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Can an Alliance and Guild name be swapped?

By Knell#5955 - SUBSCRIBER - June 09, 2023, 04:50:28
As the title asks, can an Alliance and Guild name be swapped? I know that a guild cannot be named the same as an alliance, I am wondering, probably would have to buy 3 name swaps with ogrines, if there is a "The" in the front of one or the other if it could be done. Or when you make the name swap, those names are locked and gone forever? If I go to name swap guild and had changed it to "Changingthisguildname" and tried to name the alliance the guilds previous name, will it still be locked?

-Thanks in advance
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Yes, the name swapping is possible! It is as you say, you will need 3 name change potions (Guild and Alliance) to be able to "unlock" one of the names so you can make the swap.

I hope this answers your question!
Have a nice day.
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Yes thank you so muchsmile! Will be making that happen soon.
Thanks again - Goyle
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