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Goultarminator: It's back, 7 years later!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 24, 2023, 16:00:00
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Goultard came back to play tricks on you in Temporis Retro a few months ago, and this year, he's stopping by DOFUS 2 to relaunch his traditional summer challenge!

Nostalgia addicts, equipment optimization fanatics, fearsome warriors who love the camaraderie of attacking en masse: yes, this is for all of you! Obviously, after seven long years, it won't be exactly the same. There are fewer servers, there are new features and there's been some changes, so what you're being offered today is a Goultarminator adapted to DOFUS!


The various communities have made peace, so inter-server battles are no more! Instead, we want you to wage war by alliance. In groups of 15 different classes of the same alliance, split into 5 teams of 3, you'll have what you need to show what you're made of!


Obviously, you need to take part in the Goultarminator with your own equipment. Max your stats, diversify your methods, use legendary equipment and petsmounts… every optimized detail will help your alliance win the title! But it's important to remember, everything must be done beforehand. Once you're on the tournament server, there can be no more modifications or trades! Only a stable with all level-100 chameleon mounts in the game will be provided.


The tournament will take place in July and will be split into two phases. First, each team will progress independently in Swiss rounds. And after that, the 32 best alliances (by adding together the results of the 5 teams) will qualify for a knockout round phase, which pits them all against each other. At the end of the five matches between the different teams, the alliance with the most victories will move on to the next round!


Like all the major tournaments currently on DOFUS, the Goultarminator is organized by the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA).



As you can see, the Goultarminator is now all about alliances! Here are the conditions to be met before you can register:

  • The 15 players must be in the same alliance.
  • The 15 players must be different classes and must meet these criteria:
    • 8 classes from Eniripsa, Feca, Osamodas, Pandawa, Rogue, Sacrier, Sadida, Foggernaut, Xelor, Masqueraider
    • 7 classes from Cra, Ecaflip, Eliotrope, Enutrof, Forgelance, Huppermage, Iop, Ouginak, Sram
  • An optional substitute is possible for each class.
  • The group must divide its 15 classes into 5 fixed teams of 3 classes, with no restrictions.
  • From registration until the start of the tournament, it is prohibited to:
    • Leave your alliance
    • Change class
    • Change username
    • Change server
    • Change the alliance name

Registration will take place on the KTA website!


The last time a Champion Shield was awarded, Ohwymi Island had not yet been discovered by adventurers and the Ouginaks were just nice little canidae from the Sidimote Moors! And yet this is just one of the things you can win this summer:

  • Winning alliance:
    • Champion Set
    • Champion Shield with "Goultarminator Champion 653" title
    • 1-year subscription pack
  • Beaten finalist alliance:
    • 6-month subscription pack
  • Semifinalist alliances:
    • 3-month subscription pack
  • Best alliance on each server: unique title

All rewards are for starting players and substitutes.


As already mentioned, the Goultarminator will take place in the summer, as is tradition, and in July to be precise!


Registration will be open from June 20 to July 2.

Interested in the event? If so, follow the links:


Sharpen your blades, Goultard awaits!

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Thank you, it's something that will give some life to the Official Servers.
People trying to get better gear, inviting friends to play and relive Goultarminator, will be fun.
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About time!
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Finally something for people to do!
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