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Ankama Live: DOFUS Retro Parchomancia - May 17 recap!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 24, 2023, 17:00:00
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Missed the live stream? Don't worry, we got you! Here's for a recap of last week's Ankama Live stream! Logan, DUSK, and Papinaut discussed Parchomancia's stimulating first week, shared fun stats, and answered community questions. Don't miss out on all the highlights!

Welcome to our first-week update following the release of Parchomancia. We hope you've been enjoying the adventure so far! We apologise for the slight inconvenience caused by the delay of this recap, with the bank holiday week coinciding with our live stream. Nonetheless, we weren’t about to miss this opportunity to bring you the information, even if it comes a little later than usual.

Despite the three-week delay and the simultaneous release of other highly anticipated games, we were thrilled to see many of you joining us on this two-month journey. We truly felt your presence, even amidst the occasional server lags.

Developing a Temporis edition, whether for DOFUS or DOFUS Retro, is no easy task. It requires significant effort from our dedicated team.

Since the release of Parchomancia, we've been hard at work addressing bugs, making class spell adjustments, and implementing various improvements through regular server maintenance. We appreciate your patience, and we're excited to share that this morning's changes include updates to the Pandawa and Eniripsa classes. Please note that further adjustments may be made in the coming weeks, as we remain committed to reviewing and addressing all your valuable feedback.

Now, without further delay, let's dive into some interesting statistics from the first week of Parchomancia.

Fun facts: *

Player progression


  • 104: The average level of our active players yesterday, meaning those who engaged in combat within the last 48 hours.
  • 107: Number of players who have reached level 200.
  • 1000: average number of tempokens generated by an active Parchomancia player.
  • 75,486,690: total of tempokens generated.


  • 4,332,401: number of gobballs killed for floor 4.
    • Ellie = 132,504
    • Kirdor = 179,656
    • Anabeth = 235,477
    • Eren = 416,776
    • Lazarus = 660,570
    • Cleo = 681,576
    • Lithiniel = 891,335
    • Drakmar = 1,134,507
  • Floor 9 on the Ellie Server: the longest and most elusive key to find so far. The server invested 71.6 hours of relentless exploration, cunning strategies, and unwavering determination to conquer this monumental feat (excluding Floor 11, of course).


Behold the wondrous tally of enchanted pages in the realm of Parchomancia:

  • Common: 3,106,987
  • Rare: 1,469,814
  • Epic: 500,620
  • Legendary: 39,310
  • Our esteemed community boasts an impressive 4,298 players who have learned Doomage.



  • Emerald: 5
  • Crimson: 32
  • “au Chocolat Blanc perdu dans le temps”: 54
  • “au Lait perdu dans le temps”: 58
  • Turquoise: 87
  • “Vinaigrette perdu dans le temps”: 349


  • Limbo Wand: 1,483
  • Kralomansion: 33
  • Head Band: 34



  • Feca:
    • 54% Neutral
    • 23% Bontarian
    • 24% Brakmarian
  • Eniripsa
    • 24% Neutral
    • 66% Bontarian
    • 10% Brakmarian

* All figures provided date from midnight of Wednesday, May 17.



When can we obtain Primordial Dofus eggs in the Tower of Trials?

You can purchase Primordial and Vulbis Dofus eggs at specific points in your adventure through the NPC Cleo Melette. This will be available later in certain rooms. The more you participate in the Tower of Trials and obtain keys, the more options you have to obtain Dofus eggs, including those with perfect stats.

Does Prospecting affect the drop rate of Dofus eggs?

Yes, it does. Also important to remember is the fact that we have halved the prospecting lock across the board since the release of this Temporis edition.

Is it normal that no Dofus are unlocked?

The first Dofus is unlocked on floor 20, so you're not far from reaching that milestone. After that, it's smooth sailing.


When will the classes be buffed?

Since the release, we have made adjustments and improvements to the classes, so we invite you to check out the changelogs for more details. We aim to ensure you don't regret your class choice and continue enjoying the game.

Can players remove class spells from the spell bar?

Removing class spells from the spell bar is impossible, as it's an integral part of the game's concept. We want to preserve the class identity and instead focus on reviewing and updating spells to make them more appealing and exciting.

Will the Line-of-Sight requirement be removed for Sram traps?

We have considered it as a way to boost the class.

Why doesn't the Sworn Enemy spell show the values for increasing inflicted damage?

We understand the frustration of not having access to that information. The technical complexities of the Temporis edition have posed challenges in displaying certain values. However, you should notice an increase of 20-25 damage per spell level for this specific spell. We'll adjust as needed if the damage output feels too weak at higher levels.

What about Infinite Arrow Cordon for Cra?

Our approach for this Temporis edition is not to overly nerf what is broken. Instead, we aim to boost other classes and provide players with a wide variety of options. For example, we are looking into further boosting the Enutrof class to make it more aggressive. Our goal is to ensure the changes we make do not disrupt the fun you're having.

Why does the Flower spell for Eniripsa deal water damage?

The choice of water damage for the Flower spell was made strategically to create exciting gameplay combinations. Summons in DOFUS Retro do not inherit the summoner's stats, which is why the Flower's damage does not increase with a Water build Eniripsa. However, we are open to revisiting and boosting the Flower spell if necessary.

Will the Piccolo spell for Pandawa be reviewed?

The Piccolo spell significantly impacts the class's gameplay, but it is not our immediate priority in terms of class adjustments. We have made technical buffs to the Chi Fist spell, which now deals damage in the character's best element. We will look into Piccolo in due time.

Does prospecting influence the drop rate of spells?

We developed the drop system so that challenges can influence the drop of spells, perceptors can drop spells, but where prospecting doesn't influence the drop of spells because we didn't want players to feel obliged to play a chance build.

Will less convenient spells be changed in their mechanics?

We acknowledge the feedback regarding certain spells not being ideal, especially the legendary ones. We never excluded the possibility that they could be modified or even boosted. Our current priorities are fixing issues and ensuring smooth gameplay, followed by class balancing and addressing player feedback. We are committed to ensuring that every Temporis edition is enjoyable for everyone, and we are open to reviewing and boosting spells in Parchomancia, including common, rare, epic, and legendary spells.

Can the spell Doomage be used?

Yes, the spell Doomage can be used, but please note that it comes with a significant cost.


Let's discuss the "To the Fourth Power" quest...

This quest comes with technical baggage inherited from the 1.29 game when we launched DOFUS Retro. It's a matter of "archaeology" that we've mentioned throughout the Retro years. While everything passed the testing phase for Parchomancia, we acknowledge the issues. Rest assured, we are working on a permanent solution that will be deployed during the next weekly maintenance to ensure smooth progress for everyone.

What happened with the dialogue options being reversed in order on some servers?

This issue has been present since the origins of DOFUS and is unrelated to Temporis. Sometimes, after a server reboot, the order of dialogue options in the code can change, resulting in the first option becoming the second option, for example.

Are there quests that have yet to be discovered?

Absolutely! Some secret objectives, quests, and other surprises are still waiting to be found. The "/roll" attempts add an exciting element to the gameplay; we love it. Parchomancia was designed to bring a sense of surprise and freshness to hidden elements while respecting the beauty of the classic Retro version, where players find comfort in the familiar. So keep exploring, as there are still secrets to uncover in this Temporis edition.

The Tower of Trials

Can Perceptors drop Tower keys?

Initially, we considered it for the fun of PvP combat, but we decided against it to avoid potential issues with unlocking Tower floors. However, we kept the possibility for spells to drop from Perceptors.

What's the story with Symmetron?

For us, it is a combat like any other. When it was technically possible, we tried to create unique and original combats you don't usually experience, especially for regular DOFUS Retro players. It is the type of fight you do not need to redo once completed, but we hope it becomes a memory of your tower adventure.

There are a few unique fights that we know players will find quite challenging to complete.

As for this fight specifically, we first created a pattern to be respected, but we didn't want the solution to be shared online where people would follow instructions without engaging fully in the fight. As such, we figured out how to integrate a random element into the fight so the pattern is never the same: every 20 minutes, a new "path" is established and it never repeats itself.

Some people had issues with this fight because there was a time segment on a very specific turn that made it invalid, disconnecting players. The frustrating part is that this would have been extremely difficult to detect during the test phases before the release.

Can you add more groups of monsters in the Tower?

We will investigate and make adjustments as needed to ensure an appropriate activity level on different floors.

Will the levers in the Tower be useful?

Yes, the levers have a purpose, although not all of them. They are linked to something within the Tower, and it's well hidden.

Does Prospecting influence the drop of keys?

No. We didn't want to penalise those who don't play a chance build. We designed the drop rate to be fair for everyone.

How many monsters must we kill to get a Tower key?

It varies depending on the key, but it requires defeating a significant number of monsters.

Note: We also adjusted the drop rate this morning, considering the server's population to ensure a fair experience for all players. In other words, lesser populated servers will have an easier time obtaining a Tower key.


Total transparency about the lag!

While developing the Parchomancia adventure, we encountered unforeseen challenges with the creation of technically complex monsters. This is particularly noticeable in fights where you assume the role of a character, as it involves a combination of parameters that we couldn't thoroughly review before the release. Even now, we're still investigating the exact source of the problem. We've released several patches to improve the situation and address issues.

Adding states, passives, criteria, triggers, and other elements to various spells has put a strain on the AI, which now needs to perform more calculations than before. During the testing phase, we didn't encounter these problems because the number of players involved was much smaller than the live environment. The resulting server pressure has led to lag and lengthy fights.

We are actively working on resolving these issues. It's important to note that DOFUS Retro's AI is 20 years old and can behave unexpectedly. While our team possesses extensive knowledge of different aspects of the game, addressing AI-related issues has been challenging because we aim to preserve the core essence of the game without major modifications.

Where are the runes for AP/MP overmage with 100% success?

You haven't reached that stage yet. Keep progressing and exploring, and you'll encounter the necessary runes along your adventure.

Will you do something regarding the respawn time of Dark Vlad?

We have ideas regarding the respawn time of Dark Vlad, and we will discuss them with the team.

Will you set up 3 groups of monsters in the Bwork dungeon?

Due to technical limitations, we cannot request multiple mobs in certain dungeon rooms when the server randomises the monster group creation. This is because the server doesn’t understand the requests submitted.

Is it normal that we can defend a perceptor attack with eight players?

Yes, it is possible to defend and attack with eight characters. However, please note that map starting point restrictions may limit the number of players that can participate.

The 4-man team restriction was thought of with PvM in mind, and we didn’t want to bring any changes to PvP because we felt it was the opportunity to see exotic and innovative team compositions and spell combos, and it could be fun to do so with teams of eight.

International players: NULL spells and missing spells from the grimoire

We received many reports on this matter across the board from our International players, and we are genuinely sorry for this situation. There were some difficulties with the translated language files. We are continuously working on the matter, and we cannot apologise enough for the inconvenience caused. Some will come this afternoon, and we will continue to fix the matter proactively, as these fixes do not need server maintenance to be deployed (only requires a new client download).

Could you add the group teleportation functionality to Temporis?

Group teleportation functionality is not planned for this Temporis edition. While we never say never for future updates, it is not currently part of our plans for DOFUS Retro.

Will you open Kralove for the less populated servers?

We are attentive to server populations, especially with the upcoming server merge. We have previously helped with Kralove in the first Temporis edition, and you can count on us to provide assistance with that dungeon if needed during this edition too.

Will you add extra monster mobs in the Kralove dungeon?

Yes, we can (also something we did during the last Temporis edition). Admittedly, it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing experience when you add extra mobs in the dungeon’s last room, but it works!

Will there be a Game Master event during Parchomancia?

Yes, there will be Game Master events during Parchomancia. We want to give players time to enjoy the novelty of the server, address priorities, and stabilise the servers before running these events. Stay tuned for more information.

Any news on the tournament?

News regarding the tournament for the end of the Temporis edition will be announced soon. The tournament format will differ from the previous edition!

Are you happy with the speed at which players are progressing?

Initially, we were concerned about the fast progression at the start of the server. The Tower keys have been obtained at varying rates, with some players progressing faster than expected and others taking longer. We constantly evaluate and look for ways to improve the overall progression experience. We want to strike a balance that keeps the adventure exciting while ensuring players have a fair and enjoyable journey.

Server Merger: What will happen with the different server progressions?

During the server merger in a few weeks, the progression of a server will likely be linked to all the characters on that server. The furthest progression achieved will be retained for the newly merged server. This ensures a smooth transition and allows players to continue their adventures seamlessly.

With the restriction of four players per group, do you intend to increase the XP and drop bonus on specific fight challenges?

The topic of challenges has not been extensively discussed within the team. While we have considered reviewing specific fights, such as Soft Oak, we believe alternative levelling methods can be explored to address these challenges. The XP calculation for a group of four is different, and overall, we believe the XP progression is balanced. Our current priorities are focused on class and spell balancing, which we believe bring more value to the community.

Will we be able to migrate between servers to be reunited with friends?

Migrating between servers is not something we are currently working on for both Temporis and classic Retro servers.

Wisdom: Characteristic points at 3:1

This was not something we forgot to implement. Many felt it was a regression compared to the first Temporis edition, and we conceded, changing it to 1:1. Honestly, the goal of Temporis – as we have said countless times – is for everyone to have fun. This is a temporary server; everything will be gone after that, so enjoy it fully. But this doesn’t mean we will ALWAYS set Wisdom soft caps this way for Temporis events.

Will we get a recap of the adventure (where the keys were, how to get them, etc)?

We understand it interests players, and we will happily give a recap after the adventure.

Will there be a Pet Potion to give Scrowl prospecting stats?

No, there are no plans to introduce a Pet Potion that provides Scrowl with prospecting stats.

Could you ensure that the Moowerewoolf form takes the Sadida's colours?

A: While it would be cool to have the Moowerewoolf form take on the Sadida's colours, it is currently a matter of prioritisation. We have limited time and resources and must focus on higher-priority tasks and improvements.

Will the Gladiatrool have a role to play in this Temporis edition?

We wanted to do something specifically special with it for Temporis, but we ran out of time. So instead, we have a classic Gladiatrool system, with a vanilla experience, just like on the traditional Retro servers. However, the drop rate of tokens increased (they are more easily obtainable).

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I think calling us 'friends' instead of regarding us as 'players' makes it sound like we aren't to be taken seriously about the issues.
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Hello Croswill,

Thank you very much for your comment and I'm very sorry that the usage of the word  came across the wrong way. We did not mean for this to sound like we are not taking the issues seriously.

Per your feedback, the wording of the article was corrected to better match the message we are trying to convey. Hopefully our intentions come across more accurately this time around.

I wish you a wonderful day.
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