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Alliance Revamp

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 07, 2022, 16:00:00
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Great way to give any alliance a disadvantage straight off the bat. I hope that percos are freaking chads!! And for those of us who run community based alliances this just trashes all the stuff we've worked towards. We'll continue to build our community but now need to go outside of the game to coordinate activities within it.

Pretty stoked about the quality of life changes with nuggets but why are we giving pre-made attacking teams MORE OF AN ADVANTAGE than they already have. There needs to be a planning stage for avas. This is ridiculously unfair for specific communities from certain time zones.

How are people who rely on percs and nuggets for income to put towards their future upgrades going to manage?

Can we just bring back bonta vs brak and scrap all of this?
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The Prism/Alliance System has always represented a parallel path for PvP adepts, in addition to the 1x1/3x3 Kolossium and 5x5 guild vs guild. Also a major focus of the prism system since the Brak vs. Bonta has always been easy access to transport to hard-to-reach areas/dungeons. With time and the change to the alliance system, it became quite worn out and, consequently, it was left aside by most players precisely because of the great advantage that the great alliances had and the players who manage to circumvent the “multiacc” limitation using illegal means. Now with this upcoming change by Ankama, I would like to make a few suggestions as a player:

1. Transformation of the alliance system into a Grand Clan/Nation system: unfortunately the alliance system proved to be quite toxic and unsatisfactory for most players. The possibility of creating numerous/infinite alliances opens gaps for unhealthy rivalries, segregation and for a great advantage guaranteed to small groups, whether by lv, number, equipment, or whatever, as well as exploit by a small portion of the population of servers.
   A Nation/Great Clan system would be a fixed number of alliances representing all the great cities of the World of Twelve: empires like Brakmar, Bonta, Sufokia, Frigost, Ohwymi, Otomai etc., resuming the old Brak vs. Bonta but in a more comprehensive and fun way. (I'm not a Wakfu player, but I believe there is a similar system but with politics - help me, Wakfu players xD).
   This would end the monopoly and the situation of only one person/guild dictating the future of an alliance, being the center of power and selecting only members that suits him. Give this power to the NPCS! Less drama, more fun.
    Each Clan can have its flag incorporated next to the player's nick and its headquarters in its respective city > to which it would provide certain crafting/harvest bonuses to its belonging. Thus, each empire would compete for the conquest of new territories and their benefits, production of nuggets, etc. It would be important to implement certain dynamics so that it is not attractive that the majority of the server integrates only one civilization (such as certain war bonuses for Clans with population disadvantage - as is currently done with AvA) or maybe some limitatios to the maximum number of prisms (10, 20, 30, idk);

 2. Focus on the prism transport system for nuggets production: in this system, Clans/Alliances would be exempt from fees to teleport to their own prisms, while rival Clans/Alliances would use such prisms in exchange for X amount of nuggets (working as a form of "toll") to generate resources for the dominant alliance (of the territory) and also for the flow of resources. Logically it would be a LOW value calculated by the distance on maps as is normally done with zaaps, but that will add up in large amounts for the dominant nation.This point is very IMPORTANT so that EVERYONE in the game has equal access to all Dofus Zones, regardless of level, guild, alliance, etc.
3. PvP and PVM Wars (not so urgent, but I think it can be considered for the future): it would be interesting to provide an option as soon as the prism is attacked, so that the defending Clan chooses two ways of war: PVP and PVM (where the winning Clan/Alliance would be given for a greater number of valid monsters killed in the region during the war period – or the Clan/Aliance/Nation may consider placing different types of prisms, to which one would be PVM prisms (defeated with as many hunts in the region as possible) and another PVP (defeated with wars between players). It would be nice since a lot of players are not adept to player vs. player mechanics.

   This could even evolve in the future into large temporary drop/experience bonuses in areas where a nation has recently emerged victorious from a war, as well as some system similar to the old PvP Brakmar X Bonta, opening doors to numerous mechanics that would greatly enrich the Dofus experience, while centralizing recruiting power on NPCS would greatly improve quality of life and game balance and prevent people from bouncing from clan to clan as convenient.

   please don't mind my mistakes, i did my best to translate to English xD

   well it's just a few thoughts,looking forward to the changes =^.^=
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^ a lot of interesting thoughts. pls listen Ankama
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Ankama will singlehandedly kill 5v5s & alliances in one single update. Impressive!
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Ughghhhghgh!!! So no more social bounding via Alliance System? Really? You're kidding us, right? Right after a mega-silly-ultra-unnecessary-merge-of-Babel-tower-of-all-languages?
So how are members of a guild supposed to find help for pvm/ pvp/ crafts/ mages/ advices/ or just socialise, if there shall no be any Alliance, in the way it has been so far?

Just name it differently, the new system, and remove percs and prisms from "traditional" alliances, at the very worse! For marshmallow's sake!

How are they supposed to find e.a., English/ German/ etc players, if no "traditional" alliances shall be left? In a hugeeeee mostly-Hispano server? Not that I have anything against Spanish people or language, but I am thinking of most players, who speak English, and some not even as first language!

Just name the new AvA and KOTH differently, I don't know, like Guardians-of-Whatever (may that "whatever" be "hill"/ "territory"/ "high kingdom"/ etc etc etc...

But pleaseeee, do let us, those who use English as main language in game, to remain at least a lil bit united, in communication, if all else is gone, via the current social aspects of Alliances!

Or are all these merges and AvA changes and revamps after revamps and whatnot, barely experiments, to see what will work and what not on Dofus 3.x ??!!!

PS1: If there shall be a Dofus retro 2.x, please, have safe a save of Echo, that's the only thing that would keep me playing atm, probably ...

PS2: Does Support also take care of insults naming etc ig/ on forums? Since my last Ankaboxes have gotten an "seen" but no reply, in weeks now? I mean, I do wish to know, please, if I should bother at all to report, or just run Gobball instead in that time = more efficient use of  that time, for sure!
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POST PS1: Any chance a save of Echo is available? For further use, sometime, in the immediate/ med term future? I wouldn't mind loose all progress since latest merge, for real ... I just want "ig life" as it was ...

POST PS2: And I don't think it is forbidden to say if my Ankaboxes have been seen and/ or if I have gotten a reply ... in weeks now ...

I know:
  • - we can not c/p the convo;
  • - we won't be told if/ what means/ measures have been put in place, upon our reports.

Yet, it would be, at the very least, polite, to say back something, even a  "heyo, ya, we got ur msg, were into it!!! dw!!!" ...
Just saying ...
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Stop, the way you are going with this reform, all you will do is worsen the AvA and damage the guild system.

The AvA will have its flaws but it is a working system, such a change would only destroy it. If you want to remedy these points of gigantism and hypertrophy, you only have to configure bonuses and penalties for the participating alliances.

For example, the dominant alliance during KOTH has a -30% HP penalty for all its combat participants. The attacking alliance with little or no territory, during KOTH has a 30% bonus HP.

You can also reform the donation system and you would have satisfactory changes without going to such extremes.

In fact a reform in the KOTH, and a reform of the vulnerability of the prisms would be more than enough, without going towards drastic changes that would render the guilds useless, and would harm the social benefits of the current alliances.
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Instead of these huge sweeping changes, I think a good thing to do would be to make smaller changes that you've already talked about which are really interesting, engaging and good for the game:

-One Perc per zone per alliance or two percs per zone per guild (adjustment to live servers). 

-More Perc changes and customization through stats, different spells, male/female, etc. 

-Nugget redistribution through the alliance window.

-New King of the Hill and Prism changes sound really interesting.

-For a bigger sweeping change, consider penalizing larger alliances using logic. Bigger things in-game and in real life have more upkeep and should take more resources to manage, so bigger alliances should have this too. In a way, this can be an interesting new system:

Set the default number of guilds allowed in an Alliance to 5. If there are 5 or less Guilds in your Alliance then you can get a small bonus. 

Set the maximum number of guilds allowed in an Alliance to 10. If there are 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 Guilds in your Alliance then you gain scaling penalties because your Alliance is too large. This can be less drops, more expensive to place percs, less time to join perc fights, etc.

Preventing Abuse by always running less than 5 Guilds in an Alliance to get bonuses are mostly inherent:

Abuse Rule: 1) By running a smaller Alliance for bonuses, you run the risk of being a target for bigger Alliances.

Abuse Rule: 2) To create and become the head of your Alliance your character must be level 60, have at least 1,000 achievement points and have a minimum subscription time of 30 days. In addition, your Guild must be at least level 50.
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I have a good feeling about this update. The last two updates I've been feeling really positive about (server merge and now alliance updates). The alliance system is currently extremely broken (especially with increased crowds due to server merges), and I see this new update as a great opportunity to bring back competitiveness in AvA and make it more enjoyable for those involved. Of course I do have a few reservations (e.g. will it be too hard to defend percs/prisms now, will it be too exhausting to keep areas/percs), but I'm keen to see how this plays out.
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The devblog has been edited to rectify a mistake that found its way in. You can find the erratum here:

ERRATUM 08/11/2022
An error has found its way in this devblog published on November 7, 2022. All the alliances, the prisms and the perceptors will be destroyed during the Alliance redesign in the first update of 2023, and not during the December update.
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Any further clarification on what will happen with existing perc potions?
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During updates, almost systematically, ressources and consummables that become obsolete are converted (sometimes for the happiness of your purse, and sometimes not tongue).
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Except opening the closed territories for archs, this is all just sad and even after all this time seems not thought through at all.
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I couldn't agree more with you!

It seems to me we're tossed into this as lab rats, to see what could work and what nu, for dofus.3 / other A. games ...

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And now they remove the avatars, what's next guys? What haven't you messed up yet? think hard, and quicky ruin it, like the french mega chads you are
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We are the oldest alliance on the server, for we are there since the beginning. I don't like the idea that all existing alliances have to be destroyed. What about persistence, reliability or stability?
Then, adding 30 guilds manually wouldn't be a problem. But adding 200 players manually? You should consider something more user-friendly. 
Moreover, 200 is not much, 300 would be far better. Consider rising the amount of members to 300.
Finally, consider the ideas of Algenubi, for they are excellent. You should have had these ideas yourselves.
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Overall, very good. Hope more resources go up from the new recipe potions and bots can't easily make money from low level monsters (such as the sewer rats for perc potions currently).

Also like the rules on percs. Will have to be strict in terms of rules for placing them and there shouldn't be nearly as much resources flooding the game. Perhaps doing dungeons and general monster farming will be a lot better now.

Arch monsters territories being opened up is welcomed as well. Seen so many arch monsters in those areas when I was starting out arch hunting and it was just sad.
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I really hope that these will not be the final form of the changes we see. I don't see these changes as doing anything but making a bad situation worse. And rather than fix AvA, this will also negatively impact guilds. What's the real difference between an alliance and a guild now if these changes go into effect? I'd like to echo the suggestion of making small tweaks rather than these huge sweeping changes that don't even sound good on paper. 

And as people have mentioned when you destroy existing alliances, you'll be breaking up communities that people have put a lot of time and effort into building up and I would think breaking up communities would be the last thing an MMO tries to do.
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Maybe if the limit of players is reached, you can invite more people to the guild still, but they won't be able to help in perc attacks etc. They will be there only to talk.
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I really hope the current ability to chat with members of a larger number of guilds will be retained. My alliance is pretty small, but there are at least 600 members in the alliance. I enjoy chatting in the current alliance chat (/a), without the wide-open nature of community chat (/c).
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Yeah, I hope that too!
But not only the ability to chat to be kept, but also the possibility to ask help for crafts/ dungeons, or even advices on strategy or builds.
It would be a real pity that all the social networking that was forged in time via current alliance system will just be pooooooofed-erased in a second!

This is one of the biiiiiiigggg "minus"-es of the new AvA, as it has been proposed so far T-T ...
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This is kind of stupid. If someone is organized enough, they can still monopolize on alliances. For example, I can create Alliance "One", and have all my members have their alts join my NEW additional alliance "Two", and so on to "Three", "Four". Make it One account can only join 1 alliance.

With that being said, there are better ways to avoid monopolizing, instead of completely taking the fun out of 5v5. Currently, the ones that don't enjoy AvA, but enjoy 5v5, well we are kind of lost for words.

Besides, the downside to the current perc 5v5, is the current META, where folks dominate using AP Red, and pretty much the new OP Forgelance class. Nerf Forgelance and AP Red, then maybe it'll be more fun.
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