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No longer able to PvP with others locally.

By Persona#8506 - SUBSCRIBER - March 29, 2023, 22:01:08
Since todays update, I have noticed that it is no longer possible to play locally with friends/family in the PvP aspects of the game (on Tal Kasha).

I know of many examples (myself included) where people are playing this game with partners or siblings and play from the same household. Ankama also prohibits the use of VPN's so that's not an alternative.

I understand the desire to limit the people who are abusing the current system with VM's etc. but this new rule will not impact them, it only impact the honest players who currently follow the T&C's.

Please consider the impact of this new stance, as it risks alienating a lot of your player base from the game. There are alternative ways to police this issue that would not result in such a negative impact to the player base.

Thank you.
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First Ankama intervention

I have asked the team for more information regarding this and will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your patience!
See message in context
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+1 to that... My friends who have playing this game for years, and now they have wifes, brothers, sisters at same ip range.. cant do PVP aspect of the game together.. pls try to find a way around it for honest ppl, who wants to enjoy the game together. 
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Can confirm that this has been happening to myself and my brother. Accounts have different phone Numbers / Email Addresses, etc. But since we live at the same address and using the same router/internet connection one of us is banned from participating in any kind of PVP.

While I appreciate the effort to ban Multi-Logging, this doesn't seem to be the perfect response. <3
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Yeah far from ideal, hopefully, it can be fixed in the maintenance tomorrow!
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+1. I play with other members in my household and this should not be an issue! Please look for a workaround as we don't want to miss out on one of the core aspects of the game, especially right after the exciting alliance update.
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+1 from me too, I play with my wife on different laptops and always abide the rules. Don't want to miss out on doing PVP as a team. Hopefully this gets fixed tomorrow with the maintenance because it would be really disappointing if not.
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Same I play with a friend of mine in the same city and we can no longer play on a single-account server because the IP address is unstable, even tho we have different wifi's and emails and phone numbers.
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I can't really fault them from banning multiple accounts logging on from the same IP address on single account servers. It makes perfect sense to do that to stop any attempts to abuse the system by using different email addresses etc.

I use different email accounts for different reasons but never for gaming the system.
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I have asked the team for more information regarding this and will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your patience!
Hello again!

It seems the restrictions regarding multi-accounting in PvP modes have been tightened with the new update. You can find the detail in the changelog here.

Here is the relevant passage: 
  • The restrictions on attacking and defending perceptors in multi-account mode have been tightened. You now need to enter a phone number to attack/defend a perceptor.

I hope this answers your question!

If you think your accounts respect the restrictions and you are still blocked from PvP modes, I invite you to send a request to support with your account details so they can investigate and help you.

Thank you for your understanding!
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Hello. Even with separate emails and phone numbers in the account details the issue is still happening. Please review this with the test team. We are both able to do koth/percs when only one of is online, but the issue occurs when we both try to attend a koth. Yesterdays restriction has definitely led to an unintentional IP restriction which is causing this.

Just tested further:

Player 1: Can go to koth
When Player 2 tries to also attend: [18:53] Warning! Your AvA mode has been deactivated. You must enter a unique telephone number and email address. Update your personal information. [18:53] You cannot take part in alliance wars using several accounts at once.

If Player 1 Leaves the area, Player 2 can turn on ava mode and go to the koth.

Both players cannot go to a koth at the same time, despite having separate computers / email address / phone numbers.
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People are still having this issue on Draconiros as well and struggling to log in - they are not multi accounting. People from same household (spouses, siblings, etc) also cannot attend ava or def/attacks together and some have been locked out the game. 
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If you share an IP address you wont be able to join another player using the same IP address on Draconiros, doesnt matter if the email and phone numbers are different.
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Hello. We have raised tickets to support but none of us are getting an answer. Please can you review / escalate this.

The current status is that the same KNOWN multiloggers on Tal Kasha are still able to log 5 accounts and do PvP (we all know who they are, but for some reason they remain unpunished) - yet the honest players who play with their partners cannot.

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Can you give me your ticket number so I can see where it's at?
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JunoBug#9665|2023-04-01 18:44:40
This wasn't an issue prior to update if the accounts had different phone numbers, owners, email addresses. This is the point. Also people who are not sharing ip addresses with anyone are still getting locked out of the game regardless.  Really frustrating.

Key words there "prior to update"  sadly, the restrictions have been set into hyperdrive since the update.
"It seems the restrictions regarding multi-accounting in PvP modes have been tightened with the new update. "
The issue with players that dont share an IP but still being locked out seems to be a known bug that Ankama claim to be looking into but as yet have not fully informed players of what the root of the issue is and if/how/when theyre going to solve it.
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Yeah but still zero communication about it from the team to resolve it. 
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oops, sorry just realised how to reply properly on this forum xd
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Hello everyone,

After some verifications, it seems that in order to enter an AvA activity, accounts needs to have a different e-mail and phone number, and also a different IP. So two accounts using the same IP will not be able to participate in AvA activities together.

I am aware that before the update, it was possible to play with other people in the same household, but this was due to an error as the IP restriction was always meant to be in place in AvA. The update simply restored the intended restrictions.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
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Thanks for the update (I am somewhat disappointed as other comments made in the FR forum appeared to acknowledge this was a mistake and would be rectified). 

It's unfortunate that you are taking this stance - as the known multi-loggers are rampant on Tal Kasha currently, and are avoiding all of these new restrictions (we have filed hundreds of reports to support and they still remain).

BUT... This change in policy is simply only harming the honest players who are looking to enjoy this game together with the family / partners. I really do wish you will help us challenge this, as I'm already aware of a significant number from the EN Community on Tal Kasha who are being impacted by this decision and considering quitting the game because of it. I would understand if you implemented this restriction only on the mono-acc server, but to have the limitation also on Tal Kasha brings only a negative impact towards the community. 

I have played this game for over 15 years. This is a new restriction, and has never been in place before on the multi-acc servers.

Please reconsider.
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