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Server Merger: Here We Go Again!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - October 20, 2022, 15:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

After the first merger of international servers, the schedule continues with the first French-language server mergers, set for Tuesday, October 25!

After the opening of TalKasha, the first French-language servers will be merging on Tuesday, October 25. It will soon be time to welcome the new Imagiro server, which will combine the servers Agride and Julith, and Orukam server, which will combine the servers Meriana and Pandora!
Many of you solved the crossword puzzles we hid on the forum last Friday, which allowed you to guess the names of the two new servers:

You can find the solution here .

Servers to be merged

Server after merge





To prepare for the merger (if you have any concerns), remember that:

  • All perceptors will be deleted during the merger, and the contents of their inventories will be transferred to their owner's bank.
  • All alliance prisms will also be deleted as well as the nuggets they have. So, consider collecting them before Tuesday.
  • Rune drop rates during item breakage will be pooled between the different servers being merged to generate a new drop rate when the server opens.
  • All area bonuses will be reset after the merger.
  • All offers on the Kama Exchange of players affected by the merger will be canceled and reimbursed when the merger starts. To complete this, the KE will be put into maintenance and therefore inaccessible for as long as the merger takes for all players.

Also note that the servers unaffected by the merger can reopen as soon as their regular maintenance has finished. As the merger process is complex, the merged server will take longer to open. We will provide you with regular updates on Twitter and on our forum.

If you have other questions about the merger, please refer to:

FAQ Devblog

Take note: contrary to what was previously announced, the third and last merger will take place on Tuesday, November 8 and not Wednesday, November 2.
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