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Breeding Attribute Inconsistency

By bieber-blast#8825 - SUBSCRIBER - January 14, 2023, 03:27:47
Okay so I've been breeding Seemyools for a while and I've been using breeding items that currently have 150 effectiveness. So according to the wiki, mounts gain less of a specific attribute the more tired they are, however after doing multiple tests I've come to understand that to be false.

I put two mounts into a breeding pen utilizing the same breeding items, the Indigo having more tiredness while the Crimson had less and the results were that the Seemyool that was more tired would gain more maturity than the one with less  tiredness. 
Indigo Stats:
Indigo Gain:
Crimson Stats:
Crimson Gain:

So now I'm wondering how this stuff is actually calculated. Also for those that believe that the level of which the bottom bar is closest to the given trait that you want to improve effects how much stats you get, the image also shows that to be false. The Seemyool further away from 0 still gained more maturity than the one which was closer.

Any help on this? Kind of feel like the way that the stat gain works is just random at this point, and if it's not I really want to optimize it. 

Just an edit for addition, how in the world is this seemyool getting love while its in the middle?
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"So according to the wiki, mounts gain less of a specific attribute the more tired they are" this is wrong, it's the opposite. Higher tiredness means each item activation gives more. This relationship is true regardless of the breeding item's effectiveness value, but of course higher effectiveness means higher gains throughout the process.

As for the Seemyool gaining love, that's because its serenity is positive. What matters is whether your serenity is simply a positive number to gain love, or a negative number to gain stamina. Being within the balanced range is only relevant to being able to increase maturity.

If you were moving serenity to over +/- 2000 every time, you do not have to do that!!!
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You are a gift to man kind thank you for that explanation! Just curious though, there are times where even if my mount is not at all tired it will gain a ridiculous amount of attribute points per interaction (Highest I've seen is 303). Is there any reason why some mounts gain more than others?
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The little lines for each section *Lightning Bolt/Stamina, *Water Droplet/Maturity, *Heart/Love is a guide for how the Balance bar works for each state, mounts gain better if you have the Balance sitting in each section:~

Lightning/Stamina: To raise Stamina, Balance must be in negative between -10,000 to -1. So it can gain Stamina from -1 in the *Water Droplet area of the Balance Bar, but optimal would be -2,000 or less in the *Lightning Bolt area.

Water Droplet/Maturity: To raise Maturity, Balance must be between -2,000 to +2,000 in the *Water Droplet area, but optimal is as close to 0 as you can get.

Heart/Love: To raise Love, Balance must be positive between +1 to +10,000
So it can gain Love from +1 in the *Water Droplet area of the Balance bar, but optimal would be +2,000 or more in the *Heart area.
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