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Multiple accounts on monoserver Draconiros

By Ammakms#9989 - SUBSCRIBER - March 26, 2023, 00:08:49
Is it allowed to use multiple accounts on the monoserver? Of course not playing at the same times since that's ToS. But for things like Almanax, or for like wanting to have more than 5 characters etc.. 

One account logged in at a time 
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Yes, this is allowed. 

You can also buy character slots.
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May I suggest starting fresh your new acc/s on Tal Kasha? (maaan, I was about to say, on Echo ... slip of nostalgia, I guess ...)
T.K. is very fun, and very ... multicultural! You can find more languages, as I imagine is on Draconis? English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, etc. And many are at least bi-lingual, if not tri- or more. It is really fun, and, besides Dofus, it may allow one to remember (some of the) rusted languages which were learnt in school (or elsewhere). I'm loving it! If just the irl server/s and/ or computer/s were of higher capacity, to prevent lag on certain maps and/ or events ... it'd be the heaven! But even like this... is lovely!
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