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DEVBLOG: My idol, my passion, my pain

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 15, 2023, 14:00:00
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this is such a bad take over the ''economy'' getting lowered by idols lmfao. the economy is getting shred to bits by THE BOTS. work on that instead
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So you are saying you do not want to force people into doing one aspect of the game - in this case idols. That is indeed a noble goal.

How about applying the same logic to PvP? Instead of forcing people to either do it or pay through their noses for EVERY DAMN CRAFT in the game? How about removing the need to participate in an aspect of the game that i hate with every fiber of my being? Now that would be a change i could get behind.
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Be happy we don't have kolo pebbles required even for basic stuff, like keys, or energy/ hp potions, lol!!!

Tho, seeing the direction this game it is taking, I'm positively sure it is more likely to happen the above that I've just mentioned, that is, to have kolo (or pvp, of any kind) related resources required for absobloodylutely everything ig, than to have kolo pebbles removed (or, if removed, not replaced by same thing, with just a different name. lollol).

And, to know WHY this is happening: is cuz the minority of players, the kolo folks,

doing it on forums and any given media,

than the majority of players, which is pvm, just wanting to play a tranquil peaceful fine game.

I just don't see it:
Make everyone happy, dear Ankama!
Separate pvp from pvm, have a server/ or some, for ea; or have a server pvp, one pvp, and one pvm + pvp, for "English community". So, each can play his/ her own kind of style, w.e. makes him/ her happy.
Tho that won't happen, cuz then pvp'ers in, let's say, glad. bwork, won't have to whom to brag if they kill poor beginners or returning players in gobball sets. It looks like not only the appetite for playing for a minority has to be kept alive, but also, their ego, to be fed. Which is a pitty, it makes many people just give up on this game...

PS: And I say English Community (and a server of e.a. kind for all kinds of game style: pvp. pvm. pvp+pvm), cuz economy has gone downhill since last servers merge. I can manage, knowing more languages, but only in terns of language, not in terms of economy, not anymore, like I used to do. While others, most of the English speaking players, find it hard to manage from all points of view, since last merge, into Babel Tower of all languages named T.K. : many players struggle and get frustrated both by economy and language/s used.
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Removing idols and choosing challenges and only 1 of 2 that's ridiculous, the dofus players community supports this game its because of us players that dofus is still here in the rpg map, I find it ridiculous that all the quest Gove less them 30,000 kamas wtf is that a joke I pay real money since 2005 to play now I grind and the rewards system in quest need a fix, players also demand that we sell to npcs for the sake of new players, Ankama needs to fix the unmercyful economy, professions don't even make you money anymore you lose every time, it cost more to craft items now because the profit to sell has no returns....
there is a major problem in dofus not idols but the economy. Idk how it got this bad but we need a solution for new and veteran players alike.
and just letting you know some dungeons are crazy difficult impossible to beat and it take 2 to 3 hrs to beat high lvl dungeons why, why so much time? I like the challe6you can pick but the fact you only get to pick 1 bouns is know what messed this up you Ankama you guys did by destroying g the classes you made them weaker u made them more pvp and they suck against pvm for the terrible dungeons u guys make, you guys are destroying the game I love, you guys will one day wipe dofus off the map you monsters!
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The only classes they've nerfed are the ones that were broken and still are (panda/rogue). Elio needs a big nerf as well. Infinite portal usage is just broken, especially when all classes can utilize it, not just the elio.

You also play on tal'kasha, which is important when it comes to your issue. A multi account server will have different issues from a single account server like Drac. In single account, you actually profit crafting things. In tal'kasha, not so much.
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Overall sounds like a great change. But literally everything comes down to this part
  • We still haven't decided what will become of idol resources. Given the number of idols in circulation, this is an important decision that will take time and careful consideration.

Are we losing millions and millions on all the pebbles + other resources needed to craft the idols, or will there be a good compensation 
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Usually is the first part of your A or B ... Sadly ...
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Also, what will happen to the xp and achiev points gathered from idols?
Will the achiev points and their respective xp be removed, after retiring idols?

Oh, maaaaammaaaa miaaa, just wait to see the cri bunnies, for their lost titles and achiev ornaments ... 

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When you talk about exp, are you talking about the players who don't claim their achievements right away? I don't know why players do this but if they did I doubt it would be that big of an impact if they were removed. They could just leave them under a "legacy" tab for those who did do them and they can collect the rewards whenever.
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Could we please, please get a fix for monsters having absolute knowledge of Sram trap locations? It makes playing a Str Sram almost unbearable.
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This is a bigger change that would require a lot of time. A monster AI update where they do more unpredictable things would be very good for the game.
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I find this change very satysfying.
I've disliked idols since they came up, through all those years people were abusing xp bonus. From what I remember, the intention of idols was to make people stop leeching wisdom chars and instead, put some idols on, get all well-geared team and still gain big xp becouse of the bonus, but instead they were going full idols PLUS wisdom set.

Even tho this didn't affect me, I find it hillarious, that nothing big has been made about it for all those years.

What comes to reducing or removing resources from achievements, I really like this, it will bring back the big smile on face anytime you drop a boss resource. Like the old days, when celestial bearbarian hamate was worth 1,5mk, but then after achievements showed up it came to just XXkk (now avg price on Tal Kasha is 8kk...). The only problem is that the market and personal banks are already flooded with those mats, so it will only make it even harder for new players to get res (and money) while the already-rich players will have their assets growing day after day, just by lying in bank.

Also the update will make it incredibly hard to get resources by single account players and I really think it's unfair for them (and I say this when I myself am multi-account player).
I think some mechanics decreasing loot for each alt (from the same IP) would work. Like 1st char gets 100% drop rated, 2nd gets 85% drop rates, 3rd gets 70% and so on... This way single-acc players wouldn't have such huge handicap, while multi-accers would still be getting reasonable numbers.

Anyway, I love the changes, I just think they really need to be thought thru and carefully implemented, it's a huge change.
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As a solo player I have to admit that the game has got more and more annoying over the years as most/all high level dungeons are just never going to be completed by myself sad
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Good post overall. Really liked temporis and not having to use idols. I am a big fan of adjusting exp and making the leveling curve better and to hopefully eliminate or at least highly mitigate the rampant amount of people who just use leeches to get to level 200 instantly. Maybe leeching can be addressed more once these changes are in place if it is still an issue.

My only 2 concerns reading this post is the following : 

1. People who did score 200 on bosses. It can just feel bad, especially if you spent a lot of hours trying to get a specific score 200 achievement done. I don't think they are particularly hard, so I guess I'm not that mad about it. But it is still kind of a "why did I even bother" with score 200. It was just 40k kamas and some experience. Not like you got some huge reward for doing them. Again, it is just something to keep in mind if someone says they are upset, don't take what I am saying the wrong way.

2. Idols being removed. Not even regarding what to do with them, but the fact the artificer skill is going to have a huge chunk of recipes used to leveling removed. This will force people to make trophies and shields instead of idols to fill the gap. So suddenly we might have either extremely expensive trophies if the price goes up according to resource cost or extremely cheap trophies but the resources cost a ton. This applies to shields as well. Artificer already requires a hug sum of money to even level up, so I just wonder how you are meant to level this profession to 200 without breaking your bank with the upcoming changes. It is the only skill I don't have at 200 yet, along with craftmagus (I am 145 in both of them). Maybe when we delete idols, you just get nuggets or something, Maybe 25-100-1000-2500 for Minor - Regular - Major - Great . Something to just get players money back. Maybe exchange for nuggets/crimson pebbles or what not. Perhaps diversify the reward to not be in all 1 item that has a high value and leaves the game just as fast as it leaves. Nuggets just come to mind because they are always in need and there was a huge decline in the amount (I believe) of them, so a one off injection wouldn't be that bad. Better than Raw kamas entering the game. I don't think I would like 50 prospecting/wisdom candy +100 and I lose 8 million worth of idols. 

EDIT: With the idol compensation, perhaps you "melt down" the idols into a pool of points, and points can be spent on different things from nuggets to pebbles. Something like that? It doesn't need to be a 1-1 ratio in terms of money, but even if players got 50-70% of their money, that's better than nothing.

Overall, pretty happy we are really just ripping systems apart and building something new for unity next year (maybe a launch) and the upcoming advertising campaign for new players that will surely follow (based on how much they've invested into it, it's sure to be done).
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nietbeschikbaar#9731|2023-05-15 09:31:34
It's going to make farming dungeons and mobs the only way of making money through PvM and some classes are just WAY better at that than others which isn't fair.

That's how I felt about Ougi always being invited to dreams or some classes in pvp. Every class has advantages and disadvantages. Pick ones that you care about.
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Do just want to add that I do hope leeching is addressed. People will still leech, just slower, with souls and such. I'd put a huge exp restriction if a level 200 is playing with level 1-160's, that -slightly- improves as you go up (not a whole lot). They can still get loot, just not the exp. If a level 180-190 wants a leech w/e, but I dislike the low level experience is ruined by 200's one shotting all mobs.

Oh, I do want to add that removing idols is good as it removes a layer of confusion for players. I didn't fully understand idols and plenty of people do not still to this day. A lot of people don't know yosh lasts 2 turns if you buff a monster for example. No one wants to play an mmo that has 10+ systems added that aren't stream lined and are all given to you at once. In dofus, you get a bunch of pop ups like "OH MY GOD U CAN PVP" AND "OH MY GOD YOU CAN USE IDOLS NOW" when you can just be enjoying the game.
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What will happen to the people who already completed nearly all 200 Idol score achievements? IF they get replaced with new idol like achievements like expeditions will they automaticly be completed for us or do we lose all our progress and will be need to complete all these dungeons again? Personally, as someone who is happy to have completed 200 score achievements from most lv 200 dungs I kinda dont want to run them again if these achievements get replaced. So please consider automaticly giving us completed achievements.

Another idea is give us an Orb for the achieevments that we have completed so we have the option to choose between doing the new/replaced achievements or activate the orb. ( kind of like with the proffession update )
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I agree with dgjna. Some of the achievements for idols took a long time to obtain and across different periods as idols have been out for many years. I would rather not see my progression erased, having already obtained nearly all of the previous idol achievements.
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Very impressed with the sharing of the teams ideas. Looking forward to more!
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Lovely changes. I hope you'll remove achievement generated resources entirely along with balancing the rest of the game accordingly.
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The price of idols has dropped to a fraction of their typical value already. Everyone's trying to get rid of theirs.
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If cheap just buy them (under 10-50k). Potentially a huge payout for a small investment. Even investing 1-2million into golden idols if they are 50k can potentially pay out 8-10mil.
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Why not just remove additional drop and xp? To be honest the best option would be to keep increased drop for quest items probably with additional condition: chance of dropping quest items when using idols should be increased only when you fight group of monsters which contains equal or higher number of mobs then characters - to avoid common technique (also used by me biggrin) to attack 1-2 mobs with very high idol score.

Btw I'm quite surprised nobody mentioned the fact that doing score 200 achievements are quite challenging and fun. I am against the idea of removing idols entirely from game as they make many fights more interesting (especially dropping quest items) and tactical (for example elio with dakid biggrin)

Idols were amazing idea to increase difficulty of fights and make them more versatile. It's a shame that as always too many people want to exploit some techniques rather then just enjoy playing this game, but I don't see it as a reason to remove idols completly from game - just make it impossible to exploit them wink
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The use of dakid always irked me. It's supposed to make it harder, but it's a free "travel across the map for free" card. It's broken.

Idk, I don't find idols that interesting. They give too much for what they are, and it's too easy to avoid the punishments they are meant to induce. 
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Seems fairly reasonable. I hope there will be a fair compensation for 15mk of Idols i have and all the Score 200 dungeon achieves I had to do for Dreams progression.
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There most likely won't be. At least there usually isn't anything other than some candies sad
I can recall pandala revamp where my resources worth tens of millions of kamas turned into something worth 50 or so times less. Sad times sad
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I sincerely hope you won't replace the idol achievements with other achievements. That would be unfair to those who have completed the game and strive to keep up with each patch if we had to re-do all the dungeons in the game with another achievement or two now.
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I hope Ankama adds a system similar to the Rune multiplier. Where Challenges that are the least used on the server have a higher multiplier. This would really shake things up and make things rewarding!
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I love the changes so far..

But, I hope in the future they will make it more enjoyable as a solo player and somehow enable us to complete the higher aspects of the game.

Heck even collecting resources is annoying as hell now due to the massive protector buffs.

I know some are going to scream out to get in a team lol. Been there tried that and I don't bother anymore after just getting abuse for messing runs up, runs I know nothing about as I have never done them..

Making my own team of 8 is not possible either due to work and home commitments (I have a life outside Dofus).
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This is such a drastic change and I'm not sure I agree with it. I dislike having to use idols but the game is just way too grindy without them and I have very little faith that the drop rate and xp progression changes meant to address the gaps left by these changes will actually get implemented in a timely manner.

Also, removing the idol achievements - not cool. Honestly, just kind of getting tired of these changes that just disregard all the work/time/effort players have put into the game and just make the game grindier.

That being said, the challenges revamp looks good.
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