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Let's chat about classes.

By Dragosani#5287 - SUBSCRIBER - March 19, 2023, 10:01:45
I have just been in the classes sub forum looking for a character to partner with my Sadida for general PvM.

What I found was honestly ridiculous. Some of the guides haven't been posted in or updated in over 10 YEARS, 10 years and no update to the list is shocking.

No wonder new players get confused about who to choose when you consider just how many changes there's been in all that time, I get confused lol.

There's probably other sites that have up to date information but you would hope that the official forums were absolutely kept up to date first and on a regular basis.
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I think people are using other methods to share their guides rather than the forums......

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because they feel less restriction on what they can and cant say on there. eg. get their frustrations across without fear of sanctions.
Reddit and Discord comes to mind and seem far more active than the forums.

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The English forum is dead. General Discussion sees occasional posts - but otherwise it's a graveyard. 
that is not to say that the classes subforums aren't a mess. 
I made a guide on Srams back in 2010 and it is still stickied! That is indeed crazy.
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As others have said, you're better off using Reddit or Discord, the latter by joining your guild's/server's Discord channel. I think it's sad that the official forums aren't even considered in this aspect.

Then again, I remember having one of my posts deleted just because I said "mp r*pe" instead of "mp steal", as the moderator at the time advised. That was my cue to discuss classes on any platform but these forums.

PS: Funnily enough, this very comment was also deleted without any reason given. Instead of deleting people's comments on a whim (and further driving my point home that these forums aren't an adequate place for discussion), I'd urge moderators to actually provide a reason for the deletion or, better yet, ask us to modify it so that it doesn't infringe on any rules.
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The reason is visible on your end now, there was an error before. However, you did understand the reasoning for why your post was removed, so thanks for fixing your post anyway.

However, with regard to what you're discussing, this isn't up for debate. It has nothing at all to do with the original post, and also has nothing whatsoever to do with any of the prior replies. You know what the correct terminology is. There's no need to use a term to describe sexual assault when discussing gameplay mechanics, and this will not change. If this is actually a dealbreaker, then I don't have a response.

Again thank you for already demonstrating understanding of this rule, however.
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Discord killed forums. Discord was tragic.
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Discord has liberty of speech to a greater degree, I think; sometime, too much, but still, it is way greater, in ways you maybe can not imagine.

And they're often guides, builds, runs organized, etc etc etc, by alli/ guilds/ groups from T.K,/ temporis 2.x - yy/ etc; and poeple willing to chat/ talk/ give you an advice on game, etc etc etc.

But if you believe greater liberty of speech has killed tragically these forums ... then it is really tragic, that you've come to think that.

PS: By choosing carefully the servers and channels which one joins, s/he can prevent being verbally/ txt-ly abused, by people who do not know yet that their own liberty stops where the other's starts.
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