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Beta 2.68 is coming soon!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - June 08, 2023, 16:00:00
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On Wednesday, June 14 Thursday, June 15, the BETA server will go live and allow you to test the next update (2.68): challenges without idols! 

The new beta going live on Wednesday, June 14, Thursday, June 15 and lasting for three weeks allows you to test the improvements to challenges after the removal of idols, as well as the Eniripsa revamp and various class balancing changes we have made. To learn more about these two topics, you can read or reread our two devblogs:

We want to hear your feedback on all these changes, especially your thoughts on experience and loot earned after idol removal. Your feedback is invaluable to help us refine the changes if needed.

For the testing purposes of this beta phase:

  • We will import all characters that have been subscribed and active for three months as of June 6.
  • All dungeons will be activated.
  • The unlimited bunch of keys will be activated.

You can check out all the changes in this beta by reading the beta changelog, which will be posted when the server goes live. The changelog will be partially translated, and we will try to complete the translation within a few days of the beta server going live.

And before that, a 2.68 live!

Two days before the beta goes live, Tuesday, June 13, at 2:30 p.m., the DOFUS team will be on the AnkamaLive Twitch channel for a livestream in two parts discussing idol removal and balancing. We hope to see you there!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to MidnightSparkle

We're excited to hear your thoughts about this update! 

We still don't know what will happen to idol resources. This is an important decision that the team is taking its time to consider carefully. I'm sorry that I cannot bring more details on this at the moment!
See message in context
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Pretty excited to test out eni and perhaps a bit of ougie. Eni is my duo's class and it's been frustrating going for duo achievements and even harder bosses when Eni lacks a lot of utility and things you would expect out of the class.

Ougie we haven't played at all, but my duo wants to play that class as her 2nd class, so perhaps we will try it out!

Also excited to hear about the idols and the balancing of the new challenges to fill the gap. I do hope players with idols get compensated for at least 50%~ of the value of the idols.
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We're excited to hear your thoughts about this update! 

We still don't know what will happen to idol resources. This is an important decision that the team is taking its time to consider carefully. I'm sorry that I cannot bring more details on this at the moment!
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Any info regarding the idol achievements? What will happen to our points? To my calculations, the people who have completed all 200 score achievements will lose over 2500 achievement points. This is a big hit to all the effort and time we put into the game completing these achievements. Any compensation for this big loss? ( I assume, since theres no info yet, there wont be any replacement achievements )
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This is Ankama we are talking about. They don't even slightly care about our effort and time that we've put into completing the game. They are replacing the (2) Idol achievements with (1) challenge achievement for each dungeon. So I think we can recoup at most 1250 points. But that requires more time and effort to be put into this game. Such a stupid change. 
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Excited at the prospect of not feeling forced to use idols for everything but terrified of the lack of rewards and respect for my time when playing if the loot and xp feels awful without them

loot and xp needs a significant buff for this not to feel bad It can be less than with idols overall since fights even witht he new challenges will be faster/easier but the gap needs to be bridged

super excited for the new eni changes but disappointed they have lost their identity as a support with strong team buffs

achievement resources being removed would cause a massive disparity between players who have already received them and players that haven't so something needs to be done there too
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Please note that the Beta server will open its doors on Thursday, June 15th and not on the 14th as previously stated in this news. We have corrected the news to reflect this.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.
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Will it show on beta how there shall be compensated idols/ artificers? Like, I do want to know, ... no! I do NEED to know, what idol gets what in exchange for it ... when they get removed.
And how turq obtaining will change, will it also be shown on beta?
Or all that will be kept ... with no spoilers ... till reveal of update?



Also, you're sure you wanna be 100.1% keen on forcing us to pick for e.a. fight : xp vs lot? Did you give it a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep thought, on the impact not only on markets, but also on the whole game? Together with far less resources from achievs?
Tho, in a way, I get the marketing's point of view of things:
- new players/ alts/ returning ones, will defo want xp, so many might prefer that, vs lot;
- from time to time, or continuously, or every 50 levs, or only at 190s then 200s will need gear, but having picked xp allllll the way till their current level, will have them have zero to lil kamas for it;
- so, what one can do? start fresh, and do one fight with xp, one with drops, and so on;
- or ! buy ogrine with irl cash, to get their so much needed gear.
Pls, don't make this game p2w, it would be a real pitty!
Pls, do reconsider this "idea" of change ...
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Do we know what happens to idols? Do we get something in return?
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I dont think they will tell us what happens with the Idol achievements, possibility of return of resources etc until just before the update goes live on regular servers after Beta.
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