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Kolo for Retro?

By Sneaki24#1028 - SUBSCRIBER - November 29, 2022, 05:44:03

Any chance they ever release Kolo for retro? I feel like it would be add a new element to the servers that would be fun

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The whole point of retro is to be frozen in time (with minor quality of life improvements) so as to forever capture the nostalgic feel of 1.29. Kolo will not be a part of retro as it was not part of 1.29.

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actually retro is getting new stuff all the time which makes me wonder if it is retro at all, it is more likely an old game which they started to update and change after a break of 10+ years, that way kolo might be possible too i guess 

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Imo there could be kolo on retro but should be without rewards

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VoidofSouls#5205|2022-11-29 13:28:55
The updates it has received are nowhere near the idea of a true content update like Kolo was for 2.0. Retro had received the completion of the original 6 Dofus to finish the game and then a few quality of life improvements. 

Please also note in previous suggestions the response from Ankama: It is meant to feel as close to 1.29 as possible so new features of 2.0 and beyond will not be added. 

Please review this previous thread (From the same OP no less...) along the same lines: Other Thread

Over here stalking my other post XD all I'm trying to do is help make the game better. I don't care what Ankama's vision for Retro was and they shouldn't care either. They should work with the community and add things that we all want to see and do. Imagine thinking you and only you knows what is best and shutting out the people's opinions who pay to play your game
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I understand you believe you are helping. Everybody who makes suggestions believes they are helping. That doesn't mean that you actually are helping. 

Ankama's vision is what matters. What you desire is irrelevant if it does not conform to the vision or plan of the company. 

As for your stalking comment, I read nearly every post of the forum and have a really good memory for what I read. Makes it easy to point out answers given previously. 

Please remember to post your suggestions on the correct area of the forum: The Suggestion Box. 

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Imagine thinking you and only you knows what is best and shutting out the people's opinions

well that actually is what you seem to think, but you might consider that other people also have opinions, not only those who work at Ankama

me personally totally dislike retro, because of the fact that it is changing and growing constantly, if it would be clean "frozen in time" i would consider trying it, but asking Ankama to kick out all the changes and stop updates because i want it, would  be rediculous ..
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