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By KZoli#1018 - SUBSCRIBER - December 13, 2022, 21:07:23
Dear Developers,
I really don't like what you have done to the resource protectors!
I think it is nonsense that a Bewitched Aspen has 4000 hp and I can not beat it with chance set and the idols I used before the update. I think it's a difficult question what to do with the prospecting/chance/idol question regarding the resource protectors, but this is not the solution for this question. Please, try to find other solution!
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They nerfed them this patch so if you haven't, try them out again! At least I believe they nerfed them. The change log is only on the french forums sadly, so you'd have to check there.
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Wasn`t nerfed. I have 70lvl protectors hitting 100hp per turn, with 600-800hp against me with 50lvl…
So almost impossible to beat em, with most classes...
Only if you have top-gear, high resists etc...

So far as protector heals itself with each hit, its summary health points, i should hit is over 1600...
Very imbalanced IMO
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people are angry at Ankama because they can not use bot tactics anymore?  i pretty much guess those are the same people who usually cry about the bots and that Ankama is doing nothing against it, now we can see that they do something, the fact that you don´t like the outcome is another story biggrin

i totally like the new resource protectors, thanks Ankama!  i farm with equipped chars and am not greedy for the rare stuff, also i think the changes are good for beginners to lvl up the character while lvling the profession, win/win for those who love to play and are not only here to make kamas/money
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Some of us don't have multiple characters to use. I have myself and a sidekick.

My main is omega 104 with over 4.5k hp and no matter how many trees or dolls I put out I get my arris kicked.

So please tell me how many other games punish the whole player base to try to stop botting? Because that's exactly what's happening right now.
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Imo the resource protector change wasn't really needed. Yes, it makes it harder for bots to kill them, but the botters will adapt and equip all their bots with better gear. They have the money and the time to do so.

This change hurts newer or undergeared players more than anything. It probably would have been better to wait Unity arrives and implement a proper bot detecting system. This is because Dofus still runs on flash, and since flash is ancient, the system that is used with it is probably just as old and bad.
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I agree with most of your points but honestly, the game is old as you said. Most of the player base are veterans that still play/coming back to the game or helping a friend get into the game. This change does hurt botters a lot and I would love if they made them even tougher, but drop more rewarding/rare resources, sorta like mini-bosses. smile
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My Om75 Sadi ran into one - 5000HP and hit like a truck. It took 1/3 my HP. That is sick. 

There is no easy way around this problem (bot farming), but a start would be to match the protector to the level of the player minus his equipment and then add +15% to make it interesting. Yeah, that will allow the bots to continue to operate, but we can't be punishing new players just trying to make XP and kama. Maybe match to the player's HP rather than level and add 15%? That might deter the bots, but I doubt it. 

Hard times...
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I am still able to do the resource protectors while doing a challenge like zombie in my full prospecting set. This set has about 2700 hp and 1100 chance, I  actually prefer the protectors like this as the rare drops now scale to level and the protectors pose a bit more fun. 

It might be an unpopular opinion but that's my thought on the matter
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I find it hard to believe you, sorry.

I have tried everywhere and I don't get anywhere near killing one. My build is strength with 870 points in it and over 4.5k hit points.

I can easily take 1500 points per turn from it but it takes as much or more from me and it heals making it impossible for me to kill.

Maybe it's a class issue as another poster at Om70 is having the same problem. But for now my collecting of resources is over until I figure it out.
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I'm on Tal Kasha, we'll sort a time out, thanks.
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Great, what's your in-game name? then we can discuss it in-game further smile
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Off topic question: does pp and idols improve farming professions??
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It improves the odds at which resource protectors drop their rare resources. As for just regular farming, the number of resources from say a tree stays the same
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