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What's your favorite dungeon(s)?

By MidnightSparkle#3453 - SUBSCRIBER - January 17, 2023, 06:46:16
Wondering what everyones favorite dungeon is. It can be for whatever reason, simply because you enjoy it, the mechanics, replayability... anything!

I'll start with my 2 favorite dungeons.

Queen of Thieves (Dark court throne) -

I just did this dungeon today, but wow it was super enjoyable. It was just like one of my childhood games, bomberman, with it's bomb mechanic. It was also very friendly, with the ability to control where the bombs will go, the ability to push the bombs, and the fun heal bomb that you can get as well. It was also super cool that the bombs can damage the mobs as well, which helps deal damage if you are playing a class that doesn't deal that much damage, undergeared, or playing a tank. Makes it less demanding for the requirements which is always a plus, as long as you play smart!

I also liked that you could kill the boss 1st, it didn't require to do something weird to break invulnerability. It was just simple, fun, and very clear what to do (such as the indicator on which bomb will explode next). Definitely my favorite dimension dungeon (I hate catseye...).

Bethel (Bethel Tower) : 

This dungeon was also super fun. You are encouraged to run in there instead of playing a game of hide and push, or else the mobs get buffed, which was super fun/different compared to the usual gameplay of pushing mobs away. I also personally enjoy the mechanic of putting the debuff on an enemy to fully kill them. You don't have to worry about it after applying it, so it feels good gameplay wise to go "ahhh, finished that mob, now I can kill it next turn or my allies can!". I just liked the running in and getting in there dirty concept. The pillar was also cool, as you can debuff it as a tank (eni for example) and allow your damage dealer(s) to deal damage to it to kill it, and get the pet out. The pet though... Oh god that pet is funny and doesn't listen, but it's more humorous than frustrating, as the boss alone isn't frustrating at that point.

So that's it for me. Definitely my favorite 2 dungeons. There are plenty of other dungeons I enjoy, such as War (throne of blood), but these 2 are my favorite all around. 

Tell me yours! Would love to hear!

Edit: I just did solar dungeon and it's similar to bethel's tower so I liked that one as well. It's more of a stay away though while tank stays. It isn't that hard.
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Gonna sound pretty corny and its a low level dung but its gotta be the Gobball dungeon.
I saw an advert in a UK Anime, Manga and gaming magazine called Neo so gave it a go an instantly fell in love with the Gobballs in Incarnam.

I played around F2P and on the Miniclips version for a few months on and off, made this account in 2007, subbed for the first time in the September that year and still here 16 years later. 

My kids have grown up knowing Ive always been "obsessed" with Dofus (and partially Wakfu) and have even joined me playing, even got my eldest son to get his friends and later his fiance to play too! 
I tell people about the game and a few have tried it for themselves, I even persuaded a local gaming cafe to stock some of Ankama's board games, which have been pretty popular (free advertisement for ya Ankama wink )
I may not always like the game and changes are hard but I'll be eternally grateful for Ankama giving me a "place to escape to" when I was at my darkest.
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That is a very lovely story, especially the gaming cafe part. If it were to be dungeons for memories, for me, it'd be the wabbit warren. That dungeon is just so cute.
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