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Update 2.67 is online!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 28, 2023, 17:45:00
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Update 2.67 has just gone live! But are you sure you know what it holds in store? While you wait for your game to update, here's a quick recap of the main changes you can expect to see, along with a few little improvements that are worth checking out as well.

Update 2.67 includes not one, but two major revamps: the Alliances revamp and the Incarnations revamp! Visit the website to read our devblogs about them, if you haven't already!

Also in this update…

Let's also take a moment to look at some other changes that are included in this update:

Free class change up to level 20: Meet Andre Inkarnay in front of the Incarnam Inn for a free class change potion!

Mount XP: Over at the Alliance Temple, Teggun is offering a brand-new potion with 4000 experience points for your mount, for the bargain price of just 500 nuggets.
Kit Knapping's Mine: By completing Kit's mine, you can now obtain his chest, which will contain one to three rewards:
  • x10 units of ore
  • x1 alloy
  • x1 to 10 miner scrolls
The higher the ore's or alloy's level, the lower its drop rate will be.
Changes to automatic listing rules for houses and paddocks: Listing of houses and paddocks for sale will now be truly automatic: A check will be run every hour, and houses or paddocks that are supposed to be put back up for sale at that time will be listed automatically.

Forgelance balancing: We've made a few improvements to the balancing of the Forgelance class. More details in the changelog!

Pandawa balancing: As our little surprise for this update, we've improved the balancing of the Pandawa class, in part by putting a stronger focus on Barrels gameplay. You'll find all the details in the changelog.

Many more changes now await you in-game!

First Ankama intervention
Exceptionally and for one week until the next maintenance, the waiting time to install a prism and participate in an AvA after joining an Alliance has been reduced to 18 hours instead of 48 hours.

Some players may encounter problems accessing the Kolossium. A disconnection and reconnection should solve the issue!
See message in context
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Exceptionally and for one week until the next maintenance, the waiting time to install a prism and participate in an AvA after joining an Alliance has been reduced to 18 hours instead of 48 hours.

Some players may encounter problems accessing the Kolossium. A disconnection and reconnection should solve the issue!
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Paddocks not working? Cant reach my mounts
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Same here. Paddocks are unusable
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"You'll find all the details in the changelog."
Will there be updated changelog? I thought there was a beta one but I cant find that one either.
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You can find the changelog for Update 2.67 here!

Have a great day happy
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In-game translations seem to be on point this update though, well done!
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guys do they mean abandoned paddocks and houses get listed too every hour.
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You can find the details regarding this in the changelog here.
Every hour, a check will be made and all paddocks and houses that have been abandoned for a month and therefore should be up for sale, will be put up for sale.

I hope this answers your question!
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Has anyone else bought classchange today and unable to load character selection? Just frozen on the startup page.
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The team is aware of an issue affecting class changes in some cases. You can find the list of the known issues after this Update maintenance here.

We do not have a fix at the moment, but we will keep you all updated.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
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Please advise on how we are supposed to play locally now with friends/family from the same household. It's ridiculous now. We play on Tal Kasha rather than mono-account server as it enables us to play together within the rules.
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Wow... some serious nerfs this patch. Feca AP Red gutted, Rogue major nerfs (Kaboom no 2AP, Water Bombb can't take AP unless stacked, Remission 50% less uptime...). Pushback Ecaflip lost 25% of their damage on FoE.

Some much needed changes to certain classes and problematic spells, but I feel like Rogues are hit especially hard. Last year their bomb survivability and bombwall damage was decimated, forcing us into spell slinging. But now that is being hit too.

Would prefer more survivable bombs and focus on bambwall gameplay like older Rogues
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Was sandglass changed from 2ap to 3ap and now consumes the telefrag state? This wasn't mentioned in the original patch notes in the beginning of Beta nor was the possible petrification change.
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The Xelor Sandglass change was said in the French Devblog, but not in the English one & the Pretification spell is not a change just a visual bug of the spell, because it still works the same way as before. 
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[Ankama]DOFUS|2023-04-03 14:25:38

Those Sandglass changes are indeed written in the Update 2.67 Changelog found here:

As for the Petrification change, can you explain what is this change (or bug, as DreMartins mentions) you are noticing? There is no Petrification change noted in the changelog so with additional info, I could investigate!

Thanks in advance!

Xelor petrification fully bugged, doesn't reduce cost - Forum - DOFUS: the strategic MMORPG.

This is the thread.
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Is there a problem with subscribing now with the new update? it seems like i cannot use any of my credit cards to subscribe "service unavailable"
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I'm sorry to hear that. To receive help with your subscription, I invite you to write a ticket to support so they can assist you. You can find their website here.

Thank you for your understanding!
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Good evening,

Lil question :

Can perceptors drop even the new sidekicks? The ones dropped by bosses of dngs and/or those dropped by certain monsters?
If yes, who gets it, if there is just 1, for example?

Tyvm for your reply.
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  • - can souls of certain bosses and/ or mobs drop their correspondent sidekicks also in Arena?
  • - if a character has dropped once a sidekick, can it drop it again, or next one dropped will go to another character in group, or is it totally random? I'm asking cuz 3 of them already dropped "on the wrong character", not on main, which only means ... I kust repeat farming, at some point ... T-T
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