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End of exclusivity for convention ceremonial items

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - December 01, 2022, 16:00:00
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As we announced during a previous Ankama live, ceremonial items that were exclusively distributed at conventions and real-life events will now be obtainable in-game as rare drops. And this change will become effective with the upcoming 2.66 DOFUS update: The Forgelance Heritage.

We hold this topic close to our hearts, so get yourself a comfy spot, as we have a lot to say.

As you know, over the past few years, we have moved away from creating new ceremonial items and reserving them for specific situations, ultimately dropping the concept of exclusivity on DOFUS 2. We did this, as explained in the past, primarily so that nobody feels like they will never get another chance to obtain a particular ceremonial item if they could not get it the first time it was available. But this decision, which was previously focused on some marketing offers or Temporis ceremonial items, is taking a step further. Towards what we believe is a much-needed change for our DOFUS player community.
The opportunity to meet our players at conventions is always a magical experience for all of us at Ankama. Exhilaration and giddiness are not sufficient to express our excitement. Despite the long work hours on the convention floor, time evaporates; we have a fantastic time and make the most of it, exchanging with as many of you as possible.
We know some of the most coveted ceremonial items on DOFUS were distributed exclusively at Ankama conventions. These events, unfortunately, are not accessible to the great majority of our players (people are working, it is too far, or people were not able to meet the obtention criteria at the convention, etc.).
But what's worse is that some players attend our conventions as a business: they come and spend the day farming the required in-game fight to gain a ceremonial item card after each victory. There is no pleasure in it for them, nor are they bothered by the fact that they are clogging the waiting queues, making real genuine players wait that much longer for a chance to emerge themselves and enjoy the opportunity entirely.
Consequently, a black market of convention item scratch cards emerged where said items are sold for exuberant amounts. Never mind making a real-life profit on the back of the company: the most unacceptable aspect is that they make a profit (of an item that is meant to be a gift, free, from us to players) on the back of players who do not have the opportunity to come to a convention and would most definitely fully immerse themselves into the joyous experience, given a chance.
From a convention standpoint, it saddens us that, amid all that joy and fun, some people come to make money.
For players:
Those who made an effort to go to the convention at the time of an exclusive item may be disappointed to see that anyone who didn't make that same effort can get the item. Not all players who come to a convention come to redeem their expenses with code sales; it’s a small minority that do.
We don’t want those unable to attend the conventions to feel like they have no other option but to spend their hard-earned cash for a chance to own a rare collectable item.
We want everyone to have a chance to obtain these items, no matter their geographical location, time zone, or availability.
Why didn’t we do anything about this “convention-scratch-card-black-market” business before? Quite frankly, we couldn’t. Despite warning a few individuals at conventions and speaking candidly about the consequence of their actions, we were unable to develop a satisfying solution that would target only those individuals, without penalising the rest of our visitors and the community at large. As we developed our architecture and new tools, we are now in a position to do something that benefits everyone, putting an end to these shenanigans.
All DOFUS ceremonial items obtainable exclusively at Ankama conventions will now become obtainable in-game, in areas related to their convention boss or the item itself*, as of the 2.66 DOFUS update release on December 6, 2022. As we still believe they should keep their rarity, these ceremonial items will have an extremely low drop rate (obtaining a Minowang will be a piece of cake in comparison!). They will be obtainable in areas that are associated with them, respectively.
Keep in mind that the goal is not for everyone to be able to have these ceremonial items but rather that everyone has a chance to obtain them.
Here is the list of the affected equipment:
  • Yech'ti amulet
  • Cire Momore Armour
  • Enutroid
  • Shadow Helmet
  • Bearendizer's Belt
  • Skullcrasher
  • Scampiscuba Helmet
  • Shushield

This doesn't mean that we are stopping gifts during conventions, but they would be distributed as a pre-release of items that will become available in-game at a later stage.

Finally, for the black market to cease, we will deactivate the cards that were distributed during previous conventions on Tuesday, December 6, except the cards offering the Cire Momore Armour, which will remain active until January 1st, 2023.

*edit from December 02, 2022

First Ankama intervention
We have added a small clarification: the items will be available in-game in areas related to their convention boss or the item itself for items that are not linked to a convention boss.
See message in context
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list of what dropping what, and the actual droprates could be useful
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After the update you should be able to see these items in the market (even if one hasnt been sold yet, it will just have ----- under the Average price is none have been sold so far) or Encyclopedia and get Bestiary information for who drops and drop rate %
On TalKasha the Encyclopedia entries are:
  • Yech'ti amulet (showing ----- on Average price. NCFSIM)
  • Cire Momore Armour (showing ----- on Average price NCFSIM)
  • Enutroid (showing 11,960,970 K on Average price Currently 7milK in Market )
  • Shadow Helmet (showing ----- on Average price NCFSIM)
  • Bearendizer's Belt (showing ----- on Average price NCFSIM)
  • Skullcrasher (not showing on Encyclopedia yet NCFSIM)
  • Scampiscuba Helmet  (showing ----- on Average price NCFSIM)
  • Shushield (showing ----- on Average price NCFSIM)

NCFSIM = Not currently for sale in market - on TalKasha server
They should also show a Bestiary information option utilising the right-click menu

My guess would be bosses from:
  • Yech'ti amulet - Frigost, Asparah Gorge
  • Cire Momore Armour - the new area opening up, Valonia, in the next update, Cire Momore boss
  • Enutroid - Enurado
  • Shadow Helmet - Amakna, Lost Dimension
  • Bearendizer's Belt - Frigost, Mount Scauldron
  • Skullcrasher - Srambad
  • Scampiscuba Helmet - Sufokia, Abyss Rooms
  • Shushield (honestly not sure about this because there isnt really an area for Shushu's, but maybe Otomai Island)
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Will they be linked to the account which drops them? Or tradeable (if so, will existing items become tradable?)
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I'd hazard a guess and say they will be locked to character for a given period like all new items are so anywhere from 62 days to 6 months

EDIT: corrected spelling mistakes
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Great news, thank you!
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Sounds great. Now... Does anyone have a cire momore armour token they want to give me? LOL
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I don't blame the people who wanted to make money. This isn't a wonderland; it's the real world. I'm happy about the changes, however.
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its about ethics and morals. without that, society isn't civil.
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But like, don't get on that moral high ground "those bad people who tried to make money" when you're all working jobs that pay really well at ankama.
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comparing a real job that contributes to society (entertainment) over people who hoard collectables and keep them away from others... hmmm...
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We have added a small clarification: the items will be available in-game in areas related to their convention boss or the item itself for items that are not linked to a convention boss.
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How will it be after the update if you've already got these items but linked to the account? Will they be unlinked after some period of time or instantly?

[Ankama]DOFUS|2022-12-02 13:02:48
The items will be linked to the account.

Thank you for your understanding!

How about the existing items? What if when you already have got shadow helm and skullcrusher will those be tradeble or keep being linked?
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I suggest to add them in the bestiary, maybe dont write the % of drop and keep a 0% as drop rate but add them.
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