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Thoughts on resource collector dynamic levels?

By MidnightSparkle#3453 - SUBSCRIBER - December 07, 2022, 08:16:37

Resources collectors (the rare fights you sometimes get from resources) have been changed to scale with level, all the way to level 200 and have a whopping 4000 hp. This is a pretty huge change in Dofus honestly. A lot of people have been talking about it in-game, mostly being shocked at what they are witnessing. 

The reason for this change is likely to be due to the idol change this year, where now if, for example, you are a level 200 player and vs a level 50 monster, the idols will barely impact your drop rate, similar to how it barely improved your experience rate. This led to players showing concerns over the fact their level 200 characters now have less of a chance to get an aspen sap from a resource collector, due to the resource collector being level 50. 

So now they scale to 200, but Ankama made their damage a lot higher along with their hitpoints. So I am not sure how players feel about this. Was this scaling hp/damage added to make it challenging and perhaps "feel" more rewarding? Was it to combat bots? Really curious, as I always thought that if they were to fix this issue, they would just make the collector scale in level, but still have low hit points/damage.

I am not sure about how much damage they deal, or if they have new abilities, but they seem to hurt a lot if I've seen everyone talk about how they are getting destroyed in these fights. Not sure if you are able to use traditional mega boost idols on them or even prospecting gear on them anymore. Also extra, some people died on the epic server due to this and them not reading the patch notes, rip them I guess.

So yeah! Tell me your thoughts! Would love to see what players think of this change!

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  • "The Miner, Fisherman, Farmer, and Lumberjack resource protectors have been revised. Now they all have three common spells and an evolvable level up to level 200. Among other things, this will give a level 200 character an equal chance of getting a rare resource as combat loot."

If Ankama made the levels scalable but not the damage these resource protectors made then its pretty pointless making them scalable, especially if they have made this change to also help combat bots. 
It also may be to prevent players attempting to speed level a profession too far above their own character level. 
Ankama havent said anything about if idols affect prospecting just what they said (in bold) above.


I personally have only stumbled across a level 180 resource protector for Ashenstone and although it did hit in the mid range it only took 7 turns to defeat with an end loss of approx 1/quarter of my HP. And that is with my character not having complete end game gear or any idols on. 

I'm not sure anymore if Dofus is still like it used to be (before 2.0 and Wakfu) where your highest profession level obtainable at a given time is restricted to a certain amount above your character level (the grind for some of these profs is bad enough the first few times) but it keeps the lower level players out of the higher level areas who are there solely to poach higher level resources (especially with mining).

But I guess it will be down to each player to deal with these fights how they see fit - if theyre trying for the bonuses (like the saps) then give the idols a go but know that these arent a walk in the park that can be done with your eyes closed anymore; you'll have to concentrate and treat these fights the same way as any other fights in a given area.
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As much as I enjoy seeing this change It kind of ruins the running 620 prospecting set with the ~450 or whatever idol score. Trying to find a happy balance currently that still allows damage output and retaining some prospecting. Idols are pretty much out of the question in my opinion. I tried MP only idols and ones that did not boost damage but could never reach it. (wish I was a cra). Playing this as sadida so my chance spells are fairly limited having tear and mangrove as my longest range attacks using a chance prospecting set. This is all I have to say because it is the only thing that effects me. I agree with what others have to say as far as the whole level progression matching profession.

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While I can kill these new protectors in my regular int set without idols (idol sets are a no-go as it is now), it's a pretty long fight which seems overly troublesome for one bag of resources. Especially if we are talking about minor resources like wheat, barley, or oats for instance. While I can easily harvest 50 of these outside of the fight (my gathers are level 200), in the protector battle I can only get one bag of 50 after a tedious battle and I likely have to heal myself afterward. Hitting a protector seems more like a punishment than a reward now.

If I were a ranged character, this probably wouldn't feel so bad, but my stronger skills can't reach the protector since he's always running away. Also, if I stop attacking for some turns to heal myself, the protector also heals itself while hitting me, so the fight rages on even longer. I wouldn't mind so much if the protector had less mp so I could close combat reach it or if it gave a better reward worth the time and extra health that it costs me to fight it.

Another thing I'm concerned about is that I am super paranoid and afraid this will be the undoing of my character on Shadow, because it's the Epic Server and death there is permanent. (I've been slaughtered several times on the regular servers already because I like to gather while I hunt mobs and I forget to take off my idols.) Would be nice if protectors didn't equal permanent death on Shadow, until then I'll be avoiding idols like the plague. I'm just happy I learned about the super-buffed protectors while on a regular server, because if I found out about them the hard way on Shadow, I would have been so bummed that all my hard work was for nothing over a simple profession. My heart goes out to any Epic Server peoples who lost their characters to this update.

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Multiple people on Shadow (the perma-death server) have already lost their profession characters thanks to this update :v

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Yea I right dont like this update as well, gathering is more time consumsing right now.

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