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Character Transfers to New Server: They're Back and on Sale!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 24, 2022, 15:15:00
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Any union is always a joyful event that should be celebrated! With the recent server merger, we have decided to reactivate the character transfer to new server service and – while we're at it – give you 50% off. Cross the boundaries that stand between you and your friends!

The Character Transfer to New Server Service Is Available Again!

To celebrate this great news, as well as the recent server merger, we're making you an offer that it would be a shame to refuse: 50% off this service until November 27, 23:59 p.m. CET!
Players can use it to migrate from one classic server to another, regardless of the community they belong to. This is their chance to break down the barriers that sometimes separate them from their friends!
Please note, however, that this service still doesn't let you move to the single-account (Draconiros) or epic (Shadow) servers. On the other hand, switching from Draconiros to any of the classic servers will be quite possible!

The first transfers will take place during maintenance scheduled for Tuesday, November 29!
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Natemazuri

That is strange. Do you see any other servers listed? Can you share a screenshot so I can check it out?

See message in context
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For some reason my panda from Draconiros doesn't have Talkasha as an option sad

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That is strange. Do you see any other servers listed? Can you share a screenshot so I can check it out?

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Will it be possible to make new character on fr community server while being international or it's available only by transfer to those servers?

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As we work on removing community restrictions for all servers, it should be possible to create new characters on any server of your choice happy

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Will it be a limited time thing or limited per account ? Cause we allready see people preparing to ruin the economy of all server buy buying server transfer at 2mk to make billion profit by moving massive quantity and undercutting everyone in current server. So people who don't own billion of kama will just end up selling there stuff at lower price while the whale keep profit of other players.

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