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I did not play dofus for 2+ years, How is the state of the game?

By anglez#5098 - SUBSCRIBER - March 15, 2023, 13:42:18
So straight forward, How is dofus atm in terms of PvP and in terms of PvM?
Last time i played kolo ladder 3v3 non-premade was dead (is it still that way?)
Any new and interesting pvm content?
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Lots of new end game content. Pandala got a huge overhaul and 3 new Dofuses.

PvM is pretty fun, Idk about kolo though. 
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I don't do pvp but I find PvM fun. Been playing for a year.
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I've just returned from a 3-month hiatus and I'm not very happy with the state of the game honestly. Apart from the server merge that, although advantageous population-wise, has really segregated the community and outcasted English-speaking players.The lag that the merge has brought with it is also absurd, but lowering the game quality helps.

As a PvM player, I don't have an opinion about PvP. PvM-wise, I think that there's a plethora of content for you to explore, as long as you've got enough help (guildmates or multi-accounting if you're in TalKasha). The Pandala 3 lore is exceptional, especially when you get closer to the Nightmare Dofus questline. I'd be happy to elaborate if you wish.
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I have also just returned after a long break. I can only comment in the server merge which I think is amazing. I can't remember the last time, the game felt so populated - might have to go back to the days of playing on Rushu. 

As someone who only ever uses group, guild and occasionally community chat, I haven't experienced any downsides to the merging of different languages. 
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