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Temporis Retro: An Ankama Live to Unveil It All!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 17, 2023, 16:30:00
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You've been waiting for it since it was announced in the latest KrosmoNote, and it's been the source of many theories, some of them crazy… It'll soon be time to unveil it all!

Temporis Frigost, Temporis Bonta & Brakmar… many theories have been flying about on social media and our forums in recent weeks. We have to admit, we've been following your attempts to find out the theme of the next Temporis Retro with great interest.

You might have thought you'd find some answers in this post, but you'll have to wait a little longer… But this time, it'll only be a few days away – you can tune into [Logan], [Djinn], and [DUSK] on our Ankama Live Twitch channel for a special Temporis Retro show on Thursday, March 30, at 2:30 p.m. (CET)!

We've decided to use quite a special system for the occasion – our players from the English-, Spanish-, and Portuguese-speaking communities can join [Manaia], [Genki], and [Lyafar] along with the streamers Kristyy (EN), SrPapurru (ES), and Dofusaocubo (PTBR) for a restream in their respective languages!

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