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Removal of Merchant Mode from DOFUS

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 24, 2022, 17:00:00

Removal of Merchant Mode 

We will soon remove the merchant mode feature from DOFUS 2 servers. 

It is being removed following the implementation of the latest item categories in the Marketplace and the extensive work we are doing to improve the game systems for the UNITY port. Merchant mode is mainly used for nefarious purposes (selling slots, selling bot loot, scams, etc.).

It will be removed according to the following schedule:
During maintenance on December 6, all active merchant modes will be removed and the fees reimbursed. After that, players can no longer enter merchant mode, but items stored in merchant mode can still be withdrawn.
In the first quarter of 2023, during a maintenance session yet to be determined, the ability to enter merchant mode will be completely removed, and items that haven't been withdrawn will be returned to their owner's bank.
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RIP divine dimensions when you forget a key and the portal changes location sad
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Use the anchors!
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with the removal of merchant mode, are there going to be more options made available in the market places? It sucks when you are buying material and have to wait a month because somebody is upcharging 1000% because they know they can abuse the mechanics.
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This is all well and good, but won't the thieves and scammers just use the market? Apparently, the trick is to transfer loot from one character to another after stealing it and then to the market to "wash" the money.

I guess it's more about the UNITY port than the scammers.
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Pure sadness
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why in the world
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Well its explained in the post
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Removing merchant mode is whatever, but please make some sort of change so we're not stuck buying/selling nuggets, roses of the sands, dream reflections, and similar high-quantity resources 100 at a time.
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Kinda dumb since you can't use the market for everything that the merchant mode allows, but I assume we're going to have something close to it such as being able to buy a specific amount of items (if someone is selling 25000 roses on the merchant mode without a price change, I assume we'll be able to do that with the market as well?) or to use it in certain areas (keys near dungeons?).
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Remove or at least reduce market fees then. 
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This would lead to a lot of continuous undercutting.
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Oh boy, can't wait for the price war because of geniusses with two neurons, who keep undercutting everything to "sell faster".
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That's just the laws of the market.
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Honestly the biggest RIP is going to be buying keys outside of dungeons, only thing I buy from merchants besides Dofuses
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Good riddance. Shopping through merchants takes too long. Market is much better. Hopefully they add a Buy x1,000 slot to make it easier to buy Rose of Sands and Harvesting Resources. 
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Not sure how I feel about this. I feel like you're stripping the game out of something that gave it character.
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Grand exchange pls 
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LOL (in a good way)
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As long as the markets allow you to buy Dofuses etc that's fine ok I guess.  Dofus market should have been there since 1.29 or before.  It'll be annoying for Almanax but the items are cheaper in the market anyway
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bro the merchants  at almanax were like super expensive not worth
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Wow this feels huge and otherwise I am not sure if this is worth it. Like Covfefe said above it adds to the character of the game, adds another dimension to it, and as many know there is a legitimate place for merchants - keys outside of dungeons, the almanax temple, eggs and specific mages and of course bulk items.
I'm willing to give it a shot, but only if it Actually proves to be efficient against bot farming. I don't see it though, and now, with so many fewer servers, it should be a lot easier to manually kick kama seller advertisers off on a regular basis; I would guess that would be more effective.
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This is a HORRIBLE idea - The world is going to feel void of life, this is not a good solution to botting and money laundrying.

What will happen to the market maps? What will give those meaning? The charm of the Amakna market place will cease to exist.

I'm sticking with retro. assuming its staying there.
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They could have changed it so that you could only be in merchant mode on specific market map tiles (considering they added them to the new Bonta/Brak rework maps this is a surprise).
An account could only use merchant mode then a set "cool down" period of time before they could use it again.
Also add a coding restriction on prices for items eg: you could only sell an item for up to a certain % above average or top market value to stop people who use stupid priced items (like buckets of water for 3mil kamas) as a place holder in prime locations.
Along with restricting it to a certain character level and above, account achievement points on subscribed verified accounts, it would be easier to manage and weed out the bots.
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Just continue to destroy the game and watch more of your customers leave.
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