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Removal of Merchant Mode from DOFUS

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 24, 2022, 17:00:00
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I never really used the feature, even before dofus 2.0 was a thing. The market is superior in every way.
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I am happy about this change. 
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I am going to miss this future. Personally I enjoyed browsing through players shops at the village, and the merchant mode was handy in places like dimensions as individuals have already stated.
In addition, I feel it's up to players whether we purchase at a higher or lower costs based on how much we feel a game item is worth; Of course barring obvious scammers.
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ermmm... I got 2 chars/ accs, not too geared, that were subbed 1 year, just for the fun of merch mode;  not that I have had any amazing sell never ever never, but just for the fun of it; so, I am just sillingly wondering if I could get the 1 year sub passed to other chars/ accs, or some compensation for it? I don't even do almanax with them, just play the lottery machine, lol, for the amazing lot of a random firework, or a 1 k xp scroll; every time I see those accs, at log on, trust me, I aint happeh at all; 2 years of sub, wasted... is kindof a lot.... and I do bet they are many in this situation

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