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Any short-term plan on limiting breeding bots?

By Talidomide#4137 - SUBSCRIBER - December 06, 2022, 18:54:49

Dear moderators & game developers,

(This is not a report on a specific player, so I guess that a forum post is more appropriate for what I have to say. Please correct me and eventually delete the post if I'm mistaken.)

I understand the difficulties behind contrasting bots in the game. However, any profitable game mechanic is currently being exploited by bots, and this severely impact on the game experience of honest players and on their ability to make kamas.

We all witnessed the dramatic impact that bots had on kolosseum and kolosseum-related game economics. Fortunately, your effort in limiting kolosseum bots has partially solved the problem, although the damage on kolosseum token market is far from being healed.

I believe that the new bot frontier is breeding. The cost of breeding-related items (rhineethles horns in particular) is dropping at an unprecedented rate, and there is no reasonable explanation that I can think of, apart from the possibility that bots are exploiting this mechanic. Breeding is time-consuming and requires an heavy initial kama investment for buying breeding items. It's not motivating to see that most of the profit that can derive from breeding is lost because of bots. Please do something! As much as we enjoy your focus on creating new contents, my personal opinion is that the game-experience on current contents is being ruined by bots, and it's clear that your actual strategies are not enough in contrasting them. 

A frustrated player

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breeding bots are not new, alredy few years have passed since bots took over!!!!

and ofc no one talks about it or even wants to consider that there is a problem, thank you for pointing it out!!!

Ankama changed already the breeding items recepies few times, took out the breeding items out of the public paddocs, all that happend at an extremly high cost for "human" user who liked to breed... and no change at all, most of us just quit breeding because it is pointless to compeet against machines... breeding items cost more (does not metter if kamas to buy or time to craft) that you can ever sell the products for, and frustrated other breeder are cutting the price too all the time ofc, which makes it even worse

 just an example: rhineethle horns without bots were about 150 kk each on Echo and dropped down to 50 kk and less after bots took over

as a human you can never ever have some win in the breeding game as long as bots are active, you can maybe manage to get your archievs done with some help from friends but that´s it sadly

the change from 250 stable spots on each char to 250 on an account was the dead end finally, was ment to hurt bots..but ruined breeding for ever for humans

all the changes Ankama made so far with breeding did not affect bots at all, it just hurt, frustrated and ruined breeding for humans!! it is very sad that Ankama does not care about it at all, they just make it worse and worse with every change they make and bots continue to spread nevertheless

and i am just talking of Echo/Tal Kasha Server, on a single acc server it must be much worse for you sad

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Maybe due to the server merge and there is just an excess of resources. People might have stocked up on items and waited for the merge to sell and potentially profit. Maybe many people had the same idea so then the price tanked.

You also have to realize there is currently a huge deflation of kamas in the game right now. Dofus eggs worth millions being tax'd in the market place leads to millions if not billions of kamas leaving the game a day, and now merchant mode is gone. Merchant mode being gone will further get rid of gold, as more people are likely to use the marketplace rather than trading directly to a player.

So yes, bots might be the issue, it might simply be economics at work, with people having excess materials and dumping, or deflation, meaning your kamas are worth more due to there being less in the game (Thus things will be "cheaper").

It might not also be bots. It might be people abusing things such as auto hot key/multi boxing, where people can control multiple accounts and do the same action on all of them at once. Very illegal practice, do not do this. But I have seen some people talk about this so there might be real input, but multiplied due to this method.

All in all ankama tries, I wouldn't say they don't try. Bots need to be dealt with and hopefully when Unity comes out more systems can be put in place such as a better moderation team/UI.

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i really don´t like that people without a clue are making stupid assumptions and cause missbelive for those who have a real problem.... you have to realise following: 

as an exessive breeder of 14 years i have seen all the above mentioned and i have contact with other breeders, i follow the changes and that is why i know it is not the above mentioned but the bots ruining breeding for several years already (not since the merge) and ankama ofc also by trying to get rid of the bots is ruining breeding for normal people too or even more, you have to realise those are hard facts, not maybe´s

 in the end after few updates it is much more expensive to craft or buy items, breeding items are less effective then before so you craft the same stuff but you can only use it half as good as before, and you need overall double the time for each breeding animal because they are faster tired due to the downgraded breeding items, so basicly you have to double or tripple the time needed

bots have all the time in the world and can be reprogrammed, they can sell cheaper without hasitation, people go bunkrupt if they do the same, or - worst case  - quit dofus because they are exhausated and have no income left

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can not reply on reply:
i am not blaming Ankama for trying to stop bots, of course not, but they are doing more harm then helping and ruined breeding over the years for all of us who loved to breed with those anti-bot-strategies

it has been said that bots should not be able to pass into the game so easily like now  once Dofus is on Unity, i also hope that it is true and helps us on all bot fronts

but as usual those who buy kamas illegally are bringing bots to the game, that is also a hard fact, but due to those changes  over the years, many people feel pushed to buy kamas because they can not make money in game anymore, it is a stupid cycle that we are all trapped in

the unknown destination potion is used by many yes.. but i never understood why,  it involves so much teleportation back and forth..  since the first Frigost update i use a paddock outside there, it is easy and chill, i can only recommand it to everyone to get one there or put an alt into a guild with one of those, now the area bonus is stable over the weeks it really is the best way for leveling

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I have to agree that this is not a server merge economic issue. Breeding is a vast system that allows people to generate consumables, resources, and the mounts themselves. It is very difficult for normal players to establish the necessary infrastructure to begin breeding, not only from upfront costs (breeding items, private paddocks if you're industrious) but also from the lengthy time gates built into the gestation and birth periods.

Bots, however, have infinite starting funds and limitless patience. They're able to run advanced operations in public paddocks at scales unimaginable to normal players. They can systematically undercut others in the market at a rate humans can't compete with, as in the manual price changing to stay on top at all times. And, as stated above, changes to the breeding system make it harder for players to build their empires while bots are not at all impacted by the changes.

Breeding is integral to the game economy, and messing with the system will have unintended consequences.

Potential solutions have flaws:
1. Ban the bots? If they could, we wouldn't be here.
2. Place weekly limits on all of the certificate exchanges to prevent excessive generation of the resources. While this seems reasonable at a glance, will it stop bots? Probably not.
3. Kill the certificate exchanges entirely and make the resources available by another method. This will certainly stop the breeding bots. This would also be wildly unpopular and a lot of whales would quit, which is bad for the books. 

Basically Ankama needs to do option 1, but if they could they would have done it already. All other courses of action will harm players directly, and make us feel negatively about the hundreds of hours of time invested.

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