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Removal of idols ... and getting back our resources invested in them ... Could that be made, for once, in a fully crystal clear transparent way?

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - May 30, 2023, 14:56:47
On many (all) re-works / re-vamps/ updates/ etcblaetcblaetc, the "conversion" of old items/ resources/ consumables/ equipments has not been fully crystal clear:
  • - we either got "automatically" our outdated resources transformed into new ones, with no idea what old one for which new one;
  • - or we got some random npc to go trade old ones for new ones, and sometime many bank entries/ annoying long trips being needed for that;
  • - or we got the new ones in form of "gifts" of 1 unit, needing 10s or 100s of clickings for e.a. resource.
But what it has stroke me, in the past, is that in most cases (if not always) the old ones were higher to drop/ craft/ more expensive/ more tedious fights/ etc, than the new ones, and not often I told myself, like many other players, "this time I really quit!", or "if they do it just one more time like this, I quit!".

For once, it would be nice if we'd be given the exact ingredients used for idols, when they get removed; and here, I am talking about the base ones, as far to the production chain as it can get.
Impact of it? Probably the markets will be flooded with pebbles, and prices will go down, for a while.
But then again, the same pebbles increased in price with the introduction of idols, and most of a idols' price was the pebble/s necessary for its crafting.

Just be fair, for once, with our players, with your customers, etc; do not fail our high expectations towards you and your company; I do not know about others, but, honestly, I do not know how many times I can deal with being let down... When gaming industry is HUGEEEEEEE, out there, at the rich of a single click for a new download...

I have an artificer 200, as most of my professions, and , for convenience's sake, I did craft all the idols in game, for myself, longgg time ago.
I sincerely and honestly hope I won't get 3 piwi feathers, one pebble, and the title "the fooliest player on T.K.", linked to account, of course, for having crafted all idols.

Wishing you a lovely day!
And much patience!
(since maintenance is still on going)

[ EDIT : ]
I do hope that, for once, we got, in Devblog, or here, on General, which idol was replaced with which and how many resources/ etc.
Fully crystal clear, pls; do it, for once, for truth's sake, and for players' sake.
Tyvm in advance.
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First Ankama intervention
Hello bohemia!

Thank you for your taking the time to write your thoughts on these upcoming changes to idols!
I will make sure to pass along your feedback to the game team regarding those ingredients/resources.

I wish you a nice weekend and happy gaming!
See message in context
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This is really important. It is also required that we get something back (we as in artificers). We worked really hard to get this up. Take idols away there is less reason to actually have artificer or make your money back. I hope we get something in return. 
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Even if we got half value back I'd be fine.
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You, maybe ...
Good for you, if you only have 2 - 3 idols, and can afford such a great loss. Or if your ig pockets (or irl cc/ dc) are loaded...

But for the rest of us, half wouldn't be fine; esp, for those who have artficer and all/ most of idols ig atm.
Many of crafters do not pvp, e.a. to own kind of playing and enjoying this game, so loosing such a huge amount of pebbles/ kolo scrolls, would make many quit, or defo, log far less.
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Hello bohemia!

Thank you for your taking the time to write your thoughts on these upcoming changes to idols!
I will make sure to pass along your feedback to the game team regarding those ingredients/resources.

I wish you a nice weekend and happy gaming!
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Thank you, much appreciated.

I can understand that with this process of removing idols, you're not on an easy spot:
  • - you have to get the coding done, integrate, remodel quests that required the use of idols, etc;
  • - all this, while trying to keep happy both pvp and pvm players.

It must be a hard decision to take, cuz:
  • - if you don't give crafters and idols owners a proper compensation, for their work to level artificer, and for crafting/ owning (paying resources, or idols already done), then pvm players will rage, some will rage on here, some will rage quit, etc, plus, it wouldn't be fair to them;
  • - if you give crafters and idols owners a proper compensation, then pebbles and consequently kolo scrolls prices will drop a lot, which will make somehow unhappy pvp players, etc.

I think, a relatively proper way to make some correct compensation would be:
  • - to give crafters some compensation of some kind, for leveling artificer, if possible;
  • - to give idols owners the primary resources from the idols' crafting... but! with a limit of 1 to 3 idols of e.a. kind per idols owner (or IP, even?), to avoid "compensating" those who amassed cheaperish idols from markets after the idols' removal announcement, thinking of making  a / some "guuuuud profit/ zZz" with when the compensation time and idols removal time arrives.

Hoping you'll weight all cases/ situations, and outcomes properly, and that you'll take the roper and also the fair decision, towards all palyers,
Wishing you all a greeeatttt week ahead!

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Better then today, i made 104 engraving tools, and they just dissapeared out of my inventory yay! 
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You will be asked, I assume:
- to document the bug;
- to see if it is repeatable;
- to see under which conditions it is repeatable, and when not;
- to provide a file generated by game, supposedly for debug/ finding bugs, bblalbabla.

I have asked on various occasions, what exactly from my lappie gets on that file, and since none was in no rush, in over half year, to tell me what the marshmallow gets in the file and what not .. I was on the same rush to provide files for the bugs I keep encountering.
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MidnightSparkle#3453|2023-05-31 05:10:42
Even if we got half value back I'd be fine.

Looks like your wish is about to be granted: you'll be given candy, LOL !!!

For the rest of us, we expect, ask, demand, etc etc etc, resources back, and, most importantly, kolo tokens, as many as they have been invested on the idols owned by e.a. character.
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Idols are hell expensive to make. I do not pvp so had to buy all those kolo tokens. It bogs my mind that Ankama things we didn't sink Millions in making those idols!
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The pvm (must be) shall be dead! (or it already is, in the company's eyes, ha!) !!!

Long live the pvp & esports (& p2w kindof game ; - )   ) !!!

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[Ankama]DOFUS|2023-06-16 18:52:39
Hello everyone,

We understand the disappointment linked to the idol removal and the Idolokens. It was a delicate situation and the game team evaluated all parameters and all possibilities before coming to this decision. It is unfortunately not possible to give back all ressources considering the sheer amount of idols in-game.

Ornaments won through Idol-related challenges will however be kept if they were obtained before the removal. 

We thank you for your understanding. You can read the full Beta 2.68 changelog here.

How about this, which is preeeeeettty doable (it only needs the willllllllllllllllll to be done, tho):
- e.a. owner character gets, per idol in its posession, as many kolo tokens as they were needed to craft e.a. idol;
- resources for e.a. idol are returned, if not obsolete, by now;
- obsolete resources are replaced, as they were replaced when they became obsolete.

And no, we do not think you do understand our disappointment; you wouldn't be trying to force us to "gulp" this update, with not so bright eni revamp, and loss of many mk/ tens of mk, for many pvm players, who were forced to buy the marshmallowed pebbles of heaven, to "support" the pvp-ers.

And, as a side note, as imperfect as it was, the AvA was way better before; now, on T.K., there is one single major alli, controlling most of important territories; you see in /b folks selling nuggs ... by 10s of k's... Just not fair!
Also, small guilds, lower levs, have zero chance to put a perc, to get some simple cheaperish resources.

"Sheer amount of idols in game", you're saying? But who's idea was it? Wasn't it yours, of the company, in the first place?
That also means a huge amount of resources we missused by trusting you guys, esp. kolo pebs, which are marshmallowed of a heaven expensive, esp. for crafters, who usually focus on their profs, and not on kolo. A lot of kamas and resources, wasted! 
And do you really think we will go for candy? Linked one? Ha!

Think again, my friends, think again!
Re-asses your position on it, and your marshmallowed upcoming update!
Or you might see your so hated pvm player base getting drastically smaller ... and we are your bigger player base, not the pvp people...

Just think it reeeeaaaally through, before you make this update live, and you won't be able to roll back it (without causing even further dissapointment, lol)!
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Yes please next to cnady reverse the kolo tokens needed o make it. 

PVM must and shall die. 
We will just not reimburse to standards that we would use for PVP players 
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