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From Incarnations to Sidekicks

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 06, 2023, 10:00:00
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In this first quarter of 2023, we're continuing towards our goal of modernizing the various gameplay systems that are most problematic or otherwise showing their age. After guilds, temporal anomalies, common spells and alliances (coming soon!), incarnations will be the next system to get a thorough makeover. But many of you are wondering: Why change incarnations at all? What will they look like in the future? How will players obtain them? How will you get help to beat difficult quest fights after the change? We've heard all of these questions and more since the announcement, and in this post, we'll do our best to answer them. So here we go!

Wait… what's an "incarnation" again?

Let's start with a reminder of what incarnations actually are. In the game, there are certain special weapons that enable any player character (no matter what their class) to change into an incarnation. The character then takes on the incarnation's appearance and list of spells while retaining their own characteristics (so if the character has 200 Chance, they'll also have 200 Chance as an incarnation). The experience gained at the end of each fight contributes not to the character's progress, but to the progress of the incarnation itself, up to level 50.

The first incarnation made its appearance in March 2008 through a scratch card that allowed players to obtain one of five Knight incarnations. Later, a number of other incarnations were also added to the game (Goboff, Haku, Plunder, etc.). These incarnations could be obtained in different ways (quests, purchase in the shop, scratch cards, etc.). The last incarnation to be added to the game was Rint the Goblimp, as part of the Kwismas Island revamp at the end of 2011. In total, 39 incarnations were created and are still playable today, even though most of them can only be obtained by purchase/resale.

So why get rid of incarnations?

Besides our goal of modernizing the various gameplay systems, there are a number of reasons why we've decided to retire the incarnations system:

  • First of all, as we explained earlier, many incarnations are no longer available except through purchase/resale (trades or marketplaces). With some of them going for truly exorbitant prices (up to tens of millions of kamas in certain cases), they can only be played by a small minority, which deprives a large segment of our players of the fun of playing with them. In addition, the availability of these incarnations can vary widely from one server to the next.
  • The logic and gameplay mechanics of fights back in 2011 were different than they are today (e.g. attacks with multiple lines of damage, AP costs, number of targets, and so on). As a result, most of these incarnations are completely imbalanced, either too weak or far too strong depending on the specific case.
  • In certain specific contexts, incarnations make it harder for us to balance the in-game content (such as quest fights).
  • The fact that an incarnation allows you to "incarnate" or embody an entity with a different class than the player's character goes against the principle of an RPG, which is to develop and improve the same character over the course of your adventures. This contradiction is further accentuated by the fact that the experience earned is attributed to the incarnation and not to the character.
  • Compared to sidekicks, incarnations are much less visible and not highlighted to nearly the same extent (no slot in the character's equipment and no dedicated interface). As a result, many players are barely aware of this part of the game, if at all, since the relevant information is only available in the forum or on third-party sites. At this point, incarnations add an extra layer of complexity to the game, especially for new players, that we don't believe is necessary in light of the rich variety of systems we've incorporated over the years.

For all of these reasons, we're no longer satisfied with this feature of the game. This is why no new incarnations have been added for over 10 years. The incarnations that are still in circulation are relics of the past, impossible to obtain by the original methods, and are therefore rare (and expensive, if you can find them on your server at all).

How are we going to proceed for this change?

The various incarnations that currently exist are an important part of Dofus history, which is why we're not going to get rid of them completely. As part of Temporis 6, "Revenge of the Scrollsayers", we introduced some new sidekicks – a change that was very well-received. Inspired by that result, we've decided to convert all of the existing incarnations into sidekicks. As mentioned earlier, the sidekicks system is more firmly anchored in the current structure of the game, more versatile and more functional. This will allow us to bring a breath of fresh air to these old incarnations, but also to the system itself. After all, the number of current sidekicks is relatively small, and few of them can be obtained directly in-game. A lot of work and adjustments have gone into making this transition a success:

  • 13 sidekicks are currently present in the game (Skale, Trank, Beelzebug, Krobax, Lumino and Lumino Star, Shadow, Astrub Knight, Krosmoglob, Kamus Rex, Spectral Scout, Toxine and Archiduk). Converting the incarnations brings this total to 52. We've made a point of developing each of their characteristics to make their gameplay unique and provide players with a real choice in how to use them. In addition, we've done as much as possible to preserve the basic gameplay of the original incarnations.
  • Globally, we've standardized, normalized and balanced the sidekicks' spells, whether they're converted incarnations or traditional sidekicks. In their previous form, incarnations had a variable number of spells (some had 6, others had 21…). We had to make certain choices, make changes to old spells, create new ones and eliminate others to arrive at a coherent overall system. Going forward, all new sidekicks will have 6 spells, each of which will have ranks that unlock at levels 30, 100 and 160. Sidekicks will therefore have increasing power as they progress to higher levels. As for the sidekicks' characteristics, they will always follow a linear progression based on the level of the player character who's using the sidekick. In general, compared to the current set of existing sidekicks, the new sidekicks will be slightly weaker at lower levels and slightly stronger at higher levels.
  • New methods have also been defined for obtaining these 39 sidekicks. Our goal here was twofold. On the one hand, we wanted to have sidekicks who can be obtained through all of the different systems in the game: achievement points, quests, end-of-fight loot, temporal anomalies, professions and purchases from NPCs (with almokens, kolossokens, nuggets and roses of the sands). And on the other hand, we wanted to have new objectives that players could follow throughout their progression (from level 30 to 200). Therefore, all of the new sidekicks will be obtainable in-game by everyone with no restrictions (including the Manitou Zoth) – except for the sidekicks currently sold through the shop on the DOFUS website, which will continue to be exclusive to the shop.
  • With all of these new sidekicks now available, the option of using temporary sidekicks no longer seemed important to keep. The temporary sidekicks (ethereal signals) that could be obtained each week from the Fraternica NPC have therefore been removed.
  • A new location will be appearing in the south of Amakna Village (0,6): the Sidekick Inn. There you'll find all the sidekicks you obtain along the way… and more! We don't want to spoil the surprise, so we'll let you discover what awaits you at the Inn.
  • Finally, all of these sidekicks, both old and new, have been given a makeover!  That means new illustrations for the sidekicks interface, new visuals in combat (whether in creature mode or not), new spell animations, new signals and new spell icons.

How about some examples?

There's nothing like a few examples to make things more concrete. Here are 3 of the new sidekicks that will soon be arriving in-game.


As an incarnation, Haku had 6 spells (Compartmentalisation, Monomania, Coast Play, Idolatry, Nerf Plox and Haku's Staff).


  • A new identity has been created for this sidekick, associated with the Earth and Air paths.
  • Hegemony: Steals HP in the Earth element.
  • Domination: Inflicts Air damage. Increases enemies' damage suffered in a 2-cell area of effect around the target.
  • Omnipresence: Inflicts Air and Earth damage. On the targeted enemy for 2 turns:
    • Causes Air damage when they take close-combat damage.
    • Causes Earth damage when they take ranged damage.
    • Damage in each element can be triggered a maximum of 3 times per turn.
  • Arbitration: Inflicts Air and Earth damage in an area of effect around the caster.
  • Rolistic: For 1 turn, if the target receives damage, inflicts Air and Earth damage on adjacent enemies.
  • Ubiquity: Switches places with the target and increases damage suffered on the first attack by enemies in an area of effect.

Darkness Knight

The incarnation had 6 spells (Cruel Devastation, Cruel Shot, Saverne's Blow, Infamy, The Vile Age and Darkness's Tormentator).
  • A new identity has been created for this sidekick, associated with the Neutral path.
  • Dark Buckshot: Inflicts Neutral damage in an area of effect.
  • Dark Healing: Steals Neutral health.
  • Infaminous: Applies an end-of-turn Neutral poison on the target.
  • Carnage: Inflicts Neutral damage and removes Power.
  • Obscuration: Switches places with the target. If the target is an ally, increases their Power. If it's an enemy, reduces their Power.
  • Saverne's Blow: Immediately increases allies' Power, and reduces enemies' Power on the following turn.

Riktus Enchantress

This is the new version of the Sorcerer Bandit.
The incarnation had 21 spells (Magmanic Meteorite, Frozen Meteorite, Solid Meteorite, Gaseous Meteorite, Fiery Lighting Bolt, Watery Lighting Bolt, Mineral Lightning Bolt, Burning Vitality, Frozen Vitality, Stony Vitality, Wind Vitality, Loafylactic, Demystification, Adrenaline, Dizziness, Scar, Not the Face, Staff of the Sorcerer, Rattle On In, and Sorcerer Bandit's Staff).


  • Some of the incarnation's spells have been kept to make up the arsenal of a sidekick specializing in support/neutral damage.
  • Healing: Heals the targeted ally at start of each turn.
  • Adrenaline: Increases allies' AP in an area of effect.
  • Demystification: Reduces the duration of effects on the target and erodes it.
  • Conjuring: Removes AP and MP.
  • Enchanted Glyph: Places a glyph-aura that inflicts Neutral damage in an area of effect.
  • Wicked Elixir: Inflicts Neutral damage and removes Power.

You'll find all the different sidekicks in the March 2023 beta, where you can check out all their spells and gameplay specificities.

So what happens to my incarnation?

For those who already have an incarnation, will all the time and kamas you've invested be for naught? Here's what's going to happen: when the update is released, all incarnation weapons present in players' inventories, banks, etc. will be transformed into consumables. Each consumable will have the same icon as the incarnation weapon, and will be labeled with the name of the incarnation + "… Relic". When the player consumes this relic, they will obtain:

  • The signal for the sidekick corresponding to the lost incarnation
  • A ceremonial weapon with a similar visual design as the associated incarnation weapon. Except for the six incarnations which could still be obtained in-game (quests or Kwismas gifts), the ceremonial weapons obtained in this way will be exclusive. Like the old incarnations, the ceremonial weapons will be tradeable after being linked to the account for 62 days.

Note that the incarnation weapon will automatically be converted to a relic at the time of the update. To obtain the relic, you will therefore need to have the weapon in your possession (in your inventory or in the bank, for example) at the time of the update. So watch out for any incarnations you may have loaned out.

Before getting into some additional details that will interest the more hardcore collectors among you, we need to distinguish three concepts. In addition to the relics, which will only affect those who had an incarnation before the update, it will be important to distinguish "sidekick signals" and "sidekick signal carriers".

A sidekick signal is an item which:

  • allows you to equip the associated sidekick
  • can be traded (after being linked to the account for a period of 62 days)
  • can be bought and sold at marketplaces

A sidekick signal carrier is an item which:

  • is consumable
  • allows you to obtain the associated sidekick signal with the new acquisition method
  • cannot be traded (quest item)

Now let's talk about the conditions needed to make your collection of sidekick NPCs appear at the dedicated Inn.

  • Obtaining a sidekick signal through a marketplace or trade will not unlock the sidekick NPC.
  • The NPC appears after you have used a relic or sidekick signal carrier for the associated sidekick.
  • Once the conditions for the NPC's appearance have been met, it will not disappear; you won't need to have the sidekick signal in your inventory. However, an exception is made for sidekicks obtained through the shop, since they have not undergone any change with regard to how they are obtained.

What about quests? Some fights are really just too hard…

After we announced that incarnations were going to be eliminated, there were a lot of comments and concerns about certain quest fights. And indeed, incarnations in their current form are frequently or even mainly used by players as an "auto-win" strategy to beat a quest fight that they can't manage to get through with their own character.

While we consider this approach to be abusive, we're aware of this problem and are listening to the community's feedback on the subject. This is why, in parallel to the removal of incarnations, we've taken a number of steps to rebalance quest fights so that incarnations don't seem so essential to beating them. All of the changes to the quest fights will be detailed in the changelog for the update.

If certain quests still seem too difficult or even impossible, feel free to report them to us during the beta. We'll look attentively at your feedback for each fight.

In conclusion

Our goal has been and remains to move forward with new DOFUS content while also taking existing systems into account. Incarnations are a part of DOFUS history. With this update, we hope to bring them into the modern era and make them accessible to as many players as possible. We've shared our reasons for the change with you, and we hope we've got you interested in testing how the new system works. You can check out all the new sidekicks in the beta for the March update. For this update, the beta will last for three weeks, and all sidekick signals will be available for purchase from the "Best-a-Tester" NPC.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to PyroDub


With the new incarnations system, the experience points will be going to the character instead of the incarnations after fights. I don't think there is a way to prevent progression on a character with this change, but I'll investigate and look for information about this so I can come back to you with a clearer answer!

Thank you for your patience.
See message in context
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Most of the reasoning for this change doesn't really seem to justify all this but I can understand wanting to streamline a couple of the game systems together, and it is admittedly a good fit. I'm looking forward to filling the inn up with sidekicks. It could be neat if they grant minor temporary blessings- maybe even make the related to the quest fights.
Wishful thinking? Probably. How epic would that be though, and narratively it would be interesting, there being some sidekick/companion you encountered through a quest who can later give you a little hand with a rough quest fight you're having.
Checking out the beta for sure.
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Score : 565
Yay! Snark!
Your guess is more likely to be expected than what I thought. That they will give us their costumes...
Or maybe Ankama did this trick of surprize to make us post our guesses and then take one of the guesses and make it into game???
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Score : -1417
Overall I really good update with a lot of work and love put into it for sure. Graphically updating all these models with animations and new icons and illustrations. It's so charming seeing the updated illustrations and seeing these old dofus era models updated a tad while still looking  a lot like their old selves.

Even just those 3 incarnations seems incredibly powerful, and some of which I hope the eni rework has. The concept of putting a debuff on the target and each hit applies an effect is what I want in the eni rework, for sure. And debuff + erode... o man.. Ap AoE... 

Overall, these seem incredibly strong, and should help those solo or even duo players progress that struggle to find people to play with, or simply want to play solo or with their duo partner. The current roaster for sidekicks isn't that strong, with the strongest for me being corvo signal (kemus rex). So much healing. I might use these though as they seem a lot stronger... Poor kemus rex...

The quest fight rebalancing... You guys have been silent for quite a while, just saying "we always hear feedback". This sudden "we are changing a ton of fights due to the rebalancing of incarnations" is pretty big. I personally never used an incarnation, so I hope that some fights are getting adjusted not for the sake of incarnations, but perhaps the fight was a bit too hard in general. I will definitely be curious to see what changes, but as a hupper and eni duo, we haven't had any roadblocks, but some fights did require a specific strategy or hours of work. If I went back and did them though, I could definitely do the fight fast. 

I just hope that some problematic quest fights that can be demoralizing are adjusted a bit, as I do read posts a lot and it's always sad to hear when someone is stuck on something early on in Dofus.

Oh, and I think it was a good call making a cosmetic item for the relics. It's interesting, as perhaps it is still exclusive, but not really as you can get it, just it will cost a lot. I think this respects people who held onto them without feeling bad about losing millions and perhaps quitting the game. So good call, they likely won't lose any, it's a rare.

Just want to add I also never used an incarnation, as I think there is always a way to beat a fight, whether it's a gear or strategy change. But the thing is, when you are a lower level or new player, you don't have the luxery of being able to afford a new set worth 10's of millions of kamas. So again, I just hope that is adjusted so people don't think this game is some pay to win game (spend kamas or grind for hours). Some grinding should be required, but when you have 1 or 2 full sets and can't progress, it feels bad. I do think items like Dreggon helmet and rolling pin are extremely useful for hard hitting quest fights while being cheap.

0 -6
Score : 143
so you are going to completely ruin how awesome the tormentator knights look? this example compared to how it looks now is just appaling, quite honestly. is unity just going to be a giant detail nerf? you keep removing the small details and making the sprites just. real cartoony and lessdetailed, which is weird because yall seem to REALLY love your artwork and attention to artisic detail.

and we all know you're doing this solely because they were making the, way harder than they should be, quest fights easier. i sincerely hope yall look into the quest fights these have been used in and change them, because they shouldnt require the incarnation cheese.
8 0
Score : -1417
Sometimes, too many details creates too much noise. You should look at videos regarding the topic. Some of the most memorable and recognizable characters don't have too much going on. They have a focus, and the rest have very few details to not distract from the core character.  Games like team fortress 2 followed this rule and they are some of the most recognizable characters in video game history due to this.

Incarnation tree is definitely not needed. Like I said in my previous post, you can just use dreggon helmet/mace if you need some res and give up some MP. Did plenty of quest fights with 11-5 or 11-4 just to get easy % res. Fugitive hammer makes fights in vulbis, such as the 4 dreggon babies, very easy (go into a corner so only 2 can attack you, put on a dreggon helmet). 

People even think slobberpuss is impossible, when it can be done on eni with only 1500-2000 damage a turn. You just need to be 7 distance apart from pandora and yourself and slobberpuss never actually goes melee (cac) of you. These things aren't talked about in mass, and instead people complain on the forums instead. Look for solutions instead of saying it's a problem, imo.
0 -10
Score : 49
I wish Ankama would have included an xp potion, it took so much work to level up each incantation to level 50 and that feels wasted.  
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Score : 197
nerf sadi
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Score : 2736

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

 And indeed, incarnations in their current form are frequently or even mainly used by players as an "auto-win" strategy to beat a quest fight that they can't manage to get through with their own character.While we consider this approach to be abusive...
No, no and no. We didn't opt for incarnations as a way to "auto-win" our way to an easy fight and "abuse " the system. We did that since some characters are simply unable to complete certain quest fights without an incarnation. Barring a one-in-a-million event where the RNG favours us completely (and sometimes even that isn't enough), some fights are simply plain impossible for characters who lack ranged/pushing spells. 

I cannot overstate how maddening the process is of progressing through a quest, only to find an uber-complex fight which cannot be done with my class. None the wiser, I used to persist. I'd spend hours and hours dying to some monster, buying expensive bread, running back to the fight location and repeating the process—all after a hard day at work. Once I'd open up the forum, I'd find that the only way the fight could be done is with a specific incarnation or by spending hundreds of millions of kamas on a particular set of dofuses and exomages, or both.

I have to say that I find it amusing how the onus is apparently on the players to avoid using incarnations to complete hard quest fights. Let's get one thing clear: the culprits of the status quo of hard quest fights are the game developers and not the players, who are simply looking to progress their journey around the convoluted World of Twelve as best they can.

In any case, I am happy that some quest fights are finally going to be revised.
5 0
Score : -1417
The one thing that irks me about "impossible" quest fight argument is the lack of examples. What fights are impossible? On what class? What gear are you using? Have you used a different setup?

The hardest fight I've seen personally is my duo eni against this demon that summons 2 imps (I forget his name). Eni has no mobility so when she made the boss vulnerable and got teleported next to it, there was nothing she could do, she can't run far enough. 

Decided to spec fully into the 2 styles the boss uses res wise, got 40-50% each, and a lifesteal weapon, using a chance build, and EASILY beat the fight, brute force, staying MD the whole time. 

There are so many gear combos available, so many easy ways to get to 40-50% res in a stat or have a ton of life steal, that I find it hard to believe there is actually an "impossible" fight.
0 -7
Score : 275
I'm mostly looking forward to the upcoming changes, however there is one question I've asked on 3 seperate threads now, and yet to get an answer to

To quote my question in the beta 2.67 thread:

One major question I have about incarnations!

Currently, I use a bunch of them to intentionally stop some characters from gaining xp, since I want to do almanax on them every day, but I also want to keep them at < level 140, since I enjoy having mid level pvp fights with friends.

After the incarnation overhaul, is there some chance of giving us another system to prevent 100% of experience from going to a character (like letting us put 100% xp to guild or something?)

I understand that we can give 90% to guild and 90% to a mount, but this is actually not enough given that I've managed to get multiple characters from level 20->200 with alamanax alone over the last few years

would really appreciate some system for this... otherwise looking forward to all the upcoming changes smile
1 0

With the new incarnations system, the experience points will be going to the character instead of the incarnations after fights. I don't think there is a way to prevent progression on a character with this change, but I'll investigate and look for information about this so I can come back to you with a clearer answer!

Thank you for your patience.
Score : 3254
What can I say? I like Incarnations, I like the concept, and I always enjoyed them. I even collect them. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete my collection, but since they are gonna improve that aspect of completion with the new sidekicks, I'm looking forward to that, as well as learning all the new sidekick spells.

I have to say I have mixed feelings about the removal of Incarnations. I liked being able to transform my character into something else and experience fights differently. While I agree with some of the reasoning for removing them, I feel that the main reason for doing so lies with Incarnations being used to win absurdly difficult quest fights. If that is the case, then shouldn't Ankama adjust these quest fights before removing the Incarnations?

Ankama mentioned that one of the reasons to remove Incarnations was the price:
With some of them going for truly exorbitant prices (up to tens of millions of kamas in certain cases)

I'm all for trying new strategies, new equipment, and spell combinations to win a quest fight, but there comes a time when it's not justifiable to spend millions of kamas on equipment, or a class change, not to mention hours and hours, just to be able to progress on a quest. The average Dofus player doesn't have those kinds of resources.
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Score : 16765
Pretty happy with this. I recall a few years ago when I requested that Ankama do this exact thing in fact.
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Score : 420
Woah, can't wait for all these new sidekicks biggrin
1 0
Score : 1
Really like the changes. I wonder how hard it will be to obtain most of the new sidekicks. It should be a really good change for solo/duo players.
0 0
Score : 303
I play dofus retro as dofus 2 looks too complicated for me to understand but I am curious.... I remember something about using sidekicks = penalty in xp and drops. Does it still applies today? Also does this new update change that in any way shape or form?
I am a big incarnation fan (leveled ALL 9 dofus retro incarnation weapons to 50) but can see myself trying dofus 2 if sidekicks system is good and fun enough smile
0 0
Score : 37
I think quest fights would benefit immensely on allowing sidekicks into the battle to help, even if other players cannot. Some quest fights as a solo close combat character are downright impossible. A sidekick could at least offset that.
3 0
Score : 17
Thank god i quit my Eni, some quests are just not made for a static class like eni, its nice to add this completionist things like the inn, you guys should more of that.
1 0
Score : 1739
Seems like a good change. I started collecting incarnations a couple years ago and they are definitely a relic. For the most part so weak they are unplayable while Wabbit can solo Freezz.
Sidekicks system I barely interacted with as its generally not very exciting to me so I'm happy to see it getting an update too
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Score : 6120
"including manitou zoth" ???!!!!! @ available for all?

YoU HaVe To Be KiDdInG Me !!??!!

where the hallucinogenic mushroom of the darkest pandala forest is my exclusivity, and of my fellow gamers' , who payed irl cash for 2-3 "exclusive" pixels?!
1 -1
Score : 6120
oh, let's not forget spectral scout, was supposed to be sold "this amount of exemplars" then, no more ... T-T
1 -1
Score : 17693
MidnightSparkle#3453|2023-03-07 06:40:38
Sometimes, too many details creates too much noise. You should look at videos regarding the topic. Some of the most memorable and recognizable characters don't have too much going on. They have a focus, and the rest have very few details to not distract from the core character.  Games like team fortress 2 followed this rule and they are some of the most recognizable characters in video game history due to this.

I beg to differ, aside from the fact that TF2 is made by a hugely worldwide followed American based corporation who's pockets are padded by Steam, they had to make TF2 in that way at that time due to it being a fast paced RT-FPS inspired by Mods for other hugely popular games. The style stuck because of its popularity. (And it isn't a case of most recognisable characters - Tomb Raider and FF characters are just as popular as TF2 and still have extensive detail GFX)

Whilst Dofus is not, its not as widely put out into the world as Valve's games and even though Ankama still has a big following it doesn't compare to Valve's.
Dofus has always been marketed as an anime style TTBMMO. The newer GFX styles, with the lack of details does not correlate with past Dofus versions, heck even with 1.2x there was more details compared to what they're pumping out now, same for Wakfu and Touch.
bohemia#2044|2023-03-11 08:55:22
"including manitou zoth" ???!!!!! @ available for all?

YoU HaVe To Be KiDdInG Me !!??!!

where the hallucinogenic mushroom of the darkest pandala forest is my exclusivity, and of my fellow gamers' , who payed irl cash for 2-3 "exclusive" pixels?!

Yeah I was surprised when I saw this incarnation too. Not even gonna bother with the Manitou Zoth "Premium House" quest now, because clearly the "Lifetime Premium Membership" doesnt mean anything (and honestly I never even got the promised "bonuses" for being one anyway, even on my Ankama shop purchases).
Coz they dont want "exclusivity" - yet are currently giving away a "free" Dragomore pet skin for anyone who subs to ADN for a month, yet you have to live in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, French-speaking Switzerland, Andorra and Monaco in order to sub, so in effect its exclusive to only those countries. They still havent answered my question as to if it is available to only those who sub to ADN or if its "early release" before its widely marketed.
2 0
Score : 219
Yes I bought the Premium membership to get the Zoth incarnation, it took me years to get that bad boy. That makes this kinda disappointing. I am a player form the USA, been playing since 2005-ish. I've never seen anything that really was for Premium members exclusively as it was advertised. sad
1 0
Score : 683
I always had access to the Manitou Zoth fight but I never could best it solo, nor find anyone else who could help me with that very limited premium content. A little sad I never managed to get it before this tweak, and I enjoyed some of the shenanigans my incarnations allowed for, but this is a sensible change and makes a lot of sense.
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