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Lack of support

By Spurgtfgt#3505 - SUBSCRIBER - October 19, 2022, 14:46:32
This is insanity. I got banned by a scammer trying to blackmail me. I told him to F- off,  which resulted in me getting a ban.

I reported about this dishonest player, before he were to report me. Overnight you responded to his ticket and got me banned. But it's been like a week, and I'm yet to receive a respond. I've contacted you in every place possible ( ankabox, forum, twitter, twitch and in-game while mods was too busy handing out balloons), still nothing. I was lucky enough to get a response on twitter, but no action was taken. Still just jerking me around.

how is it that you're able to instantly respond to his ticket and get me banned, but I can't get any assistance? He's falsely trying to get me banned from the game, exclusively because I refuse to give him money, and you refuse to do anything about it?
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Replying to [Ankama]DOFUS

As I have mentioned already, can you please give me your ticket number so I can gain more insight on the problem and see where it's at? 

Thanks in advance.
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Hello, I am very sorry to hear that. However, only the support can take action when it comes to bans and sanctions. If you could give me your ticket number, I can take a quick look to see where it's at!

Thanks in advance.
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I had my name stolen, and now I'm being blackmailed. I know for a fact, it isn't only support being able to assist me here. But it's hard to even try, when You don't care.
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 I m waiting  12 Days i got Banned after Koloseum fight how is this possible? and support dont help me 
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Can you please give me the ticket number so I can have a look? We cannot share information on sanctions and bans on here or change the support's decision as it is entirely theirs, but I can check to see where your request is at.

Thanks in advance.

Only Ankama Support can assist with this kind of issue. The buck stops with them, and nobody who replies to messages on the forum is above Support.

At most, a Community Manager could check in on your ticket to see what's going on. However, since you have declined this assistance and have chosen not to share your ticket number,  there isn't more to be offered. You will need to wait for the Support reply.
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This is a delusional response. I've contacted the supposed english dofus team in forum, in-game, on twitter, twitch and through support. I've already contacted Community manager directly, and I've askedfellow dofus players with direct contact to put in a word for me, so saying that I've ''declined assistance'' is just neglecting the issue.  

As I already mentioned, the scammer got support through the ticket system the morning after he falsely reported me, and you took action immediately, but I'm yet to receive a response. This seems super biased, and I'm not sure why. This scammer, blackmail, lowlife is solely playing the game to profit off of it, for real life gains, which is against the ToS, but you'd still prefer to take his side, rather than a serious player, with more hours invested than any of you is able to comprehend. My omega level speak for itself. I'm trying to enjoy the game, despite all the nerfs you've been throwing at me, I'm still staying strong, but this right here, is pushing me to quit the game. Why would I invest THOUSANDS of hours in something that could stripped away from me in an instant, due to neglect
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Still nothing happening. You really don't give a shit, huh?
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