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Vinnie's Blessing after the removal of idols

By --Equave--#9817 - SUBSCRIBER - May 28, 2023, 23:55:39
Hi I'm a returning player after a while, and my friend and I were doing turquoise dofus questline. So we are at this step where Vinnie asks us to kill 3 dungeon bosses with idols, but we can't find any on shop or anywhere. How are we going to get through this step? Thanks
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You might be better off crafting them (gathering the materials and asking an artificer to help you). Idols are going to be removed from the game, so that might be affecting your chances of finding them around.
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That's interesting. I guess people bought them out due to being cheap and perhaps making a profit from them after the update, assuming they are exchangable or have a use after. Or perhaps people stopped making them, people bought them that needed them, and now no one is selling them. People are just holding onto the idols they have as you barely get any money back anyways.
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Which server are you doing Vini's Blessing on?

On TalKasha currently in the Resource Market is:

Idols havent been removed yet, Ankama have just notified us of their intent to remove them in the future, which will highly likely include changes to any quests and/or Achievements that are linked to Idol use.
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Ever since they removed the Idols (today) this quest requires different idols. Namely the "Singed Viti Idol", the "Overgrown viti Idol" and the "Frozen Viti Idol". I'm at this step and not sure how to acquire them. We tried checking the markets but could not find anything. We are doing the Firefoux dg to see if it becomes automatic upon arriving at the boss. Will update soon.
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They are quest idols now, which you have to craft at [6,3] at the workbench left side of the new shop at the Amakna Church. (However I dont know if you have to have a specific lvl profession to do so though, its not in professions recipes, so maybe you can only craft them whilst doing certain quests that need quest idols)

Singed Viti Idol (lvl 100) = 10x Boogranny Canine, 5 x Kouartz, 10 x Coal Dragoss Shell, 10 x Blods Uker Skin, 2 x Moon Essence

Overgrown Viti Idol (lvl 100) = 5 Bakelelite, 3 Liroye Merline's Bark, 3 x Black Wo Wabbit Stomach, 3 x Venomica Wool, 2 x Matiscore Essence

Frozen Viti Idol (lvl 100) = 3 x Slate Dragoss Shell, 5 x Thicket Substrate, 10 x Gobvious's Duster, 2 x Dramak Essence.

From Changelog/Log Book info:
  • The structure of quests requiring idols has been slightly modified:
    • Next to the shop, a workbench has been added to craft quest idols. These idols can only be used for the associated quests.
    • The recipes for these quest idols are based on the recipes for the old idols, but with a few changes (notably the removal of Sparkling Pebbles).
    • To use a quest idol, you must double click on the idol on the map of the dungeon keeper linked to the current objective to obtain the associated alteration.
    • Once the quest objective has been completed, the quest idol will disappear.
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