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I want to thank Ankama for making such a great game for bots.

By Knell#5955 - SUBSCRIBER - June 05, 2023, 04:56:23
Even the events have bots in mind, Mining bonus today? there you go bots, more ore for you, they click it faster than a human can. They make this game 50% unplayable and Ankama has literally thrown their hands up and have given up on the whole situation and let bots run RAMPANT.
You thought they enforced not multiboxing on solo server drac? HAHA you got armies of multiple bots all wearing the same gear running around literally everywhere. I can't believe Ankama has really given up on Dofus like this.

Ankama has the gull to state they took away player reporting because the systems they have in place does a better job? This is a joke at this point, a long running joke about Ankama and bots.

Will they ever care again? Will they wait for the new Dofus engine to literally do anything to enforce rules in their game? The world may never know.
God have mercy on the 12 because Ankama doesn't.
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I just hope that you please take measures to end the bots, improve the measures, because many times they ban those who are not bots, today we cannot enjoy bonuses because the bots collect everything... it's sad
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You literally got someone downvoting this who definitely uses bots. Do something about that one person.
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