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DOFUS Retro: End of the 32-Bit Client

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 18, 2023, 16:00:00
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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve DOFUS Retro, we will soon discontinue the 32-bit version of the "Modern" client.

Ever since DOFUS Retro was created in 2019, all "Modern" versions have been 64-bit only across all operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

In 2021, we disabled access to the Boune single-account server with our "Legacy" client. Shortly after that, several Windows players told us they couldn't play anymore because the 64-bit "Modern" version simply wouldn't launch on their computers. To make it easier to access the game, we were able to technically deploy a 32-bit "Modern" version for Windows just to help such players keep playing with their existing setups.

However, it is no longer desirable for us to retain this technical choice for game security reasons, and we must make certain choices in an effort to provide the best possible gaming experience for all players. So, after maintenance on Wednesday, January 25, the "Modern" version of the DOFUS Retro client will again require a 64-bit operating system for it to work.

Will I be affected?

Most of you probably won't be. You will be affected if the following two conditions apply to you:

  • you are running Windows
  • and you are using a 32-bit version (32-bit Windows 7/8/10).

What can I do if I'm affected?

  • Use the "Legacy" client as long as it is maintained; however, you can't log into single-account-only servers, and you must be willing to forgo some features like the new 16:9 chat interface and background notifications.
  • Install a 64-bit version of Windows; you can only do this if your processor is recent enough, but the vast majority of processors manufactured since 2007 are compatible with 64-bit instructions.
    If you can't do this because you have a 32-bit processor, unfortunately, you will have to use another computer.
    If, when running 64-bit Windows, your computer has driver issues or requires too much memory compared to the 32-bit version, you can try using an open-source operating system like Ubuntu (64-bit version only) before you throw your computer out of the nearest window. Be careful, as this option requires technical know-how and may be risky.
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