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Server Merger: Review Time!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 21, 2022, 18:00:00
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Now that the server mergers are finished, it's time to review how the process went… and offer you a gift!

Tal Kasha Kicked Things Off

The first merger involved the servers for the ES, PTBR and INT communities: Atcham, Rubilax, Crocabulia and Echo. As communicated a few days after the merger, we encountered an early problem: These servers had community restrictions, and we realized that this very old system was creating major access problems on the new Tal Kasha server.

After evaluating the situation, we decided to pursue our initial thinking: remove specifics and exceptions. Therefore, during maintenance on Tuesday, November 29, we will be removing all access restrictions linked to account communities. All servers will become open to all communities. However, we will retain the concept of a "recommended community":

  • Orukam, Imagiro, Hell Mina and Tylezia will be the default recommended servers for French-speaking players.
  • Tal Kasha will be the default recommended server for all players who are not part of the French-speaking community.
  • Draconiros and Ombre will be global servers, recommended for everyone.

Community channels will be enabled on all servers that don't already have them. On the subject of community channels, we encountered a technical problem with how channels are managed on Tal Kasha. A patch has been created and will be rolled out during maintenance on Tuesday, November 22.

Finally, the character transfer service between servers will become available again on Wednesday, November 23, and will be performed during maintenance the following Tuesday, November 29. This means players can migrate between any of the classic servers, regardless of their community. You still won't be able to migrate to single-account servers (Draconiros) or epic servers (Ombre), but you can migrate from Draconiros to any classic server.

Mostly Trouble-free Second Merger

The second merger only involved French-speaking community servers, merging into Imagiro and Orukam:

Servers before merge

Server after merge





Everything went smoothly until we realized that the marketplace data was missing. This meant we had to restart a large part of the merging process, which delayed the opening of the two new servers.

And finally… Tylezia, Hell Mina and Draconiros

The last merger went without a hitch.

Servers to be merged

Server after merge




Hell Mina



However, we should talk about access problems due to the very high population on the Draconiros server. These problems occur from the merger process itself. As we explained in the devblog, the merger process only finishes when an account first logs in on the new server. It's at this point that the new server finishes importing all the required data, and this is why some of you didn't see your character. To solve the issue, you just need to log into your server once.

Where some Draconiros players encounter problems is when they try to access the server for the first time during periods when it is almost full. The server gives priority to players who already have an existing character, but because your character has not finished importing, the server thinks you don't have a character and may block you.

Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem right now is just to be patient and try to log in during quieter periods. We have removed the access limit on the Draconiros server to try and streamline logins, and the situation should gradually sort itself out.

What About a Little Souvenir?

To thank you for your patience and support during this major process, we wanted to give you a little souvenir via this code, which you can enter in the gift interface in-game, in the launcher, or on our website: 


With this code you can get a certificate that gives you the title "Witness of Another Time". The certificate is linked to the character, so take care when you claim it!

The code can only be used once per account and only for accounts created before November 8, 2022. You will receive a certificate for each server where you have a character. The code expires on December 21, 2022.

First Ankama intervention

Due to a technical problem, the character transfer service to another #DOFUS server will only be reactivated tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

See message in context
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Due to a technical problem, the character transfer service to another #DOFUS server will only be reactivated tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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wow such a gift unbelievable smile)

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Score : 511

cool title

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Score : 7001

I was wondering, how come, just a few months after the ultramegabiggatetramarshmallow merge into Tal Kasha, even if I kept playing and adding stuff to bank, its estimated value dropped by 1/3, more or less ... This is more than worrying ...
And this makes me wonder even more, if by the end of this year, estimated value of bank will drop even more, and by how much % ??!!
Cuz ... cmon, it aint fair! That's the "work" of over a decade, on several accounts; I tend to save up my drops etc, to level my own professions later (when I have full recipees/ time/ mood for it/ and whatnot), or to help guildies with their own professions.

1 -1
Score : 7001
PS: When previous servers merged into Echo, I did not encounter this huge % bank value loss; esp. in such a short time.
I am more than confused, tbt; what's best to do: sell all right away, till last gob wool or catseye dice, and buy later ("presumably" cheaper) when I up my profs or when I help guidlies up theirs? keep hoarding for safety and for the comfort of having most of the things I need in my own bank already?
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bohemia#2044|2023-01-31 14:10:14
That could happen, for example, for ash wood (keeping your example); and 1 - 10 -100 - 200 more things. But ALL items have gone 1/3 cheaper, or almost all?
Something just doesn't smell right to me...
... Or could it be the bots, also? Farming and lowering average prices? Being a bigger server and even more, with more nationalities, more kama demand? 
I just don't know what to believe anymore ...

Currently on TalKasha:
1 bundle of 100 x Ash wood is selling for 2,400 kamas
if someone with 1,000 x ash wood = 10 x 100 bundles, sells each of the 10 bundles for 500 kamas that will alter the average price. 
currently the lowest price un-maged Gelano is selling for 90,000
if someone had 10 x un-maged Gelano and sell them each for 25,000, that will alter the average price.

Because there is no longer merchant mode markets are being used more, the only thing that has an impact on the average price is what items are sold for in the markets. There has never been any indication that direct player to player sales have effected average prices.
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