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Banned for no reason

By Deoxys233#5023 - SUBSCRIBER - August 25, 2023, 18:18:54
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Hello everyone,

I read your messages on this thread and I'm very sorry that so many of you are facing or know players who are facing bans in the game.

I understand how frustrating that situation must be. However, it is difficult for me to gather information on the situation without knowing the accounts that are concerned by this. Since a lot of reports brought up in this thread seem to affect either your friends or other accounts of yours, it would be a great help if I could have some examples of accounts that you believe have been unfairly banned, or ticket numbers of your support requests if you have already sent such requests. Any other information you might have on this would also be useful (when the ban happened, where, what you were doing, etc.)

That being said, I need to mention that the support team truly is the one to contact for such issues. I am aware of how frustrating that might be, but over here on the forums, we simply do not have the ressources or tools to properly investigate sanctions, and we also cannot make any decisions or overturn sanctions applied on accounts. So if you or people you know have been banned from the game, the best thing to do is to send a request to the support team, so they can investigate and assist you. Keep in mind that they cannot discuss details related to accounts that don't belong to the requester, so if your friend has been affected, they are the one that need to send the request from their own e-mail address.

I apologize for the inconvenience and am awaiting any additional information you might have on this.

Thank you for your understanding.
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Here is my ticket number 3252131. It happened in march when a lot of breeders and plenty of other random people who literally started to play the game got banned but after messaging support some of these newbies got unbanned for BEING LOYAL, I guess character with 16k achieves and ~10-12k hours isn't loyal enough, unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get unbanned.
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thank you for responding. Althought mentioned before issues are a lot for you. I really appreciate that you didn't ignore complaints. I hope you can direct our concerns to teams responsible for in-game activity and setting up algorithms in general.

Thank you
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Same here.
Hopelessly trying to restore access to my old accounts and the result is 2/8 so far. 
I succeed to retrieve access to one of accounts via email, created a new password, and when I finally tried to log in the launcher says that the account is permanently banned. And the reason is unknown. No idea what to do next, I have the ticket about this case opened and got a standard message that situation needs investigation and I should just wait untill they do it. 
I believe that the moderator team is busy and not hurry up. I don't complain about the guild I had and have lost it now with all property gone. But the situation with accounts are really frustrating. After all the time and efforts spent to play and raise characters, doing quests, paying subscription for years on multiple accounts you just can lose it all without a chance to return and that's just sad.
Explainations about characters you had and details sadly don't help much. 
Currently I gave up and said goodbye to a few accounts because it's simply impossible to remember the required details. Horewer, I still have 5 opened tickets and hope to restore at least something that belongs to me.
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I'm very sorry to hear that. All I can ask at the moment is to remain patient while the support team investigates and assists you with your accounts. Unfortunately, I cannot assist with these types of issues on my end.

Thank you for your understanding.
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So many rice bots on panda island but no bans for them. In the last 20 minutes, I was able tog rather 100 rice only. Tere are 6 bots running in circles with low level gear. Why ankama?
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I know the feeling, i haven't been banned but, i have been hacked on 2 accounts well having shield on. And i contacted support right after.  it happened as i saw email notifications when i woke up around 1am [EST]. I had a nice copy/paste message saying they needed time to investigate. 3 months passed, no response to the ticket after that. I sent up a follow up ticket and i get another copy/paste message saying they need more time.   couple days later i get a reply back from someone else and  get told to ignore the previous message that they can't do anything for me.  morale of the story is, ankama doesn't care how long you play the game they treat everyone of their customers like garbage.  At least my guildie got help getting their stuff back but i know i didn't nor did many other people that got hacked and had protection on.  Been playing   since 2009 and been getting shafted, especially after Izmar left, was the last good MOD we had. 

Angelsnow#6707|2023-10-17 08:13:15
And Kaoly too. She was awesome as well.

i don't actually remember Kaoly,  either i wasn't active on forums and notice or it was before i started! either way since all the good MODS left the game is becoming more and more of a joke, heck just recently i sent in a ticket since my friend and i  usually do a lot of pvp together but i took a break, i came back and it says we can only have 1 acc connected per IP and we live in completely different countries, and support didn't even read the ticket, and just sent a message explaining why that would show up and basically told me to f-off after that.  morale of the story is when i  pay money to play a game, i expect to be able to play a game, and not be limited because support doesn't want to fix anything.  It's honestly quite baffling how lazy and incompetent the current team for ankama is. 
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And Kaoly too. She was awesome as well.
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