old technology, and infrastructure updates, as well as managing millions of accounts.

The TalKasha server merge wasn’t without its challenges, and we will soon be distributing compensation for the inaccessibility of the server for part of the community. However, we have identified some instances with which we are not satisfied (not just for us but also for you), and we have decided to act upon it for the good of all players.

Due to the long history of all the servers, there are instances of players belonging to one community playing on servers linked to others communities than their own. Over the years, such cases have proven to be as challenging for players as they are for us.

We have decided to remove server restrictions in weeks following each upcoming server merges, allowing any DOFUS player, regardless of their server or community of origin, to create a new character on a newly merged server. Any player from any community will be allowed to create a new character on Talkasha after next Tuesday’s server maintenance. The same will happen in the weeks following the upcoming merges of the FR servers.

Aside from the reason mentioned already, we are also doing this because:
  • To us, you are all one community, something we have been focusing on over the past 4 years.
  • We want to break down the barriers between communities that are more restrictive than anything else.
  • The model works well on the mono-account side, Temporis servers, as well as on DOFUS Retro.
  • And above all, the removal of these community restrictions will make it possible to resolve a certain number of technical problems, which is part of our efforts to make up for the technical regression in view of the DOFUS client porting to Unity. The way some account/community restrictions are currently managed has significant side effects that translate into the issues experienced during the TalKasha server and will impact the other server merges.

We will be very honest: we do not have all answers as of now, but we do know we no longer want unique and specific features that separate communities and servers. Nothing has been yet set in stone regarding the particularities of server transfers between communities, including their reactivation and rules. Still, we will wait until all mergers occur before making a decision.
Please also note that the Kama Exchange setup, DOFUS shop pricing differences between certain countries, and community chat changes for all future merged servers will reflect what is already in place on Ilyzaelle, Jahash, Shadow and Talkasha.

We know this is a lot of information at once, especially on a Friday. Still, we wanted to give you a heads-up before the community restrictions are removed on TalKasha during the next server maintenance this coming Tuesday.
We genuinely believe this is the way to go in order to prepare for UNITY but also to continue our efforts towards a more inclusive and enjoyable gaming environment.
We will come back to you at a later stage with more details and specificities on everything this change will impact as well as the next servers to be merged.

Thank you all for your time, and wishing you all a great weekend.
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I know it's off topic, but why is it so hard to get actual support from you guys? been trying to get hold of you in-game, through twitch, twitter and by submitting ticket to support. No reponse.
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So players who are not able to connect because of that community restriction will not be able to play before next Tuesday? It's a great thing that you are fixing it, but why take so long to take this decision when it was going to obviously be a problem with the merge? This feels so rushed, so unprofessional, and so unplanned. I have contacted support, forums, and Twitter with ZERO answers but "contact support" and "take screenshots of your available servers". I, like many other players, have been in the dark for DAYS, unable to play, not knowing if we will ever be able to get our accounts back. This does not feel like a well-planned and well-executed update, like many before this one. All we have is excuses and ludicrous compensation packages.  You are literally taking fun time and money away from players and this is NOT ok. I have never played another game that would forbid me to play for DAYS. This is absolutely insane. You are not a cheap game. 

I absolutely love Dofus and was looking forward to playing it this weekend. Yet again, I will have to do something else and try to not think about how you are turning a blind eye to the people that have been with you for DECADES. The least you could have done, is lifted the community restriction before the weekend. 

This absolutely blows. 

Now that the community restriction is lifted and we are getting our accounts back, are you going to refund the week of subscription or alternatively add a week of subscription on the characters? 
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