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From Incarnations to Sidekicks

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 06, 2023, 10:00:00
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Whats happened to the incarnation weapons that were in our inventory? (and I made sure they were in my characters inventory before the maintenance began)

Found them in my Consumables Tab, when I first logged on earlier they werent anywhere in my inventory.
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I had the 4 incarnations (fire, earth, air, water) of the eskimos in frigost.... I cannot find them anymore
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Check the "Usable Items" tab in your inventory, they should be in "Incarnation Relic" category.
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I used to collect them... Aand feels l ike a waste all the time and experience leveing them.
Wish we get some kind of compensation for all the exp that was wasted on over 20 incarnations to level 50.

Also they said you were going to get a cosmetic for your incarnations but the tormentators design and the frigosts ones is so lackluster for the money spend on them. They are swords with a small piece of the color of the tormentator.. We lost gauntlet guns for a generic sword. We saw you guys do amaizing things on regards to design, and most 200 swords look better than a generic samurai sword.

I would understand if dofus was a first person shooter perhaps we could actually notice those 3 pixels of different colors. But in a game that you got around 1 second to "show" your weapon is not really worth it. Even using the weapon emote and zooming in the difference is barely noticeable.

I hope you guys offer some kind of "fix" regarding this matter.
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... wait, what happened to Common spells?  I missed that update (and I can't check the game right now, because I can't install Dofus on this computer anymore, even though it meets the specs).

Edit: Logged in with my other computer, and... oh, that's nice.  Though I don't know why they changed Leek Pie and Striking's names, those were classics.
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"Hey, you! You're only allowed to roleplay how WE want you to roleplay!"
Meanwhile the so-called acceptable roleplay;
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Does anyone know what program they use in 2.0 to draw the sprites? 
can the devs chime in? I'm curious.
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The sprites are made in Adobe Animate smile
I hope this answers your question!
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Shall it be any unikorn pink marshmallow compensation for those who have leveled their SK's previous to update?

Just wondering...
... While I aint even sure if any of mine were leveled/ how much.

But, from reading through forums, it seems that many have spent time/ energy/ game play time. free time/ etc, to level (some of) theirs ...

For example, could be some xp potions for mounts, at least?
An idea... rolleyes
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