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Ankama at Japan Expo: WAKFU

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - June 01, 2023, 17:30:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

The WAKFU team has cooked up an exciting event for you at the 2023 Japan Expo! Ready to become part of the legend?

We're rolling out the red carpet at the WAKFU stand!
But beware: that's not the only reason for the deep red color of the ground at your feet…

If you've read our previous article on this big Japanese pop-culture and geek-culture convention, you already know that Ankama is preparing a transmedia quest in which you'll take on the role of Goultard in different eras in our various games. Needless to say, WAKFU will also be part of the excitement!

Goultard: The Furious Quest

Forget your faves, just smash some Shushus!

The Ankama Games stands are where the fun will be at its peak, with a route that's as long as it is furious… Come experience Goultard's incredible power, all through the ages!

DOFUS, WAKFU, Retro, WAVEN… Goultard will be everywhere, and you… You'll be Goultard!
And from one game to the next, you'll have to annihilate waves of Shushus pouring in faster and faster from the Shustuft Crust.

Fill up your GOUL'PASS, a scorecard that records your epic accomplishments in each game and lets you unlock all kinds of great stuff.

The WAKFU experience

The goal of this quest is to play all of our games to win loot, so WAKFU's not the only game where you'll be facing off against Rushu!
Well… him, and RIDICULOUS amounts of Shushus.

All on your own, playing as Goultard and using his spell kit, you'll face hordes of randomly generated Shushus in a "Dimensional Rift"-style battle.

  • Play in discovery mode or normal mode.
    • Discovery mode
      • The fight lasts 14 game turns. Goultard has 5 spells. You win the fight if you're still standing at the end of the 14th turn.
    • Normal Mode
      • The fight lasts 19 game turns. Goultard has 7 spells. The waves of monsters are more difficult, and artifacts are in play. You win the fight if you're still standing at the end of the 19th turn.
  • All the Shushus you kill and all the damage you inflict will be converted into a score, which will determine your placement on a leaderboard.
  • Earn a high enough score, and you could win some goodies!
  • If your score reaches a certain level, you'll win:
    • The Goultard Costume
    • An exclusive "Disciple of Goultard" title
  • Each day, the 6 best players of the day – that is, the players with the 6 best scores – will win:
    • A Fan Costume
    • An "Update" pack (details to be revealed soon…)
    • A "Demonic Arena Master" title
  • And if you're really on a hot streak against the hordes pouring forth from the hottest part of the underworld, and get the highest score of the whole 4-day convention, you'll have the immense honor of going home with:
    • The PeeVeeEmm Costume

At the convention, you'll also have the immense honor of meeting [Othan], [Siu] and [Zozio], who will be walking around the stand all weekend to talk with our fans! A part of the stand will also be set aside for the livestream, which will include a few question-and-answer sessions.

What if I can't be there in person?

Just don't start crying, or we'll get all weepy too! (We're very sensitive…)
Live broadcasts from Japan Expo will be popping up on Ankama Live to give you a taste of the vibe on the convention floor! We'll share a schedule of these livestreams with you soon.

You can also take part in our big cosplay competition, ANK'osplay, open this year to everyone who wants to join in the fun – even remotely! We're strongly considering a new category, which you should be hearing about in the very near future…

You want gifts? Goodness, aren't we greedy…
Well, it just so happens that we've got something for you!
You could pick up the Goultard Costume from home… as a Twitch Drop!

Join us at Paris Nord Villepinte from Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 16 for an unforgettable Japan Expo! Bring your friends and family to see how many costumes and titles we can hand out!

It's the perfect opportunity to introduce them to WAVEN as well. After all, they deserve it…

Stay tuned for more info…

See you soon at Japan Expo and on Ankama Live!


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So are these (costumes, titles and pack, not including the Goultard Costume that can be gained via Twitch drops) event exclusives or are they "early releases"?
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I think they said, "no more exclusive items" ?! tongue

But many things have been said ... and yet, they have been broken. wink

I guess, e.a. rule, HAS TO have an/ some EXCEPTION/ S !?!?!?


Nevertheless, I wish you guys all the best at 2023 Japan Expo!

PS: Will you be present at any European Expo too, this year? Just curious ...
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