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Temporis Retro – FAQ

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 30, 2023, 16:30:00
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Since our announcement of the next Temporis event, we know you've been getting ready for the fun to get under way on April 19 May 10. In the meantime, read on for all the details of our second edition in DOFUS Retro!


What are the key dates for this edition?

As their name implies, Temporis servers are temporary servers with a limited lifespan. The dates for this edition are:

  • Pre-registration opens: March 30, 2023
  • Pre-registration closes: April 16 April 30, 2023
  • Server opens: April 19 May 10, 2023
  • Server closes: June 21 July 5, 2023

Useful information about pre-registration

Class, sex and server changes

If you are pre-registered and want to change your server or your character's class or sex during the pre-registration period, you can do so without having to cancel your registration. Simply go back to the pre-registration page and click "MODIFY".
You will receive a confirmation email for each change you make.

Server access

Is a subscription necessary for this adventure?

Yes. Only players with subscriptions can access Temporis.

Is the server in single-account mode?


What restrictions are associated with single-account mode?

Each player may only log in with one account at a time per server.
We verify certain data like your IP address, email address, or telephone number to enforce this limitation.

This single-account rule comes with the following constraints:

  • The account must be certified, i.e. associated with the true identity of the account's creator.
  • A current cellphone number must be associated with the account.
    If you do not have a cellphone, you will not be able to access this specific server. If you do not receive our text messages, or if your country/region does not have coverage to receive text messages, please submit a request to our Support team.
  • Two connections per IP address are permitted.

More information about single-account mode restrictions is available here!

How many players can take part in a fight against monsters?

For this edition of Temporis, the number of players per fight is limited to 4 in fights against monsters, so you can only have up to four players in the same fight! This limit does not apply to PvP fights or attacking or defending prisms or perceptors.

Is there an XP bonus in Temporis?

During your Temporis adventure, you earn three times as many XP from combat and professions as you would on a classic server. Your odds of obtaining loot and generating smithmagic runes are also multiplied by three.

Will we be able to get equipment from fights against monsters?

Yes, the vast majority of equipment and sets (except for class sets) will be directly obtainable as loot at the end of monster fights.

Is there anything set up to ensure my character won't run out of pods?

During your Parchomancia adventure, your character will automatically earn a pod bonus every time you level up.

Purchases & Rentals

What services are available?

Only the "add a character slot" service is available on Temporis.

What items are credited back when Temporis ends?

The following elements will not be credited back:

  • Rental items specific to Temporis
  • Infinite color-change potions
  • Mimisymbiops

Other info

Transfers through the gift interface will not be possible for your shigekaxes obtained as a result of rollbacks on classic servers. 

Remember that access to the Temporis Retro servers is reserved for players who have a valid active subscription.

When the server closes

Characters created in Temporis cannot be transferred to a classic server. An experience potion that matches your character's progression will be credited to your account at the end of the adventure.

Will the experience potion be tradable, linked to the character, or linked to the account?

The experience potion will be linked to the account. You will receive it via the gift interface, which will let you choose which server you want to use it on.

Can kamas, equipment and professions obtained in Temporis be transferred?


What rewards will be available to earn?

Besides the experience potion, you'll receive a set that will let you easily restart an adventure on the classic servers. The individual pieces of equipment don't provide any characteristics on their own, but once all of them are equipped together, an overall set bonus will be applied to your character based on the equipment level you've achieved. This equipment is linked to your account and cannot be resold. There are a variety of different sets with stats available, depending on ranks and the desired element.
Finally, you can unlock a livitinem set whose appearance represents the alternative class experience in Temporis.

I won rewards in events or contents. Will I receive them?

Yes, ceremonial items won in these events will be delivered at the same time as your shop purchases.

When will I receive these various rewards?

Injections of experience potions, shop purchases and rewards will take place in the days and weeks after the server closes. Note that they may not all happen at once, so you may receive your rewards over multiple days. Keep an eye out for our updates to stay informed on how these distributions are progressing.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to CoolRay


The rewards for Temporis Retro will be sent to DOFUS Retro only.

I hope that answers your question!
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About panda passive, are you required to not use the weapon in fight, or to not have one equipped at all? Because after the english live I was pretty sure it's the first case, but some posts on french forum made me wonder if I understood well. Would be thankful for a clarification!
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Is this all going to be on Retro, or are any rewards going to show up in Dofus 2.0?
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The rewards for Temporis Retro will be sent to DOFUS Retro only.

I hope that answers your question!
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Will people once again be able to get multiple xp potions by playing on multiple characters on the same account? And will extra character slots people have already purchased for retro dofus also apply to retro temporis?
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What time on the 19th will it be starting?
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